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Merchants appreciate this app for its user-friendly interface that enables the creation of functional and visually appealing pages without needing advanced web development skills. It offers customizable templates, integrates well with Shopify, and includes features like A/B testing and a blogging function. Merchants commend the responsive support team and the app's positive impact on conversion rates. However, some suggest more customization options and note that support isn't available during nights or weekends. It's seen as a game-changer for improving customer experience and boosting conversions.

December 7, 2017

If anything this decreased my conversion rate. Less adds to cart and zero sales. In comparison to coming to a single product page.

World Of Matcha
United Kingdom
2 months using the app
Edited November 23, 2017

Very good with one massive flaw

There is no seo with this, so if you want your page read by google forget it.

If you want title tag, you have to go via html, if you update your page, it will wipe out all of your seo, so what is the point in this?

Use it to build landing pages that google will never see.

For your front page, articles or anything for google, it is useless. I will update this when they fix this incredibly weak flaw. Avoid till then unless you just make nice landing pages.

United States
2 months using the app
August 18, 2021

it's too expensive for what it offers, and ive been trying to unsuscribe and they keep billing me. i

2 months using the app
Zipify Apps replied September 2, 2021

Hey Lorrna sorry to hear you weren't happy with Zipify Pages. We've fully refunded your account and have made sure you're unsubscribed. If you need anything else just reach out!
-Team Zipify

Edited November 27, 2020


21 days using the app
Zipify Apps replied November 30, 2020

Hey there Simona. Sorry you've had a a bad experience with Zipify Pages. We always strive to make our app as excellent as possible. So when we hear of someone having problems we listen and do our best to always find a solution. I do want to point out that our team assisted you over 50 times in the last few days and always provided solutions to your problems. We apologize if they weren't the answers you were hoping for, but none the less they were the solutions to what you were asking. Plus we are still here to help you figure out your pages. All you need to do is chat in and we'll pick up where you left off. Hope you're having a great day.
-Team Zipify

November 27, 2018

Good product but there is more room for improvement,it messed up my homepage liquid index.i had forgotten to disable before removing the app. Another thing is that i don't like this company is that even if you had paid for the app and you remove it from your store and try to add it back ,they will not let you use unless you pay again even when your subscription is still valid.

United States
17 days using the app
Edited November 19, 2022

The application doesnt work properly. Cant edit content. Save not working. Giant waste of time. Here's a video of my experience - https://www.awesomescreenshot.com/video/12631175?key=46fcf058a5ddb639e8799c2b7b203aeb They want access to my entire store, orders and products to try and get it working. Waste more time when trying to spin up a Black Friday page. FYI - Ezra Firestone is amazing. But this application has a lot of basic issues that render it unusuable. UPDATE: After we removed the application, we found out that all of the old theme files and scripts get left behind. Be careful with this app

Good Wave
11 days using the app
Zipify Apps replied November 21, 2022

Hi Good Wave. We do sincerely apologize for the issues you experienced with Zipify Pages. Updates to a page should absolutely apply to the live page immediately. This is not normal behavior and there is no indication the issue on your store is a global issue with the Zipify Pages app. We can 100% fix the core functionality of updating pages. With an investigation, we can implement a permanent fix.

Store access for each situation is going to be different. In your case, we would need apps access (to access Zipify Pages) you can select individual applications. Themes access would also be needed so we can inspect for theme conflicts and update our code snippet. Orders are not needed. Settings were not needed either. Products access is needed for Product page BuyBox issues due to the way Zipify integrates with your store products. Our team takes your security and data very seriously. Regardless of what we have access to we will only use what we need and you can control our access or any app through the collaborator access section of your shopify store.

If we did need to make changes to your store we are happy to document the changes and share what was done and why.

Shopify doesn't currently have an API that allows Zipify Pages to remove files after the app is deleted. Our solution is to have the assets removed with the in-app switcher before the app is deleted.

We are confident we can resolve the issues you experience. They are not normal and we would very much like the chance to fix them. We could even fix the issues while you're not using the app but that is entirely up to you. We value our merchant's reviews and we pride ourselves on our support. We'd be grateful for the opportunity to prove to you that Zipify Pages is the right solution for your store and that we can provide top-notch support.

August 23, 2021

Zipify pages was recommended to me by someone I trust and honestly I have to say I'm really disappointed. There doesn't seem to be any way to match my font's website, you have to add each produt page manually which is impossible if you have hundreds of products, you have to copy and paste each review manually, you have to upload every single photo and video manually, and there's no way to delete certain text blocks if you're not going to use them. plus the tech support sucks. I created a ticket on Friday afternoon, they responded Monday morning and closed my ticket after a few hours on Monday because I hadn't replied.

Katie Miranda
United States
11 days using the app
Zipify Apps replied September 2, 2021

Hey Katie! Thanks for the honest review. Really sorry to hear about your experience. I talked with the team and it sounds like they had a longer chat with you. And that you've uncovered some holes we need to address. We appreciate that very much. Hopefully you'll give us another try in the future. If you need anything please reach out!
-Team Zipify

Edited June 10, 2018

Here's the deal.. this is a very simple, and effective page editor. But that's all it is. In terms of function, with an actual Shopify store it is lacking tremendously.

1) This does not have custom checkout/cart pages. Yea customers get to go to these fancy landing pages, but what happens when they add to cart and you send them to the cart page? They're taken to the cart page for your current Shopify theme, which is essentially a new website, which will more than likely hurt conversion rates.

**I'm dinging Zipify for this because there are many other apps that do landing pages, one click upsells, custom check out pages, custom cart pages and more. Those apps can also be used on multiple stores at once, Zipify can only be used on one.**

2) Zipify makes this app, and they make Zipify one click up sells, however this app does not work with that app which eventually caused me to cancel my subscription. Doesn't make sense that you wouldn't be able to use two apps from the same company together.

Ecom Bundles
6 days using the app
June 9, 2019

I thought this app would be super easy to use but if you don't know about coding then don't get it! Plus...to think that the actual app costs more than the actual cost of my store is such a shame! I kind of feel duped and sick because does that actually make sense? It does not to me. Maybe it makes sense if your store makes 6 million $ a year but my store is just regular.

Glamore Cosmetics
South Africa
5 days using the app
September 27, 2021

Would give 0 stars if I could. App does not provide basic page building essentials and is incredibly overpriced for what it does provide. Didn't use it past day 1 and a giant waste of money.

The Nerdy Birdy
United States
5 days using the app
Zipify Apps replied September 29, 2021

Hey Nerdy Birdy, so sorry to hear we didn't live up to your expectations. We are hoping maybe you could tell us how we missed the mark so badly so we could improve this in the future. Someone from our team is reaching out. Hope we can help fix this.
-Team Zipify