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Print & Embroider for Worldwide Shipping from France

3.8 of 5 stars(19 reviews)

Automatic Fulfillment

Find each order paid on your store in your dashboard. You can pay for it and we produce, send, give a tracking & fulfill the order for you!

+ 400 products : be original

We offer you the widest range of product you'll find on the market. From basic to premium,mugs to coats... check our organic products!

Customisation at its best

The easiest way to create your own products. You enjoy a custom delivery form & shipping label as well. You can use our no-tag garnments.

About Tunetoo

  • Launch your business without any up-front costs : no need to buy any stock, equipments or paid any monthly fees to work with us.

  • Focus on sales only: our app makes it easy to create products and quality mock-ups then all orders are sent automatically for fulfillment and we provide trackings for each shipment.

  • Brand your orders: customise your delivery form and put your name on the parcel, your customers won't even know we exist

Enjoy a rich catalog of more than 450 products, printed or embroidered in France with worldwide shipping.

Focus on sales & rely on us for everything else

Don't waste your time solving logistic issues and focus on what matters most : getting new ideas and selling them to your audience. Everything else can be handled by Tunetoo.

We'll print all your designs on top quality products and ship them worldwide within 3 to 5 open days from our french facility near Bordeaux.

Our mission is to make your life easier. We deal with all the shipping and printing-related mistakes and provide all the needed information to your customers so you don't need to handle the biggest part of customer service.

Getting started with Tunetoo

Click the « Get App » button & start creating new products or sync your existing product, our generator makes it the easiest thing to do in the world. Go get your first sale !

Our dedicated team will help you achieve your goals :

  • Our sales team will help you get all the information you need about our products and customising techniques. Get pictures, description and top quality content for your shop.
  • Our developer team keeps upgrading the app based on all the feedback we get from our current users. All the best features are online or coming.
  • Our design team integrates new products on a weekly basis and is working hard to provide you with the best free mock-ups ready to use.

Get very competitive prices

We want you to succeed and we know your acquisition cost constraints. That 's the reason why we offer our best prices for all the steps : products, customizing and shipping.

All new subscribers enjoy the best competitive pricing, regardless of their sales.

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Overall rating
3.8 of 5 stars
Based on 19 reviews

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Most recent reviews


Tried to try a test order.
1 - Wanted to ship an order to UK, and in the countries options (dropdown), the country names were in french (even after changing the language to english).
2 - Cost: So, the cost of the product + the shipping, are both too hight and imagine both of them put toguether. Practically leaving one with no space for margin.

Whats the point of being located in France, which is a great advantage for those in the european market but then have shipping price are higher than those suppliers from China.
Greed destroy business!

Developer reply

April 30, 2019


When you enter your shipping address, you do it from your shop. If you had to select countries from our app or website it means you didn't placed an order with your Shopify, hence the cost of the product (public prices on custom products and POD prices are completely different).

We can be challenged on prices but I bet you we are less expensive than anyone on most of our products ;).

Please contact me at sales@tunetoo.com and we will solve this together.

3 partout

J'utilise l'appli depuis quelques jours. Les produits sont sympas mais l'appli ne marche pas toujours bien. Il faut s'y reprendre à plusieurs fois, des fois il y a des messages d'erreurs, on essaye à nouveau et là ça marche. On prépare le produit et pas le temps de rajouter ta deuxième couleur que le produit a été transférer sans avoir cliquer sur le bouton. Tu refais et là tu vois que ton image n'est plus dans le cadre... alors qu'elle l'est !
Bref, je continue tout de même mais il faut rester patient !


This service is amazing in a few ways.
For first, the have the best product range in the european market of POD!
Second the shipping, costs nearly nothing in comparison to nearly each other pod app in this market!
Third the customerservice ist just amazing! Yes, it took a few days to find the final solutions, but we found them and that is rhe important part!
Now to the Downsites:
First, de api is just rubbish. You have much less options than in then in their website!
Second, both api and website are translated terrible...
Solution for both is: 1.dont use the api, just install the app for data transfere!
2. Go to their website and use the france (!) version and let it translate with the browser auto translate, so everyone should be able to get things done by understanding everything! Don't be idiots and don't use this app, just cause you don't want to take efford in it. With such a mindset you shouldn't sell, guys!
Resumé: great service with a few problems, but everyone can solve them!
Cheap and fast shipping!
Many, Good quality products with good prices, though not the cheapest, but shipping does fully compensate that!
Really good customer support, if you cooperate well!
Now make things done and sell those products!