Talkable Referrals

Talkable Referrals

by Talkable

Add customers & grow sales with easy to use referral program

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Few Clicks to Integrate

Ready-to-use program with established campaign logic and customizable design. Build on the trusted model that delivers results to big brands

Simplified Reporting

Monitor program performance, all funnel metrics, email and fraud stats in our comprehensive dashboard. Control your program from end-to-end.

No Self-Referrals

Built-in advanced protection from fraudulent activity. Blocking self-referrals ensures that you'll attract new qualified customers.

About Talkable Referrals

Get new customers and increase sales with Talkable’s trusted referral program.

Small-to-medium Shopify store owners can capitalize on referral marketing too with our free, zero-configuration referral program, Talkable Referrals. We have 9 years of industry experience and have built efficient, successful referral programs for enterprise e-commerce brands.

Referrals work because people trust friends’ recommendations. Talkable Referrals will take what’s happening from word of mouth to the next level by launching optimized and measured referral campaigns.

How Talkable Referrals work:

  1. Create and launch a referral campaign in just a few clicks. You can customize advocate and friend rewards, and adjust page design to fit your program and brand needs. Click the "Launch Campaign" button. A Floating Widget will appear on every page of your site, including a post-purchase window. Customers will be able to share a link to your site through email or social media. A friend will get an email/message with an offer, and both the advocate and friend will receive a discount, once the friend makes a purchase.
  2. Control your referral program settings in Rules. Decide which reward should be given to the advocate and to the friend.
  3. Adjust the design for an on-brand experience – use Easy Editor. Adapt the design and copy for every page and email (change colors, images, texts). Enjoy a live preview of all edits.
  4. Monitor all stages of the customer funnel in Dashboard. View referral revenue, all funnel metrics, fraud statistics, and sharing and email performance in our comprehensive dashboard.

Why Talkable Referrals:

  • We optimized the program for you – all you need to do is set it up in 3 clicks. No coding, no complicated integrations.
  • We'll take care of all emails – no need to set up your email service provider (ESP), we provide it to you out-of-box. We don't force you to integrate with any ESPs and there are no additional charges.
  • Professionally designed pages and emails that you can customize. Use the editor for quick copy and design customization. Preview all screens, including mobile layout. Full control of the referral program – adjust rewards and fraud settings.
  • No self-referrals. Our system blocks all fraud types, from IPs to email matches.

You can apply the following protection rules:

  1. Block a friend that uses the same email or computer as the advocate
  2. Exclude referrals with similar emails
  3. Exclude cases when advocates and friends refer each other

Leverage your existing customer base to get new qualified clients. Notice: this is the Free version of the app, we'll add paid plans later.

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