Powerful new features, services and plugins for your Shopify store
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Attract new visitors, increase sales, and improve customer retention. Marketing Apps and services help drive traffic, manage your SEO, sell on new channels, and promote your products.

Popular Topics

  • email marketing,
  • email,
  • increase sales,
  • seo,
  • mailchimp,
  • coupon,
  • facebook,
  • analytics
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  • Sales

    Find Apps to help you grow your business, sell more products, and increase your revenue per order. Provide smart recommendations, recover abandoned checkouts, and more.

    Popular Topics

    • increase sales,
    • marketing,
    • discount,
    • increase conversion,
    • upsell,
    • boost sales,
    • recommendations,
    • product upsell
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  • Social Media

    Social Apps can simplify and track customer sharing and grow your social presence. Engage with your customers and promote your store on Facebook, Twitter, and more.

    Popular Topics

    • facebook,
    • twitter,
    • instagram,
    • social commerce,
    • social,
    • social marketing,
    • social media marketing,
    • instagram gallery
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  • Shipping

    Streamline your shipping process, making it as fast and smooth as possible for your customers. We support apps that simplify every step of the fulfillment process from warehousing to tracking.

    Popular Topics

    • fulfillment,
    • shipping rates,
    • ups,
    • fedex,
    • shipping labels,
    • tracking,
    • dhl,
    • usps
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  • Inventory

    Handy tools allow you to spend less time managing your inventory. Install tools that update, synchronize, and monitor your store’s products and variants.

    Popular Topics

    • inventory management,
    • automated inventory management,
    • inventory sync,
    • stock management,
    • order management,
    • dropshipping,
    • ebay,
    • amazon
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  • Accounting

    Keep orders, customers, and all business-critical information synchronized with your favorite accounting software such as Quickbooks, Xero, or Freshbooks.

    Popular Topics

    • invoices,
    • quickbooks,
    • bookkeeping,
    • quickbooks integration,
    • finance,
    • reporting,
    • quickbooks online,
    • integration
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  • Customer Service

    Engage with customers and offer better support with email, phone, knowledge-base, and live chat solutions for your online store.

    Popular Topics

    • live chat,
    • customer support,
    • live chat software,
    • live support,
    • customer feedback,
    • live help,
    • chat,
    • livechat
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  • Reporting

    Track and forecast sales and analyze your customer behavior. Reporting apps organize sales data and conversion rates to help you make informed decisions to grow your business.

    Popular Topics

    • analytics,
    • analytics dashboard,
    • google analytics,
    • ecommerce analytics,
    • predictive analytics,
    • marketing,
    • kpi dashboard,
    • facebook
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  • Tools

    Easily add fun, interactive features to your Shopify store. Improve customer experience with videos, 360-degree product views, smart search tools, and booking functionality.

    Popular Topics

    • increase sales,
    • customize,
    • mobile responsive,
    • optimize,
    • marketing,
    • drag and drop,
    • product,
    • products
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  • Sales Channels

    Reach your customers wherever you're selling, whether it's in person, through your Shopify store, on social media, or elsewhere online.

    Popular Topics

    • marketplace,
    • import data,
    • import products,
    • affordable inventory manager,
    • product listings ads,
    • new product listings,
    • listing tools,
    • product listings
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