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Google AdWords Conversion Pixel & Tracking Code

Google AdWords Conversion Pixel & Tracking Code

Developed by AdNabu, Inc

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  • Simple one click integration with the latest upgraded AdWords Pixel.
  • No coding or scripts required. Tracking is completely automated and hassle free.
  • Error free AdWords conversion tracking for your shop.

Implementing Google AdWords conversion pixel or tracking code is extremely important for running successful AdWords campaigns. You can optimise your shopping, search or display campaigns only if you have the keywords’ or placements’ conversions data.We have a detailed blog explaining the importance of conversion tracking.

Correctly tracking sales or conversions in AdWords from your Shopify store can be tricky and error prone.

Some of the major problems we have seen happening are as follows:

  • Duplicate conversions - conversions are counted multiple times instead of one resulting in an exaggerated view of the performance

  • No conversion value - Most advertisers fail to successfully pass conversion value back to AdWords. Conversion value is important in optimising for ROI as the amount you would want to spend on a product of $5 will be very different from another of $100

  • Incorrect code or tracking errors - This happens when advertisers make a mistake while creating the script. No conversions will be recorded in AdWords in this case

AdNabu’s AdWords conversion tracking app allows you to implement a conversion code for your store without the need for any coding. You simply need to follow these steps:

  1. Install the app

  2. Connect your Google Account

  3. Select the AdWords Account (if you have multiple)

  4. That's it!


AdNabu ensures that your conversion pixel has the best practices of tracking implemented. Your campaigns will soon start showing the actual sales and conversion values in Google AdWords



  • Should I manually create a conversion pixel?

    No. There is no manual creation needed. AdNabu will create the pixel automatically

  • What happens to my old pixels?

    If you have implemented them manually in your store settings kindly disable them.

  • What are coding requirements?

    There is no coding involved. Implementing conversion pixel is as easy as installing the app. There are no additional steps involved.

  • What are prerequisites to using this app?

    You need to have an active AdWords account

  • Does this app support multiple adwords accounte or an MCC account?

    Yes. We support multiple adwords accounts and MCC account.

  • I am seeing a blank screen after installing the app

    In case if you have an ad blocker installed, kindly pause it and check

  • Is it necessary to have a paid AdNabu plan to use this app?

    No. You need not have a paid AdNabu plan to use this app. We highly encourage you to look at the features provided by AdNabu for increasing sales from your shopify store.

Google AdWords Conversion Pixel & Tracking Code reviews

14 reviews
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Awesome with most up to date technology. Quick service delivery and very resourceful. A must have!


Insanely easy... no more customizing code... thank goodness.


It works. Use it. So simple and easy. A+


This App saved me. My conversion pixel was not firing no matter what I tried. I downloaded this app from Adnabu and it resolved the issue immediately. Now when I use their adwords and google shopping optimization software it works amazingly and all my campaigns are automatically managed and can be optimized with a few clicks. Thank you.


Very useful and simple app. And accordingly to other reviews, the best part is the support! They're very helpful and competent!


I hate the new way google requires tags to track conversions, but this app made it so easy and hassle-free. Best part is the support team behind the app. Always very responsive, and always so helpful.


Awesome app, easy to install and working right away. recommended!


easy to use adwords software, thanks form the team at pvc safety signs


I'm finally having relevant Google Adword ads. They organized and segmented my campaigns in a great way. They alerted me that I was running two conversion pixels which I quickly fixed!


The pixel made properly tracking my conversions from Adwords and Google Display/Search super easy. The dashboard for the ads reporting was so simple. To those that find AdWords dashboard a pain, this app is a lifesaver!!! The staff are extremely helpful too! I'm really excited about AdNabu. After striking out with Googe Advertising in the past I think this app is a total game changer for me! I highly recommend you check this one out and take it for a test drive!



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