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Whiplash Fulfillment

Whiplash Fulfillment

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  • Ship orders with zero effort
  • Customers get orders quickly and accurately
  • Orders packed with your brand standards

Packing orders is fun at first

But as your business grows, you need to hand the task off to the professionals. A proper warehouse can free your time up to work ON your business instead of IN your business, lower your shipping costs, and make your customers happier.

But let's face it, do you really want your orders to look like they came from some factory that doesn't have a clue what's in the box? Of course not.

Customers feel Connected.

And that's where Whiplash steps in. Once you send your products to us for storage, you've got the power of a modern warehouse at your fingertips, without compromising the look and feel of your brand.

Life gets easier.

As orders come in, they ship automatically. Did you get an email that a customer needs to change their address? No problem-- you can change an address up until the moment the package goes out the door. Need to swap small out for a medium? Easy as pie.

When orders ship, we update your Shopify store with the tracking number and close the order auto-magically.

Inventory stays Organized.

There's something you should know about us- we're neat freaks, maybe even a little OCD. The upside is your inventory is clean, organized, and best yet-- Whiplash updates your Shopify store automatically with exactly what's in stock.


$2.95 per order, which includes the 1st item.

  • Items 2-6: $.85 each

  • Items 7+: $.25 each

Lastly you pay the actual cost of mailing materials, carrier fees (we use USPS & UPS), and a warehousing fee as low as $.45/cubic foot with a $25/month minimum.

The app is free to install, you're only charged once your goods arrive at Whiplash.

No commitment, cancel at any time.

Whiplash Fulfillment reviews (45)


We are loving Whiplash and are very satisfied and impressed with the service and the experience overall. Our account rep, Heather McCormick has been insanely awesome and an amazing resource and aid for us, I wanted to recognize her personally and let you know that she has done an outstanding job helping us get set up and run smoothly. Her quick consistency in response and in-depth ability to help in so many different ways has harbored and amazing experience for us overall. A+ to both!


Easy and Simple
I love how easy it is to install and set up this application. It is also easy to manipulate all the nice features. Indeed, it’s great to finally find a good product management solution that actually works fine.


Whiplash is amazing. They have transformed our business, and I can't thank them enough. Their customer support is very quick to reply, and they are just great at what they do. It was a little scary at first when we decided to ship our inventory to another company that we did not know much about. But I am so glad we did. The admin pages can be a little confusing sometimes, especially when you first start working with them, but like I said, their customer support is excellent and ready to answer any questions that you may have. If you are not currently using whiplash to manage your inventory and handle shipping your orders, then you are missing out on a top notch service that is dedicated to helping you succeed. Thank you so much Whiplash. We are big fans.


Whiplash is great. Seriously so much simpler than Shipwire. The set up didn't stress me out one bit, they barcode everything for you, and they are responsive. You can email or call them, they know who you are and can help you with your issue right away. They don't do custom packaging but their pricing is really competitive. It's just all the things you need and none of the crap you don't!


Whiplash Merch is a dream come true for a small business. As an independent self-publisher we took on a lot of the fulfillment services in the beginning, including hand packing and shipping every order as it came in. Whiplash has created a world where that part of the order process just happens! It works and it's magical. Having unfulfilled orders hanging over your head not only creates stress but takes away from time that you could spend making new products. Whiplash has helped free up our time to focus on the business aspects we love. They're great at their job, reliable, trustworthy, and always on top of it with any questions or concerns. We love them and are so thankful they exist!


I really don't like giving my business secrets away.....but Whiplash is so awesome that I have to. They are everything they advertise; fast, accurate and awesome. James is a pleasure working with and will definitely take care of you. The app works great with Shopify; it's easy to use and works automatically when orders come through. And the pricing is more than fair. Totally recommend Whiplash!


James, Sean and team at Whiplash have been extremely helpful to work with from the start. This was our first experience with product fullfillment, so we did our due dilligence and researched and interviewed all the Shopify-integrated options . Some we found to be mega-fullfillment houses that we would get lost in the shuffle, and others never got back to our call or email. Whiplash was on it from the get-go.

We've been with whiplash for over 10 months now and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Pat Johnson - 58republic.com


It is probably a time to leave a review after Whiplash has been fulfilling our orders for over 20 days. We changed warehouse from a national known company, and switching to Whiplash seems to be a smart choice although there is learning curve at the beginning. Here is our experience:
1. Inventory receiving takes about a week during the busy season ( October);
2. Orders placed before 2pm are fulfilled that day, the next business day if after 2pm.
3. Good "order" design that breaks down the cost. We can also change shipping options when the order status is "processing". But act fast though, because processing orders are "shipped" fast.
4. When there is an order that we need special assistance, we can press a button asking for help. And James normally responds in time.
5. Interface is simple but effective. Help need a little bit more content, but James is always helpful when no answer is found.
6.A big plus is Jame's support. He started to initialize our products long before the inventory was transferred. We flooded him tons of questions. He made sure that issues were resolved timely. This is big... especially comparing to our previous fulfillment center.

Finally, a good fulfillment center that integrates well with our store. Thank you Whiplash.


Whiplash has outstanding support - super quick to respond to questions and offer advice. Everything ships out to our customers quite quickly. Great service!


James has been excellent support to our business and gets things done fast.
This is one stop 3PL that everyone can use with confidence.

Thanks Whiplash.


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