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Merchants highly value this app for its bulk price change feature, which saves time and allows for scheduling of sales and promotions. It's praised for its user-friendly interface, ability to change prices by collections or items, and rounding prices to .99. The app enhances customer experience by displaying sale versus original prices. It's appreciated for its speed, efficiency, and free cost, offering features usually paid in other apps. Merchants also commend the responsive and helpful customer support.

Edited July 11, 2020

This could have been a great app if it worked properly. The changes are not accurate and when you try to correct it doesnt show the original price , it shows the new (incorrect) discounted price . So you end up doing multiple price changes to get the prices right and end up looking like an idiot on your website as you are offering 25% discount but the incorrect price change shows a compared at price discount of much less. No response from support. Been trying to remove the app. How long does it take to go off?? Ive now run a new price change with no compare at , guess what? Compare at still visible . Guys come on please. We are running businesses here ! Im pulling my hair out with this app. Help please . Remove this app from my store
Ive tried removing the app. No surprises ....its still there . Can somebody please do something about this people.

Headboards For Africa
South Africa
3 months using the app
StoreQuarters replied July 4, 2020

Hi, I am sorry the app didn't work for you. I searched in the inbox for your emails but I didn't find anything. May I ask you to open a ticket by sending an email to support@ahiastore.zendesk.com ? We will try to help or at least explain what's going on :) Thanks!

Edited December 21, 2020

I have deleted this App from my Shopify page, however the functions are still active. How do I stop it? Please help. Update: I got it resolved with the help of Shopify CS

About 1 month using the app
StoreQuarters replied December 17, 2020

We're sad to hear this :( Have you already wrote to our customer support service? We're here to help whenever you need! Also, remember that we don't install any code on your store. We change prices when you need and if you remove the app and prices were changed, you can't use the restore feature we have.

December 13, 2019

The prices doesn't seems to change after prices changes completed.
Tried emailing for help, no reply. Waste of time tried using the app.

SWING - Muslim Lifestyle Store
18 days using the app
StoreQuarters replied December 22, 2019

Hi, I had some issues with the email provider I use. I changed it, but I lost a lot of days of emails. If you still need some help or I can be useful for something, let me know. The same email is now active with a different provider.

Edited March 8, 2020

Cange prices not for all products.. and then I try to change them back it changes them all... Now I don't know what to do.. absolutely chaos

12 days using the app
January 24, 2020

People weren't wrong when they said that " don't trust anything when it is for free, it means either bad or the seller doesn't need the money ", i don't know if they have a support team because they never reply to your emails. When you choose to make a discount by -25% the app sets the discount sometimes to more than 25 and sometimes less than 25 ( i don't how it works ). It takes too much time goes up to an hour to set all the discounts and when it say if finished ! SURPRISE !! not all products were updated. Had to buy another app on Shopify which works way more bitter than this app.

13 days using the app
January 18, 2020

It is not possible to install the app. After contacted the support and developer never heard again from them.

13 days using the app
Edited September 5, 2020

Is there a way to revert the prices? It made multiple discounts for the same items. Uninstalled and everything remain the same. THIS APP IS TRASH. DO NOT INSTALL IT!!! HOW DO YOU FIX THIS AND WHY YOU DO NOT RESPOND MY EMALIS? YOUR EXCUSE DO NOT HELP RESOLVE THE ISSUE AND YOU HAVE TO FIX IT ASAP****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

United States
3 days using the app
StoreQuarters replied September 3, 2020

Hi, thanks for your feedback. I am sorry you're experiencing issues.

As you probably saw during the app onboarding after setup, Ahia works like a colleague and manually changes prices for you. Also, I saw that you chose to create a one-way price change (there's a warning before you proceed). If you choose a one-way percentage price change you can't revert it, that's how math works.

Also, I saw that you created three more price changes after the first one, but since the app was removed we can't process it.

If you didn't already, please write to our customer service to check if it's possible to solve your issue, we will do everything we can.

May 14, 2020

It doesn't work at all. No support - bugged link. You can't filter pricing changes because the drop down menu doesn't work to choose collections or tags. Waist of time. :(

About 2 hours using the app
StoreQuarters replied June 8, 2020

Hey TheNorseWind! Sorry for the late, we had a lot of issues that are solved now. Support is up and running again. Maybe it's too late but if you ever want to try the app once more, you will be always welcome!

Have a wonderful day! :)

May 22, 2020

This has to be one of the worst apps on the free market... as it doesn't even work. I don't even know why this is allowed to sell on the app store as it's clearly not made by professionals.

About 1 hour using the app
StoreQuarters replied June 8, 2020

Hey, heartlegs! You're totally right, the app sucked. We had some issues and during these strange times. Today we just deployed a new version of it and we solved a lot of bugs.

Probably it's too late, but if you want to try it again, you will be always welcome. We also improved the support, feel free to reach us if you need anything!

March 17, 2020

Schedule function is bugged, it will not let you set a schedule price change without completing the set date and time. But will not allow you to set the time.
disappointed that i could not test this app.

Hong Kong SAR
8 minutes using the app
StoreQuarters replied June 8, 2020

Hey I-Saca, thanks for the review and the feedback. A totally new version of the interface was in the plans. We released it today. Probably it's late but if you ever want to try it again, you will be always welcome.

Feel free to reach the support if you need anything!
Have a wonderful day.