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TurboSEO - One-click JSON-LD

TurboSEO - One-click JSON-LD

Developed by Eastside Co

12 reviews
Price: $30.00 More info
  • Improve your search engine listings by taking advantage of new JSON-LD search presentation technology
  • One-click install with no code required
  • No monthly cost - great value one-off fee!

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Eastside Co are thrilled to release our fourth app for the Shopify platform: TurboSEO. Improve the presentation of your search engine listings and boost your click-through rate - and no need to touch any code!


★ Simple install ★

Just click ‘Go!’ to approve the charge for the app and the work is done! TurboSEO is instant and totally code-free.

After this, you’ll only need to re-run TurboSEO if you replace your theme.

★ Detailed Information for Search Engines ★

TurboSEO adds mark-up to your code that makes it easier for search engines to read your Shopify store, extract relevant information and display it in search results.

The mark-up added by TurboSEO allows Google to ‘see’ attributes of your products such as reviews, prices and stock levels. This data can then be presented as rich snippets on Google’s search listings - giving your store more prominence and authority on the listings page and increasing click-through to your store.

★ Pay once, receive continued support ★

If you should need support in the future, we’ll be here for you. Just email us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can with personal, friendly support.


What is JSON-LD?

In brief: JSON-LD, or JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data, provides easily-accessible data to search engines and other services about your website.

JSON is the language used to transmit data between websites and browsers. Linked Data is a way of publishing interconnected data on the web that makes the data readable and useful for other sites.

JSON-LD provides a set of standards for expressing Linked Data.

JSON-LD helps Google to understand your website by setting norms for what the data in a site’s JSON means. It enables Google to understand key information about a website and compare it like-for-like with that of other sites - meaning better presentation in searches for you: product reviews, prices, stock levels and page breadcrumbs.

Turbo-SEO will instantly add this mark-up to product attributes in your theme’s code, helping Google to see this data and present it on its search listings, which makes users more likely to click through to your site.

Find out more

  • JSON-LD information website

  • Introduction to Structured Data by Google

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TurboSEO - One-click JSON-LD reviews

12 reviews
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  5. 1 star (2 reviews)

I installed this in April of 2017. It is now January 2018 and I do not see any benefit. This is so invisible, I have no idea if I even purchased a product. Basically I am giving 2 stars for the customer service which is friendly and prompt. But, the replies to my questions about how this thing works still have me puzzled.


I genuinely don't know what I paid for. I installed it and have been watching my websites positioning in rank tracker and nothing has changed. Still ranked the same. I feel like I've just opened my wallet and given them free money. Wouldn't bother installing.


I'm so thankful this app exists. I was stressing so much trying to figure out how SEO worked and what to do. This was quick and painless. I mean 30 dollars isn't ideal but at least is was only 1 time. I look forward to seeing the results but over-all its better than paying a minimum of 100 to someone to do it for you.


Wow, really a one-click application and fast as lightning. Hope to see good results in the next weeks. Thanks!


I purchased TurboSEO... Now everytime I try to use it, it wants to charge me a second time. I tried contacting the app developer and no response so here is my review. IT DOESN'T WORK!


Extremely easy to install and working behind the scenes extracting info from my store and telling the world. Great job!


Great app. Save me hours of work.


Great app, really easy to install and great support from the team. Our Google listings improved within a week.


It took a few days to start seeing the updates in Search Console, but ti's definitely working!


Being in a competitive marketplace, our Google rankings are of utmost importance. This is a great tool to help our company show off the hard work we've done to stand out from the crowd.


Get TurboSEO for a single, one-off fee - no monthly payments! You’ll never have to pay for JSON-LD markup on your store again, even if you replace your theme.

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