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While Supplies Last: Low Stock Alerts

While Supplies Last: Low Stock Alerts

Developed by Ethercycle

10 reviews
Price: $9.95 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Get more sales for your store by displaying low inventory alerts on products
  • Low inventory alerts leverage Urgency & Scarcity, powerful principles of persuasion
  • Easy Installation, It Just Works.

Get more sales for your store by displaying low inventory alerts on products, and leveraging scarcity, a powerful principle of persuasion.

Have you ever lined up outside of a big box store after a Thanksgiving meal to get that great Black Friday deal? Or camped out overnight for concert tickets? Or rushed to pre-order that hot new smartphone online at midnight?

Camping outside of a strip mall on a holiday in November just to get a discount on a TV seems a little crazy, right?

So why do we do it?

Because of scarcity. Scarcity has a profound effect on human psychology.

When we believe a product is in short supply, we want it more!

No one wants to miss out on a hot product or a great deal.

You can get more sales for your store by leveraging the powerful principle of persuasion.

While Supplies Last makes your products more attractive by showing your customers when their availability is limited.

And it all happens automatically.

Whenever your product's inventory drops below a threshold you specify, While Supplies Last automatically adds a note to the product's page stating the remaining inventory, like this:

“Only 19 left in stock - order soon.”

By showing that a product may sell out soon, it creates a greater sense of urgency to buy.

The biggest online retailers are all using this same principle of scarcity to boost conversions and sell more product.

You choose the color, font size, the inventory threshold, and even the text. (Or leave it at our best practice default settings.)

February 2018 Update: While Supplies Last now supports different messages for products with multiple low stock variants.

Click 'GET' now to install it in your store and enjoy a 7-day free trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What if my product has multiple variants?

While Supplies Last will display multiple low inventory alerts on products that have multiple variants with low inventory

Q - Are there any requirements?

Yes, just one: you must have inventory tracking enabled on your products. (Otherwise, how would we know when supplies are low?)
It doesn't have to be on all products, just the ones that will use While Supplies Last.

Q - Is While Supplies Last hard to install? Like, do I gotta mess with code?

Installation is totally automatic. (And if you need help, just reply to the welcome email you'll get from us, and we'll help within one business day.)

Q - Does While Supplies Last display my actual inventory?

Yes. While Supplies Last will use the inventory listed on your product's description. Sure you could manually alter it, but we don't recommend it. (Nobody likes a liar.)

Q - Are there any hidden costs?

No, just one fixed monthly fee of $9.95. Enjoy a 7-day free trial to test it your store.

Click 'GET' now to install it in your store and enjoy a 7-day free trial.

While Supplies Last: Low Stock Alerts reviews

10 reviews
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I had trouble getting this app installed correctly and support was quick to take care of it for me. I love this app because:

1) There's no fluff. It simply shows how many of each variant of a product is left based on the threshold you choose.

2) I don't have to configure a thousand different settings to get it how I want it.

3) The support is fantastic!

See how it works on: https://forever31.co


Didn't actually display the message on the website. About to uninstall unless I get help.


This app is AWESOME and Julie is very fast to help with anything I need. I've noticed a definite increase in conversion rate (from 0.6% up to about 1.5% now!) This is an absolute MUST HAVE!


Exactly what I was looking for! Went above and beyond to help me install on my mobile theme when it wasn’t working properly. Highly recommend!


Great App! Simple and easy to use. The support team is prompt, professional, and easy to work with.


Great app!

Most of the other 'low stock' options involved a label over the product images which conflicted with the various image zoom options.

The auto install didn't work for my theme and I had some trouble with manual installation but Kurt sorted it out for me in quick order.

Highly recommended!


This app is great and easy to use, Highly recommend this app!
Check it out in action here!


Great app for products with few or one variant but not so practical in my case because I have about 30 variants for a couple of my products. It displays the whole array of inventory values for all the variants under the set amount, even though I select each individual variant. I sent an email asking if there was a solution to this 2 weeks ago but I did not receive an answer. So I will, unfortunately, have to uninstall...


This is a useful app for creating the impression that certain stock is really desirable and selling like "hotcakes". Impressions really do make a difference!


Love this app and the customer service is amazing. Easy to install and use!!! Thanks

$9.95 / month

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