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  • Compare month-on-month sales data
  • View customers on a map (UK only)
  • Identify products with highest profitability

When you sell physical products online, the patterns of how your customers purchase your goods should the most valuable information for making decisions about how you run your store.

TrendSeam solves problems of the unfathomable lists of sales data, by highlighting key information to help you run a more profitable, more efficient e-commerce store - and help you focus on growth.

Some examples of real problems TrendSeam solves...

  • Get visibility when particular size or model of a product line is more popular than others, which you can adjust your re-stock order accordingly (TrendSeam suggests new buying ratios).

  • See how your customers buy; identify those who make repeat orders and the average time between orders, so you can optimize your marketing activity

  • Learn about specific products that aren't selling well, when they last sold, and what inventory is a liability

  • Understand where in the world your customers live, plotted on maps (UK only currently)

  • See at a glance which products give you the best ROI (actual margin) rather than just opaque sales totals

TrendSeam contains hundreds of opportunities that with just a little data (including retrospective sales) will help you improve your store to be more effective, as well as help you make key decisions about your supply chain.

TrendSeam reviews

3 reviews
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My favorite app for analysis ! Just install it and you have a clear picture of your store history ! www.racerc.gr


Superbe produit fonctionne vraiment en autonome et coûte pas un bras bravo les développeurs !


Update: the developers contacted me, and admitted that the app was poorly laid out in the beginning, "hiding" a ton of analytical data behind an inconspicuous and, at least to me, unlikely link.

They agreed it could be far better laid out and so they did lay it out far better and it turns out to be a pretty decent analytical app. There now readily appears tons of data, including order/customer data, etc from my store.

Good job.

What is this app supposed to do? I've got it installed and I've looked high and low all throughout the app and basically can't find ANYTHING in it, it's like vaporware!

Where's the beef?


PS I understand it's supposed to be an analytics/reporting type of app. The problem is, I don't see where it's analyzing/reporting ANYTHING...ANYWHERE!

From $0.00 / month

TrendSeam is free to use and other EPOS integrations are available.

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