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Vwala: Referral Marketing

Vwala: Referral Marketing

Developed by Vwa.la

21 reviews
Price: From $0.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Increase your sales and promote your brand by leveraging the potential of social media referrer / influencer marketing
  • Fully automated referrer URL and discount code management with product specific promotions
  • Easy install. 14 day risk-free trial. Get up and running today!

Increase your sales and market your brand with your own referral marketing program today!

Vwa.la (vwa-la) is a fully automated referral marketing solution that seamlessly integrates into your online store with minimal
setup and maintenance. We handle the details of running a successful referral marketing program for you, allowing you
to focus on what's most important - increasing your sales by building successful partnerships with referrers (i.e. social
media influencers, youtubers, bloggers etc.)

Simple Install

We provide a super simple setup. You will be up and running in minutes. Zero technical knowledge required!

Quickly signup new referrers

You'll be given a branded referrer sign up link. Simply share this link on social media or embed it onto your website / emails
to start on-boarding referrers. Migrating referrers from another solution? Contact us, we can help automate the task.

Convert your customers into referrers

When you install vwa.la, we'll automatically install a widget to your store front. This widget will 1) advertise your referral
marketing program to your customers 2) educate them about it's benefits and 3) automatically sign them up as referral
marketers to your store.

Stay in control with your own dashboard

View, edit and analyze your referral marketing program's data and performance with your own dashboard. The dashboard's
in-app reporting keeps track of how well your referral marketing program is performing. You'll be in full control.

Referrers can track their own performance too

Referrers also have their own performance dashboard, just like you. There they can access, monitor and share their unique
referrer links and discount codes. They can also keep their contact and reward payment details up to date so that
you don't have to.

Use product specific promotions to focus your referral marketers

Promotions are at the heart of our referral marketing platform. They are like 'sales' but for referrers. They allow you
to manage your army of referral marketers by focusing their selling efforts on particular products / collections.

Easily pay referrers

Pay multiple referrers at a time with PayPal. We also allow you to pay your referrers manually via your bank account.

Amazing support from our dedicated team

We are here to help so if you get stuck or have some feedback to share, reach out to us anytime. Just click on the
chat button on the bottom right of your screen within the app to get in touch. We care deeply about making vwa.la
a huge success, so you can expect great support from us

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What happens if I go over the limits of my current plan?

Our plans have no limits but instead scale with your success. Therefore if you exceed the base fee of your monthly
plan, you'll simply pay an overage per referral order. This keeps things simple, fair and affordable. You can
find more details about
our plans here

Q. Is vwa.la able to track more than one store?

Absolutely. If you own multiple stores, just install vwa.la for each store. You can then manage your stores through
a single dashboard.

Q. Is PayPal required to pay my referrers?

For batch payments, yes. PayPal provides the necessary security, flexibility and simplicity that a referral marketing
program requires. Specifically, it does a great job of handling mass payments across various currencies. However
you can also pay your referrers manually using your bank account if you prefer. If you'd like another option,
let us know :)

Q. What type of referrer reward structure do you support?

You can declare a percentage of all referrer sales to be paid as commission. Our research has shown this strategy
to be the simplest and fairest approach. You can also create referrer specific promotions that allow you to reward
different individuals differently (i.e. your VIP influencers)

Q. Which currencies do you support?

We support all currencies supported by PayPal and Shopify. We pay commission in the same currency as your store.

Q. What happens if a customer returns a product and I already credited my referrer for it?

We only allow commissions to be paid out for orders that have been fullfilled and are at least 30 days old. This
prevents incorrect commission payments from being made. We also track the full life-cycle of your orders. This
means that we track order changes, refunds and cancellations so you can be assured that referrer rewards are
always correctly calculated.

Q: Can I speak to a live person?

Sure! Just click the chat icon on the bottom right of the app. We're here to help :)

Vwala: Referral Marketing reviews

21 reviews
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This app isnt made for a scalable referral program.
The app itself have a lot of bug and very hard to pay affiliates.


I make a test affiliate member to test the dashboard. I see that the affiliate member can choose to promote other stores at the section "Find a store" . At my admin affiliate panel i can not see this feature for my affiliate members. Second vwa ask about 5% from ALL your referral orders. Why? Third the affiliate member has just an affiliate url, not image/banner HTML code.


Yeah this app is kind of amazing. Join our program at macksie.com and make some sales!


Extremely easy to use, with all the features you'll ever need.


This revolutionary app is a game changer in the influencer / ambassador / reward scheme sector. It won't be long until every single retailer is using vwala so don't get left behind. We signed up hundreds of Ambassaors around the world in a matter of hours. That kind of set up could take years and thousands of dollars for a traditional retailer. Incredible app with even better support!!!


App is super easy to use. Really nice and professional. Customer service is immediate (9-5 workdays).

Only issue is communication with referrers is unavailable. the only way to communicate with referrers is by downloading their emails and contacting them manually.


I was hopeful that I had found this app and it would fill a need for our store, however I have had problems, or should I say my customers have had problems, they cannot login to view or make changes and the login screen is this companies website, confusing


Quite an easy setup and the support team is super helpful.

I was previously using Refersion. This app has so far been a big upgrade from that as it's much easier for our customers to signup and use. Even without yet using any effort to drive traffic to our referrer signup page, we've got 5 referrer signups organically in under a week.

Big up also for being quick to take feature requests seriously and even developing and releasing a feature in under 1 day after I had requested it (feature of being able to decide whether the generated referral-codes are 'one-use-per-customer' or 'multiple-use-per-customer')


Easy to use and amazing support.


This is the best app for referrals. If you work with influencers, this is for you!


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