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Woo Importer - WooCommerce to Shopify Migration

Woo Importer - WooCommerce to Shopify Migration

Developed by 2can Apps

27 reviews
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  • Import WooCommerce products, customers, and orders to Shopify
  • Supports product variants, multiple images and categories
  • Import the first 20 products for free

We've migrated over half a million products to Shopify, let us help you!

Our Woo Importer app saves you time by quickly importing products and orders from WooCommerce into your Shopify store. This is a great way to test out a new platform or to migrate an existing store.

Our app helps with the following:

  • Migrating products to Shopify

  • Moving customers and orders to Shopify

  • Importing product reviews to Shopify

  • Generating account activation links for your customers

  • Creating URL redirects to fix broken links when you switch to Shopify

Our simple wizard take you through the following steps:

  • Choose a WooCommerce website to import

  • Download the products from your WooCommerce website

  • Import the products to your Shopify site

All you have to do is enter the API information for your WooCommerce store and we'll take care of the rest!

Note: If your store has lots of images it may take a while for Shopify to process them all. We've added an email notification to let you know when the import finishes.

Customers and Orders

You can also import orders and/or customers from WooCommerce to your Shopify store. After importing orders and customers you can re-run the import for free to bring in the latest data to Shopify.

Customer Accounts

If you would like your existing customers to be able to log in to your Shopify store you will need to email them activation links so they can reset the passwords for their accounts. The Woo Importer app can generate a CSV file for you of your customers and their activation links. You can use this CSV file to do a mail-merge and email the links to your customers.

You can learn more about generating Shopify activation links for your WooCommerce customers on our help site.


Importing up to 20 products from a WooCommerce site is free. If your site has more than 20 products you can import the first 20, confirm they transferred correctly, and then pay to complete the import. The prices for the full import start at $4.99.

Pricing for order and customers imports starts at $9.99.

Once you've paid to import a WooCommerce site you can re-import it without charge.


To run for the import, you will need an API key from your WooCommerce site. You can generate an API key by following the instructions in the WooCommerce Documentation.


For more information on importing products check out our support pages. We also recommend reviewing the Frequently Asked Questions which cover some common issues in migrating.

URL Redirects

Since WooCommerce and Shopify have different URL structures you may have a lot of broken links when you first switch to Shopify (for example, your Google search results will still be pointing to old URLs).

We've developed an integration with our Link Manager app that will automatically create redirects so you don't loose these visitors. This is free for Woo Importer users. Visit our help site to read more about how to set up the redirects.

Product Support

All product support is handled by our US-based team. We reply to all inquiries within one business day (but usually faster!)

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Woo Importer - WooCommerce to Shopify Migration reviews

27 reviews
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  2. 4 stars (1 review)
  3. 3 stars (1 review)
  4. 2 stars (1 review)
  5. 1 star (1 review)

Not only did the app work seamlessly for woocommerce to shopify, but when I contacted Daniel with questions and requests he answered back right away and got everything done that we needed! I highly recommend this app and its support team to whoever needs it.


Absolutely fantastic. Moved around 400 products and saved me WEEKS of work! Some info wasn't migrated the way I wanted so a quick email to the developer Daniel and a couple hours later it was all fixed and done the way I wanted - brilliant! Absolutely excellent experience, well worth every penny. Highly recommended!


One of, if not the best support experiences I have ever had.

I found Woo Importer while searching for a solution to find the best way to transfer ~1500 products from two different WooCommerce stores. I could not believe how hassle-free and simple the task was with this app. There was one small hiccup along the way, and Daniel stepped right in to go above and beyond to help me.

Bottom line: Outstanding app, outstanding service. Could not be happier.


Apart from a few minor inconsistencies, this app did a great job. Given the complexities between both systems, I expected there to be some things that didn't quite match up but all in all, they were far fewer than I anticipated which made the transition very smooth.
And the price compared with the competition was far more reasonable. Definitely worth the money spent


Did exactly what I needed! Thank you!


A brilliant, time saving, and easy to use plugin. Their support was also fantastic! Can't recommend enough!


Daniel was very helpful with my whole migration from woocommerce, amazing service, went the extra mile to help me - Thank you very much!!


fantastic time saving plugin! Had a couple of issues with barcodes and prices (because of different currencies) but this was sorted out very quickly by support. Would highly recommend this app


The app works perfectly and the support team was willing to go above and beyond to make sure i got all of the data I need into my new store. Highly recommend!


Very smooth import, even though I had more than 20 items to import. Made the Shopify setup very easy.


★★★ First 20 products are FREE! ★★★
Additional Products:
  < 50 products: $4.99
  < 100 products: $19.99
  < 500 products: $39.99
  < 1,000 products: $69.99
   1,000+ products: $79.99

Customers and/or Orders:
  < 100 orders: $9.99
  < 1,000 orders: $19.99
  < 10,000 orders: $49.99
  10,000+ orders: $79.99

  FREE with product import!

  FREE with product import!



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