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Visely Product Recommendations

Visely Product Recommendations

Developed by nemo.ai inc

9 reviews
Price: From $24.95 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Grow your store. Boost your sales and help shoppers discover your awesome products.
  • Start immediately. Offer intelligent, relevant product recommendations with hassle free quick configuration and customisation.
  • Take your time. Generous thirty day trial let's you see Visely's value for yourself.

Latest update: Jan. 2018

  • New Arrivals Widget

  • Recommendations on Blog, Search, Articles and 404 Error Pages

  • Brand New Admin UI based on Shopify Polaris

Grow your revenue

Start making more revenue with Visely by turning casual browsing users into paying customers. Maximize the value of every visit to your store.

Showing the right product recommendations on "pre checkout pages" leads to more conversions and higher average order value. Visely can do just that for you.

Engage your shoppers

Build the experience you want for your shoppers with the help of customizable recommendation widgets.

The following widgets are currently available on Home Page, Collection Page, Product Page, Article Pages, Blog Pages, 404 Pages, Search Pages and Cart Page.

  • You May Also Like

    Display intelligent recommendations for a product. Don't fatigue your customer with overcrowded widgets on product details page when you can use just one. This AI driven widget combines three different types of recommendations:

    1. Content - based on applying to linguistic analysis to product title, product description, collection name and tags. This is often called Similar Products.

    2. Shopper Behavior - based on analysis of collaborative behavior of your customers in regards to the particular product. Think of this as a combination of Frequently Bought Together, Ultimately Bought, Also Viewed.

    3. Image - Unique to Visely, product image analysis algorithm will find both explicit and hidden relationship between products in your catalog. It does this by using object, pattern and scene recognition.

    With each interaction, each product view and each purchase Visely will learn which of these types of recommendations work best for the product and collection and will automatically adjust to maximize the revenue generation.

  • Most Popular

    Show the most popular products on the store to your customers. This is a good starting point for customers to explore your catalog.

  • Most Popular In Collection

    Show the most popular products within a collection to your customers. Help them hone in on the product to purchase.

  • Trending Now

    Engage your visitors by showing what products other people are viewing. Display hot products as determined by recent views.

  • New Arrivals

    Showcase the newest additions to your catalog and entice your customers with brand new products.

  • Recently Viewed

    Remind shoppers of products they have considered buying. Help them reconsider and commit to purchase.

  • Engaging image transitions

    All of our widgets include eye catching product image transitions to keep your shopper engaged with your products.

Uncover the potential of your catalog

Using Visely will help shoppers discover new and exciting products your store offers. Experience more product page views than ever before. Create a more durable and satisfying customer experience with your brand.

Save time

Setup, configure and customize Visely on your store using our highly intuitive configuration tool. Choose which Shopify theme you want to install the recommendations too. Customize to adapt to your store look and feel. Easily preview the result.

Know your customers

Visely makes it easy to follow your shoppers in real time as they use your store.
In addition Historical Data is also available to help you understand trends and usage patterns.
Views, clicks, additions to cart and purchases, and revenue generated via Visely are available in real time.

Explore and understand your catalog

Use our Explainer tool, unique to Visely, to explore relationships between products in your catalog. Visualize how these relate to each other based on content, shopper behavior and image analysis data. You will now clearly see why You May Also Like widget is displaying certain products as recommendations.

Take control of recommendations

The Explainer tool offers you control to adjust recommendations in the You May Also Like widget, by both promoting and excluding certain products. Let’s be honest, no algorithm, no matter how advanced it is knows your catalog better than you do … yet.

Be Mobile

Embrace Mobile First with Visely. Every widget is built for all UI experiences: mobile; tablet and desktop. What’s more, you can take control of your Visely on the road as our Admin Tool is fully compatible with every type of device.

Know how much you pay

Visely pricing plans are simple, affordable and predictable. They are based on the size of your catalog.

We currently offer two payment plans:

Professional plan is for non Shopify Plus merchants with less than 30,000 products in the store catalog.

Enterprise plan is for Shopify Plus merchants, and merchants with more than 30,000 products in the store catalog.

For custom and high-volume pricing, contact us at support@nemo.ai.

As Visely evolves and gains more features subscription fees may change, but you keep the subscription fees applicable at the time of installation forever. This is commonly known as Grandfathered plans and fees.

For your convenience subscription fees are displayed in the currency of your store, converted from US dollars on daily basis.

Use Shopify Admin

All you need to fully configure and customize with Visely is done within the Shopify Admin. No need to register or login on external websites. Additionally Visely Journal will keep you updated in real time within the Shopify App Admin about the state of the application.

Take your time

Visely offers a generous, free 30 days trial for you to assess and make a decision.

Grow with Visely

Upcoming features - Advanced reporting, Visual widget editor, Instant Add to Cart, Multivariate Testing, Integration with more Pages, and many more.

Talk to us

Don’t forget we’d be happy to help with Theme customizations and Visely configuration. For any questions and support please contact us. For more information check out our website, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Visely Product Recommendations reviews

9 reviews
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Stellar App and Customer Service! It's has the best looking UI, loads fast and has super useful features! We just installed it and I must say Sergiu provided us the absolute best Customer Service possible. He guided us, installed and custom configured the App to match exactly out needs. He even went further on making suggestions of how to best make use of its features in order to boost our sales. We have been studying all the trending apps on Shopify and this is a must have for any store, regarding the market. Thank You Guys and keep on the good work!


Excellent support! They listened to what we need and made changes instantly!


Wow, What a great app! I can manually map my items to make sure the customers can see the exact products that match their buying habits. Its part of upselling... I recently had a problem with the app not updating the main feature called “you may also like". When I contacted Sergiu.... his team applied a fresh copy of my catalog and the issue was resolved! I will certainly look at other products Visely produces. Thanks again !


Amazing app! Help to increase my average cart size from day 1! already paid off after one day :)


Great team! Great app! Fast responses to our requests.


This app is just stunning. I am impressed how it adjusted to the design of the themed used and the insights are great and cant be found in other similar apps. I had a couple of suggestions; the grew answered right back, and within minutes they fixed it on my website. Absolutely great!


Great app great service! the app itself has already generated almost 1000$ for me in the past 2 months. those are 1000$ I wouldn't make any way else. I also have to say the support team are supper responsive and helping. They helped me install the app so it will fit to my theme and to my kind of shop.

Thanks Visley!


Great app! My sales got a nice sweet booster :) I recommend it!


I cannot speak to the impact on my sales as of yet because I just installed it. It's well designed, has detailed analytics about how Visely helps you grow. I look forward to hearing customer feedback about the recommendation tool I have included on my product page, and how it affects my sales! I was set up in around 15 minutes, very easy to use - I would recommend it to online shop managers or designers

From $24.95 / month

Our highly affordable pricing is based on your store product catalog size.

Check our Pricing Details here.

✔ You May Also Like Products based on
  ✔ Linguistic Content
  ✔ Image Analysis
  ✔ Shopper Behavior Analysis
✔ Most Popular Products
✔ Trending Products
✔ Recently Viewed Products
✔ Promoted Products
✔ Product Exclusion Functionality
✔ Mobile First Approach
  ✔ Even in Admin Tool
✔ Seamless Integration
  ✔ Choose Theme to Integrate to
  ✔ Simple Widget Customization on
    ✔ Home Page
    ✔ Collection Page
    ✔ Product Page
    ✔ Cart Page
  ✔ Preview
  ✔ Fully Integrated into Shopify Admin
✔ Recommendations Explainer Tool
✔ Analytics Dashboard
  ✔ Real-time Shopper Activity
  ✔ Historical Data
✔ Plan fees in Store Currency

We also offer:

✔ Free Theme Customization
✔ Free App Configuration

30 days

Support & Sales

nemo.ai inc
+1 (844) 847-3241
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