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Alert Me! Restock Alerts

Alert Me! Restock Alerts

Developed by Dibble Development

9 reviews
Price: $5.00 / month Free Trial: 21 days More info
  • Automatically notify customers of restocked products as soon as you place the product back in stock.
  • Customers don't have to wait until all variants go out of stock before signing up for notifications. If the variant they need is out of stock, they are shown the restock notification form!
  • Make smart purchasing decisions by using analytics on which out of stock products are the most in demand.

Stop losing your buying customers when your products go out of stock

  • Alert Me! Restock Notifications allows customers to sign up to receive email notifications when you restock a certain product.

  • Once you’ve got the app installed, you don’t have to worry about anything! When you restock a product, we will automatically email all customers who

    have signed up for restock notifications for that product.

  • Just one variant out of stock? That’s okay! Customers can still sign up for restock notifications for that particular variant. For example, if you

    carry Small, Medium, Large in a shirt, but only the small is out of stock, the customer will only see the restock notification form on the product page

    when they choose “Small”. They will only be notified if you restock that particular variant!

  • Customers can easily sign up for restock notifications from the collections page or product page. When signing up from the collections page, they will

    be notified for ALL variants when they are restocked. When signing up from the product page, they are only notified if the variant they have selected is


Seamless Integration

  • NO POP-UPS. Our app is designed to integrate seamlessly into your website.

  • Need help installing? No worries – we’ll help install it for free!

Make Smarter Purchasing Decisions

  • We provide analytics to show you which out of stock products customers have signed up for restock notifications on.

  • Restock the most popular items, and don’t worry about re-ordering the other items!

  • *NEW* May 2017 - You no longer have to log into the app to analyze data! Receive daily, weekly, or monthly email updates on what products customers have been signing up for notifications on.

Alert Me! Restock Alerts reviews

9 reviews
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A must have! This app has made me thousands of dollars by keeping people informed on when products come back in stock. If you are starting out, sometimes run out of stock, and want more revenue then installing this app is the first step you should make. It reduces the cost of running out of stock and gives another chance to keep in touch with the customers.


Super easy to setup and love that we can customize the look of the app to match the theme of our store. This is an invaluable feature for our shop, especially given the vast number of products we carry. It easily allows our customers to be the first in line when a product is back in stock. Great app!


Our customers love these notifications! Almost $10k in revenue recovered over the last few months. This will pay for itself many times over.


So far so good! I love that I can see exactly which items customers are wanting that are out of stock and it sends a notification immediately upon restocking the item. Love it and well worth the affordable price! :)


While we liked this app the best out of all of them, we chose to not move forward and go with another company, more expensive who was able to provide support.
The app specifically says to contact them if we need assistance installing, which is what I did but were unsuccessful at getting any help (the developer didnt even accept the Shopify invite we sent her to access our themes per her request)...
... and also stopped communicating with us.
You get what you pay for, and we are now happy with another app at $10 a month.


Exactly what we needed! The other restock apps we checked out had a lot of bells and whistles, none of which we would have ever used, but charged 5x or more per month for them. Been using this app for a few weeks now, setup was real easy, app is very intuitive, and the monthly cost is easily recouped.


It is a Beta! Keep it in mind when installing. It does everything it promisses and in a very easy and clear fashion. As it is a Beta, you will see small thinks that could use some adjustment or improvement. If you are familiar with a bit of CSS and HTML you can work around the major issues - no problem there. Overall I like the app, as it is not working with a PopUp. Everything works and you just need to work a bit on customisation. I am sure the developer will move the App into a successfull future. Thank you for it.


I just launched a few days ago but I wanted to rave about Ms. Dibble's efficiency and response time when I had a problem. She not only offered me a custom solution, she color-coded everything to match my site. She was kind, sincere, and very timely. I cannot say enough about her professionalism, courtesy, and excellent service. I'll be looking for more Dibble Development apps in the future! Thank you!!


This app helped bring customers back to my site after I restocked items!

$5.00 / month

We charge a simple flat fee of $5/month no matter how large or small your store is!

21 days

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