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Timer Plus

Timer Plus

Developed by Hektor

13 reviews
Price: $4.95 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Immersive countdown timer for your product page
  • Create scarcity and urgency with an interactive countdown timer widget in your product page.
  • Easy to use dashboard and fully customizable to blend in with your store’s template.

★Featured Top New App by Shopify ♥ February 2017★

Do you know, online shoppers are nothing different than regular shoppers? They window shops, they compare between multiple stores and often drifts away. Unless, your store has something to pursue them, you are practically loosing a lot of potential customers and revenue.

One of the most practical and scientifically proven ways to pursue a shopper is to create scarcity, urgency and fear of missing out among the user.

With timer plus app it takes less than a minutes to install and create urgency and scarcity in your product page. We offer 14 days free full excess try on period. Install our app, see the results and then decide if you want to keep continue with us. Usually for most user, the app pays for itself and much more.

How it works?

With timer app, you can add an interactive and dynamic countdown widget in your product page. Timer widget consists of a pitch, a progress bar and a countdown timer. All these 3 modules are fully customizable and responsive. The timer widget looks great both on desktop and mobile devices.

Call to action pitch

You can add a dynamic and custom pitch on top of your timer. Timer plus supports shortcodes and uses your store’s font and design style to blend in perfectly. Shortcodes are interactive and updates real time in frontend.

Dynamic progress bar

This modern progress bar is pre-loaded with real time loading effect. On page load, it fills up from zero to set value to create ultimate urgency. Design is fully responsive and looks great on any design.

Urgency countdown timer

The last part of the timer widget is an interactive countdown timer. It is fully customizable and configurable from dashboard. Storeowners have options to choose from what happens when the timer runs out. Design is fully responsive and looks great on all the devices.

Zero technical skill required

Our dashboard and app is designed keeping simplicity in mind. To install and use the timer widget, you don’t need to insert any code or anything anywhere. Just install and it and rest is one click away in your dashboard.

☞ Click here for a live demo

We offer 100% free and full access trial for 14 days. Try it yourself and see the difference. Our paid version is super cheap comparing the result it generates.

Our support

If you find a glitch or compatibility issue with your template, just send a support request and we will fix it as soon as possible. As a software-as-a-service team we believe support is the 80% of the total delivery. So it is our promise to you, we will respond back to your support request within 12 hours. Every issue and problem will be addressed with highest priority.
We also believe in co-creation and community spirit. So feel free to say hello and send us your feedbacks and suggestions.

Timer Plus reviews

13 reviews
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Seems to be good app, easy to use and look good, for now i dont see an increase in the conversion rate but my store is weak in the past week so i dont blame the app.


It's very easy and simple to use and that's what I like about it. Easy, straightforward and it gets me the result I'm looking for. More conversions!


Great price compared to other timers & simple & ideal for novice. Updating their wording & how it's displayed will be great. Overall will recommend


It's very simple & easy to use & ideal for the novice individual. With that said, it constantly changes your wording on what you want displayed under your item


i tryed out a few different timers but this is easy and nice . thanks


Nice application, it's more than i expect ! the options are great you can change everything you want the colors, the fonts, the sizes, the combination of timer, and you can customize the message !! and the other thing that i love it that you can set the timer on each product you want and with specefic settings you want ! i love it so i give it 5 stars.


This app Is really usefull! When i started, i tryed out a few different timers but this is by far, the best one! - Also you can customize it as you want, to fit your theme perfectly!


Great app,i'd love to see a better interface and a font changer for the timer


Good idea, good options... But HORRIBLE admin interface, making this app UNUSABLE:

- You have edit your texts, colors, etc... And save them up to 10 (!!) times to really save them.
- Product settings is randomly : awfully slow to load, popping message session is expired (after 2 mins ?!), displaying not styled message to go rate the app here.

I don't see how I can continue after the Trial... Or continue the Trial itself !


Looks good. Easy to set up. Had a glitch that kept it from working correctly, but the support is great! They fixed the issue in less than a day.

$4.95 / month

We offer 14 days free trial to test and see the benefits for yourself. If you're not satisfied, simply uninstall before the 14 days trial is over and you won't be charged a single cent.

14 days

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