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Twitter Feed

Twitter Feed

Developed by Zestard Technologies Pvt Ltd

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  • Can display all widgets individually or together
  • Custom Design options like colors, background and box sizing to match with store
  • Responsive Widget with optimized code

Twitter Feed App

A Twitter feed is a tool used to interact with customers through your website by showing customers the most recent tweets in order to promote your products, offers, sales etc. Adding a Twitter Feed to your website is beneficial to your business as it reflects that you don’t just treat your website as a monotonous system but as a vibrant community, where there is clear channel of communication with your website users. Twitter Feed establishes a stream of discussion on what you think regarding different trending topics or products or anything relevant to your field of business. Since Twitter provides you the liberty to like, tweet, re-tweet, give reply , add favorite etc. It’s shorter and quicker way to interact with your twitter and website audience. So if you put your Twitter timeline in a proper place and showcase your twitter updates beside with the website content then a stream of interaction with your customers is bound to happen.

Why use Twitter Feed ?

  • To notify customers of new products available.

  • To Direct traffic to your business website by notifying customers of new or upcoming sales.

  • To Ask for feedback about various items such as the new look for your website, or to get answers to your crucial questions.

Our Twitter Feed APP Offering

Our Twitter Feed app enables display of all three widgets individually or together. The app provides the option to customize color, background and box sizing to match with the store.Our App is very responsive with well optimized code.

Twitter Feed App Features

Twitter Feed App has three widget types which could be used individually or as a group. The types are as mentioned below.

1. Timeline settings menu : Provides you the flexibility to configure parameters as per choice for your widget window.


  1. Feed Name – Name of the Feed you want to display in your widget window.

  2. Box Width - Choice the size of the window.

  3. Box Height – Choose the height of the window Box.

  4. Feed Theme – Choose the theme light/dark for the widget box.

  5. Feed Limit - Choose the number of feeds you want to display in your feed window.

  6. Data Light Color – Choose the color of text data you want to display in your feed.

  7. Feed Background – Choose Feed background color.

  8. BorderColor – Choose color for border of the window.

2. Share Button Setting menu : Helps you to configure parameters for your Tweet button.


  1. Button Size – Define Size type Large/Medium/Small of Follow Button.

  2. Predefined Share Text – Choose size of text on Follow Button.

  3. Predefined hashtag – Choose the type of hashtag for follow button.

  4. Share via – Choose the channel through which you want to route the follow requests.

3. Single Embedded setting menu : Provides you the option of displaying single feed in your widget window.


  1. Url-Copy paste the specific URL you want to display in your widget window.


  • The app is easy to configure.

  • Provides customized design options to match your website design.

  • All three widgets can be used individually as well as together.

  • Highly responsive interface.

  • It can be added to any shopify theme and custom design.

  • It can be added in header, footer, sidebar or anywhere on the store pages.

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