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October 27, 2023

If you sell on Amazon and want to use MCF to ship your website orders, stop thinking about it and install this app. It is FREE and it is made by Amazon. This is the only MCF app you need. I've used others, that charged $25/mn for the same features. Why pay more? As sellers, we pay enough in fees already. Just make sure your "auto-fulfilment" settings are turned on within Shopify or you will have to manually approve and send each order to MCF.

138 Foods, Inc.
United States
8 months using the app
September 22, 2023

I can say this as an OG to the MCF app - I've been using MCF for our Shopify site for many years now starting with their older app, and the recent changes in the new app have been amazing! It runs very smooth, I've never had any issues when it comes to the inventory management and syncing products but in this newest version they have reduced a lot of the day to day workload in having to manually select shipping speeds per order which was always something cumbersome in previous iterations (and its entirely possible I was using these wrong then, but its set up automatically this time around). Once you set it up, it will map shipping speeds automatically to the customer's order and pushes the order with the correct shipping speed noted. Amazon's support has been amazing too, we wondered if we were able to automatically fulfill each other without having to confirm it each time - and they helped us out in a matter of seconds which saves us hours each week! (for those wondering, its a setting under your Shopify Settings: Settings/Checkout/Order Processing/Automatically fulfill the order‘s line items = yes)

Will be using MCF for many more years to come!

Gentleman Jon
United States
7 months using the app
Amazon replied September 27, 2023

Hi Gentleman Jon - thank you for your review! We're glad to hear our improvements have been working well for you.

October 10, 2023

We initially tried a different MCF tool on Shopify, but this Amazon-native tool outshines it by miles. The setup and configuration are incredibly user-friendly, compared to similar tools where I spent hours with support just mapping our SKUs. The automation this tool offers is its standout feature. Once an order is placed, customers receive tracking details promptly. Having been in e-commerce for a while, I can confidently say this is a game-changer!

United States
4 months using the app
October 4, 2023

As a prominent Amazon seller using an omnichannel approach with Shopify, we've integrated the Amazon MCF fulfillment tool for several months. It's been a valuable asset to our business, ensuring smooth order synchronization. When combined with Shopify flows, it offers consistent automatic fulfillment, reducing our need for manual order entries. Additionally, it conveniently updates customers with their order's tracking details. We're pleased with this tool and look forward to any future updates.

King Koil Airbeds
Hong Kong SAR
7 months using the app
Amazon replied October 10, 2023

Hi King Koil Airbeds - thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We are glad you are enjoying the app and we will keep you posted with future updates!

October 11, 2023

Love this app. Amazon MCF app has been working great for our business. The price point FREE is also a huge benefit. Highly recommend using this App. MCF Support jumped on a call and fixed a minor issue I had with the app within 15 minutes.

Plano Paws
United States
8 months using the app
October 18, 2023

Overall, the integration into Amazon's system is excellent. The orders flow through and are processed quickly. My customers have been extremely happy with the service! Sonja with Amazon MCF has also been a tremendous help!

Cross & Glory
United States
8 months using the app
September 27, 2023

Amazon MCF has been essential for my business for the past 6 months. It has allowed my business to experience 300% growth this year without having to hire logistics staff. The customer experience is very positive, as my customers have raved about the speed with which their orders were fulfilled and delivered. Adding new products has been easy and my capacity limits have grown month over month since using MCF.

United States
7 months using the app
Amazon replied October 2, 2023

Hi Wonderffle - we are thrilled to hear that MCF has helped you achieve such significant growth in your business. Thank you so much for the review and looking forward to seeing your business continue to grow!

September 27, 2023

Exceptional Service - Sonja and Adam are Lifesavers!

I cannot express how grateful I am for the incredible assistance I received from Sonja and Adam at Amazon's Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF). These two individuals are nothing short of lifesavers when it comes to streamlining and automating my order fulfillment process.

Before I connected with Sonja and Adam, I was manually pushing orders to MCF every single day. It was a time-consuming and tedious task that left me exhausted and frustrated (they could hear the frustration in my voice). But all of that changed when I had the privilege of working with Sonja and Adam.

The impact of their assistance cannot be overstated. Thanks to Sonja and Adam, I've reclaimed valuable hours of my day that were previously spent on manual tasks. My fulfillment process is now seamless and efficient!

I wholeheartedly recommend Sonja and Adam's services at Amazon's Multi-Channel Fulfillment to any business owner looking to simplify and automate their order fulfillment process. Their expertise, dedication, and willingness to go the extra mile are truly remarkable. Thank you, Sonja and Adam, for making my life so much easier, and for saving me precious time that I can now invest back into my business. You are true assets to the MCF team, and I'm immensely grateful for your assistance!

Party Patch
United States
7 months using the app
October 19, 2023

Amazon MCF Shopify App is an excellent solution for our growing multi-channel business by simplifying inventory management and allowing us to do order processing smoothly and seamlessly. Setup is very easy with a simple way to map SKUs between our Shopify store and Amazon Storefront. The speed to deliver to our consumers has exceeded expectations with our inventory optimized over Amazon's many fulfillment centers around the country. Amazon can process our orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; whereas our prior 3PL operated business hours during the week and limited hours on Saturday for an extra fee! Amazon MCF has given us the ability to easily process orders on both desktop and mobile operating systems and order flow and consumer emails are automated. The added bonus is if there is an issue or question I have with an order, an Amazon rep is a phone call or a chat box away, even at 2am! The net result is our speed and efficiency processing orders has increased and our customers so far have been reaping the benefits of our delivery times being cut in half due to Amazon MCF. What used to take up to 2-3 business days of processing and 5-7 business days to deliver, has now become: Order placed on Saturday, Delivered on Monday! Alito our customer’s delight. Oh, plus, Amazon’s support team contacted us to give us great ideas to make MCF work for us even more with “kitting” and “bundling” programs and Buy with Prime (free delivery for Prime members). A+++

United States
About 2 months using the app
October 18, 2023

We are a small company and having Amazon handle the logistics of our online orders has been wonderful. It is much easier to send products to them and not have to worry about the rest!

AllWellO Organic Cold-Pressed Juice
United States
5 months using the app