Aliexpress Dropshipping

Aliexpress Dropshipping

by appfreaker

Import Products from Aliexpress and Synchronize inventory

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Royally Active

Would be nice to let us know that we need to contact the supplier so that they dont put the invoice in the box. Need to fire basha.

The Sun Kissed Me

This app could be great if its actually working. Some buttons does nothing. I cannot manage or update imported products. Autosync doesn't work all the time, and the app itself is very slow. I've downloaded the trial a month ago and they've started charging me 3 weeks ago, but I couldn't use it for my work at all because some functions suddenly stopped working. :( I hope they'll fix the problems soon otherwise I'll ask for a refund.


Freakin fraud app. Cancelled my subscriptions months ago, but they keep withdrawing my money from my credit cards, despite informing them many times.


This is my 2nd review after using the app for a month and while I gave them 5 stars previously based on my initial experience with a support person, I'm going to provide an honest and in-depth feedback about the app this time. The app has great potentials but there are some core functionalities that simply DO NOT WORK as it's supposed to! Either the function does nothing but claims to be working, ie. pops up a "successful" dialogue box but nothing actually happens, or it's completely out of sync with Shopify thus make managing your products list impossible. Even something as simple as SORTING doesn't work. They do have a 24/7 chat support team who are polite and are willing to give you instructions, but tends to over promise and under deliver on solutions that depends on their tech team who cannot seem to resolve a handful of fundamental issues over the past 4 weeks! Worse, some functions that were working before, will suddenly stop working and their tech team will claim that it's never been the case in the first place. After reading quite a few reviews here that gave the app 5 stars (same as I), it becomes apparent that the rating isn't about the app itself, but was simply a feedback on the initial support experience, which was also requested of me after my first interaction with them. As I mentioned, the support team is helpful and polite, but if the app doesn't work, it's kinda pointless and misleading to give the app a high rating, luring potential new users to pay for this app as opposed to other alternatives on the market. I've been in touch with their support everyday for the past 4 weeks, including weekends, and was promised at least twice a week that the issues and bugs I've raised will be fixed and that I will receive email updates once tested, but that has never happened. I was also informed two weeks ago that these issues have been escalated within their management team and will be red flagged as high priority, but again, the promise of fixing everything by Thursday 11th Oct was broken, which lead me to writing this review. Now I've once again been promised that ONE of the main issues, the CORE FUNCTIONALITY of being able to UPDATE existing product details (titles, descriptions, variations etc.), will be fixed by next Monday (cuz their tech team doesn't work on weekends). As a paying customer, the fact that they've started charging me for an app that's NOT WORKING, is somewhat inexcusable, but I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and wait till next week to see. If at least that problem is resolved, I will revise my review and up my rating to show that at least some work is being done. But until all the problems and bugs have been fixed, I will refrain from giving this app a 5 star rating.

not working well after 2months of work to put my products, and as orders are starting I can not make purchases on AliExpress tells me empty cart and support not answer my questions free apps better than that

Clothing Deal Club

Also in the settings of this application there is an option On Product delete/inactive (Unpublish from store, Set Out of Stock, None) I selected - Set Out of Stock But for some reason they decided that they have the right to hide goods. I created thousands of bugs in indexing my site in Google. Before publishing the applications in the APP Store Shopify check them? This application does not work for anything 1. An Auto Updating System to Keep your products pricing and stock up to date - Not Work! 2. On Product delete/inactive - Not Work! 3. sort button - Not Work!

JUST NEVER BUY IT. It not only does not work, it destroys your website and business, you'll just pay them, but not only will you advertise and promote the site. and when you find out that there are no auto update prices and a warehouse, you have to think about how to remove all this product.

and then you realize that you killed your SEO and you can start your business again even if you had an import of other products, the removal of thousands of pages of the site is the death of your SEO. you write to the support team they say that everything will be done but nothing happens

Rags Tags Bags

I never really used the app because I don't source from Aliexpress. I have been going back and forth with them and Shopify billing about being charged $5 for well over a week now. They claim I installed the app back on Mar 8 and uninstalled it on Apr 6th. Then, again in May for one day (which was really a few hours because I was boiling the midnight oil) while working on my site. To my surprise, I was billed $5 on my Jun for the app! Contacted them and Shopify billing, but there response was that a I had the app for almost 30 days (which I don't believe because Shopify automatically bills in monthly increments) and installing it this one day made a charge. I don't care about $5, but it's the principal that they choose to go back and forth when there is clearly a billing issue! Oh well, guess this review will let others know... clearly a 7 day trial IS NOT free! One star based on the fact that I'm arguing about $5. Don't care if the app works or not; I don't source w/ Aliexpress.


This is the worse dropshipping site. The chat continues to close that my questions will not get answered. I'm unable to fulfill an order because the items will not load. The category section will not allow me to search for specific category. This truly horrible because now I have to issue for a refund because the orders did go out on time. Definitely not worth the $20.


Does not support ipad, must use desktop or laptop


These ppl are HORRRRIBLEEEE.... you can NOT reach them when you need too. They do NOT answer questions directly, only give you the runaround and their tutorial videos are unclear and have no sound.

They REALLY need to work on their interface with this app and make the transition from ordering through your store a smooth one. I had numerous customers cancel order b/c once ordered on the store, was NOT able to finish the order on the app due to lack of customer service.

Until they fix the problem, try Oberlo. they have better customer service.

This app is a EASY pass !! DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY

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