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Menus Uncomplicated

Menus Uncomplicated

Developed by Lightenna Ltd

8 reviews
Price: $5.00 / month Free Trial: 10 days More info
  • Categorise to make your products easier to find (search for) and discover (stumble across)
  • Show categories, sub-categories, sub-sub-categories, etc., all from the menu using Shopify Navigation
  • Requires no HTML coding or modification of your current theme

Simple, accessible menus for all your Shopify collections

Once you set up your menu items (using Shopify's "Navigation" admin interface), you're one click away from being done. There's no need to recreate them, duplicate effort or mess with HTML/CSS/Liquid. Menus Uncomplicated creates a set of nested menu items that appears when your customers hover or click on your menu, that at a glance helps them understand:

  • What kinds of products you sell

  • How many products appear in each collection and how those collections are organised

  • How they can jump straight to a specific subcategory to find the group of products they're shopping for

Demo site

Our Demo site shows all the features of Menus Uncomplicated in a live shop environment.

Menus Uncomplicated works with your existing theme to provide an easy way to visualise the tree of categories that make up your site.

Create categories and sub-categories with unique hierarchical URLs that allow search engines to index groups of your products in context

Specialise each category (a collection) with custom header text that explains what it's about

Use the existing Shopify 'Navigation' system to create links, then visualise them in the embedded Uncomplicated Menus admin panel

Show product counts in each of your categories so customers can quickly see where your catalogue is fullest

Change the colour of the menus, their titles and links using our simple settings widget and colour selector

Update your categories or add more products whenever you want and simply click 'Refresh' to get new menus

How to setup categories [from our YouTube channel]

How to set up categories in your menu from scratch [17 minute screencast]

Compatible with all Uncomplicated Apps

If you'd like to show categories in your sidebar, breadcrumb or header, you might like to take a look at our other app Uncomplicated Categories.


Menus Uncomplicated works with most themes, but we provide a free trial so you can make sure you this app is a great fit for you before you pay for it.

Changing the look and feel

The look and feel of the menus are controlled by and designed to match your current theme. If for any reason you want to change the way the menus look, your theme designer or a web designer with a knowledge of CSS can style them. If you're struggling, we can usually recommend someone.

Hiding empty categories

All the categories with zero products are handily tagged so you can hide them if you want using CSS:

.catpc-zero {
display: none;

Contact us

If you have questions or requests for new features our dedicated support person would be happy to answer them. Please drop Alex a line using the details in the contact pane.

Menus Uncomplicated reviews

8 reviews
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Top Notch customer service fast response time and very courteous.


Absolutely love it!! It added more value and professionalism to my store


The app really helped get my menu looking profession and easy to read and navigate. Once you've mastered the Shopify navigation methods it is so easy to manipulate and change.

There are several YouTube videos available to walk you through the process which help.

The application developer Alex really went above and beyond in helping me get going. I noticed some of the emails were answered at 0130 and 0345 his time in Australia. I then realized there is a 15 hour difference. He even replied over the weekend and a nation holiday to boot.

The product doesn't work well on Internet Explorer, works great on Chrome and others however.


Alex was just fantastic - such great Support is not something that one can take for granted by todays' standards!
The App works perfectly and is an enormous boon to my Shopify Store - and Alex has been instrumental in sorting out the little issues that I had in getting it all to work properly!


Inutilizzabile. Solo soldi e tempo buttati, su due temi diversi funziona molto male. Lasciate perdere.


Menus Uncompleted is honestly the best App for smart and clean looking menus that I have tried! I installed at least five others to try out and they were okay but this one is just plug and go!

Alex Stanhope, the creator of this App, is brilliant and went out of his way to find a few bugs that two other Menu Apps that I tried out and uninstalled, had left and had made a mess of my store's collections page!

My collection menu now looks so organised and smart. If you have a lot of products, or collections/categories this is really the perfect app. I was sick of my long list of collections getting lost at the bottom of the page! With Menus Uncomplicated that problem is gone as the menu drops down and runs across the page and looks so clean. Now each of my collections can be easily seen without having to scroll down the page. Just installed it and you'll see what I mean.

For $5 a month its a steal! The fact you get to try it out first for free is even better so nothing to lose! Big fan here of both the App and customer support.

Cheers Alex



Very value-adding app. Makes menus more convenient, organized, and versatile which leads to a much more user friendly experience. Highly recommended.


This is the app I've been searching for since we opened our Shopify store! Subcategories were always impossible to create, yet so important to making shopping easier for customers. Uncomplicated Menus allows you to create subcategories (several levels of them, if you wish!) that will help your customers find what they're looking for with a single click. We have almost 900 items in our store, and people were missing a lot of what we carry because there was no easy way to find it. Within 24 hours of installing this app, we had our first order for two items we'd carried for six months! That's the best testimonial possible, in my opinion.

The developer has done an outstanding job both in coding this app and in creating a great instructional video. His app itself is very easy to use, but of course, it relies on you creating menus on the Shopify Navigation page, which can be tricky if you're not familiar with that. His video will guide you through it in plain English, and you'll have superb menus for your customers in no time. Now that I've seen it work, and generate orders, I can't imagine running our store without it.

$5.00 / month
10 days

Support & Sales

Lightenna Ltd
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