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Wallet Management by Webkul

Wallet Management by Webkul

Developed by Webkul Software Pvt Ltd

Price: $10.00 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Get started with Digital Payment Transaction.
  • Each Customer can have a Digital Wallet on your Shopify Store.
  • Cashbacks, Returns, Referral Bonus can be easily added to the Customer Wallet

Wallet Management App : With this app, now the Customer can have a Digital Wallet for all the Transaction like purchase, cashback's etc on your Shopify Store. The App is useful as now-a-days Digital Transaction are popular among all Customers transacting Online.

Once the app is installed on the Shopify Store then all the Customers registered on the Store will have the Wallet created for them through the app.


  • Easy Digital Transaction.

  • Amount can be refunded to the Customer Wallet with ease.

  • Customer Wallet creation is done by the app, so there is no extra work done at the Customer end

  • Admin can create own Cashback Rules.

  • Customer can add money to the Wallet.

  • Customer can pay for the Order through the Wallet also.

  • Admin can add the FAQ for the Customer to brief about the Wallet System.

The App is quite User-Friendly and the Workflow is smooth both from the Admin and the Customer end.

Once the App is installed the Admin will start with the App Configuration. From this section you can configure the domain, edit the labels, manage the email configuration, edit the theme and much more. The configuration section is divided into four parts :

General Configuration

Label Configuration

Mail Configuration

Theme Configuration

General Configuration : From this section, you can configure the domain, upload logo and you can even manage which option to be given more priority on cashback : minimum cashback or maximum cashback.

Label Configuration : From the label configuration section you can edit all the labels of the app from

Mail Configuration : With mail configuration, you can edit the content of mail sent on below four events:

Amount Credited

Amount Debited

Cashback Amount

Amount Refunded

Admin also needs to set the Cashback Rules, ie. the Date Range, Amount to be provided either as fixed amount or percentage, select the Product for Cashback. Admin can even create several Rules. Once these rules are set, Customer will be getting the cashback based on these rules.

Admin can also view the Customer Wallet Transaction, that will help Admin identify the shopping trend and then Admin can make the Cashback Rules accordingly.

Admin can add FAQ's for the Customer so that all the Customer queries are resolved related to the Wallet System. This FAQ will show on the Admin Shopify Store Front.

Once the Customer registers in the store, can then see the Wallet related information in the "My Account" section of the Store. The customer can easily add money to the Wallet and can use them for the purchase from the Store. Sometimes Customer will even get the Cashback from the Admin in the Wallet, this amount can also be used for the product purchase on the Store.

Check out the Demo of the App.

This way Wallet can be added to your Shopify Store.

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Its been years that people are using our app and are satisfied with the features and the kind of prompt support that we provide for our app. We are still in the process of creating new and more advanced features for our app that will help our buyers to gain more and more profit. The apps are now trusted by 3000+ users which have almost around 12000+ vendors with over 50000+ products and have successfully delivered 50,000+ orders. We are still counting on numbers...

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Great App with Cashback function. Wallet Management fits our needs perfectly.
What stands out is the Support from Webkul. Any question gets answered and personal customization requests also got solved very fast. We using different Webkul services for a while now and Webkul is one off the best App providers on Shopify App store we know so far.

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