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Variant Image Automator by StarApps

Variant Image Automator by StarApps

Developed by StarApps

8 reviews
Price: $4.99 – $9.99 / month Free Trial: 5 days More info
  • Show Multiple variant of a product together without over crowding your product page.
  • Assign Multiple Images to a variant automatically.
  • No code editing and manual image assignment. 100% Automatic.

Advantages of Listing "Multiple Variants Under One Product"

  • It prevents duplicate description of multiple similar products which improves your website's SEO

  • Makes your Product catalog more arranged and easy to navigate. (Better User experience :)

  • Your customer makes more confident decision by comparing all the variations together. A Happier and Confident Buyer comes back more frequently.

  • If you list variations separately, your product list in views such as category, or search results is cluttered with almost identical products, only the difference where is say color or size.

  • All the above points helps to improves conversion (that's why Amazon also lists all the variations together)
  • Probably you have thought about all these awesome points before and have tried to keep multiple variants together in a product listing. The problem is there is no way in shopify to show only relevant images when a variant is shown. Too many unrelated images on the product page clutters the view and confuses customers. To Solve this we introduce to you "Variant Image Automator".

    Why Variant Image Automater?

  • Keep your Product Page Clean by Showing Images of the Selected Variant Only

  • It can handle stores with different type of variant options for different products.

  • No need to assign each image to variants manually. 100% Automatic

  • No liquid code modification
  • Just install once and let the app handle it for you, satisfaction is guaranteed!. Install "Variant Image Automater" today and see your conversions go up :)

    Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do i Need to change any liquid file or manually install a code?

  • No, there is no need to manually install any code.

  • How to assign multiple images to a variant?

  • You don't need to manually assign each image to corresponding variations. You just have to follow two simple rules to keep your images arranged in the product gallery, which you might be following anyways:

    a) Arrange all the images of a varient together, Most probably that's how its in your store any ways. If not use the shopify's product admin to rearrange the images by dragging them to the right position.

    b) Assign 1st image from the sequesnce of variant image to the related varient.

    Watch video here to understand these rules in action: https://youtu.be/XkzEUIX_83o

  • How many images can i use for a variant?

  • You can use as many image for a variant as you wish. Different variants of a product can have different number of images.

  • I have products with different type of options, will that be an issue?

  • Absolutely not, the app supports upto 3 options in a product. It doesn’t matter how many different type of options you provide for different products, the app handles all of them automatically.

    Variant Image Automator by StarApps reviews

    8 reviews
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    Shopify basic themes don't offer the option for creating variants with unique images for any given product. While solving this problem, came across this app which in very easy steps helps create variants. Shashank from Staraps has been very helpful in setting up the entire process.


    So far I've received incredible support with my questions. Shashank helped me out and made me a custom video tutorial showing me exactly what he was talking about. I've never had an experience like that before. The app resolves an issue that I was very concerned with so great product for sure.


    LOVE this app! I just selected which Shopify theme I was using, it then automatically installed the app to my theme for me and works perfectly!


    StarApps has been great! I have a relatively complex product with lots of variations and I didn't want them to clutter up the product page. This app does exactly what I thought it would. When I had a question, the developer replied right away and even made a video tutorial just for me! I'm going to keep this app on my store forever. Check it out in action:



    The app works great, and support is awesome. This is the best solution I've seen to the issue of variation images and the developers seem like they'll continue to improve it in the future.


    Great app for variations of your product. Works perfectly - should be a staple add on for any Shopify platform with variations of style, colour and size that extend beyond the simple Shopify 'free' options. Thanks


    Variant mapper is a staple for your store because it will improve your experience. Shashank was awesome and helped me cover some mapping issues for my store listings. He deserves 6 stars. Also, the great benefit of this app over others with similar function is the mapping works at product listing level, not centralized level. That helps when people are creating new listings and don’t need to refer to other central locations, making it cumbersome.
    Also, the developer is open to improvements and mentioned new ones underway. This is one of those apps that make the experience seamless and smooth customer experience, but don’t often get the credit, because they are in fact doing their job very well.


    This is one of those features that should be a baked-in option in every Shopify theme. This app bridges that gap nicely. I tried several other apps that also do the same thing (variant image grouping), but they seemed to have conflicts with our theme. Sometimes you don't feel like reaching out to support and waiting, so I just kept trying apps until one just worked. This was the one. All those other apps use bulky admin UIs to manually "assign" images to their variants. This app is automatic and uses a pretty obvious bit of logic that most people are probably doing already: as long as you have your variant images ordered and grouped with each other, and an image assigned to each variant, the app does the rest.

    I had one issue where the app wasn't working right when your first variant is out of stock. I reached out to Shashank and he responded quickly, and then fixed the issue within a day or two.

    Also, sometimes when you update your product's images order, and assign variant images, it takes a minute or two for the front-end product page to reflect the changes. I assume that has something to do with caching or whatever. So if you experience that, don't worry. Just refresh the page in a bit.

    In summary, it's a great app!

    $4.99 – $9.99 / month

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