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  • Sell products directly on Amazon.com using Shopify
  • Shopify makes it simple to manage inventory, product listings and orders
  • Find new customers on Amazon.com, the largest online marketplace

Sell on the world’s largest online marketplace

Selling with Shopify makes it easy to share your products with new and existing customers. Add the powerful Amazon sales channel and connect to the largest online marketplace.

With this integration you can efficiently fulfill Amazon.com orders within Shopify, manage inventory across all your sales channels, and sync product details, variants and images to your Amazon Seller Central account.


  • Sell your products on Amazon.com using Shopify
  • Create new Amazon.com listings (eligible categories and brand registered sellers) directly from Shopify
  • Link Shopify products with existing Amazon.com listings (any category)
  • Sync inventory tracked by Shopify with Amazon.com listings
  • Set unique price and reserve inventory just for Amazon.com listings
  • Fulfill Amazon.com orders directly from Shopify
  • Easily reconcile revenue from Amazon.com sales using Shopify reports

  • Using sales channels like Amazon you can generate incremental revenue. Why put all your eggs in one basket? Start selling in more places today!

    The eligible categories for listing creation include:

  • Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (UPDATED)
  • Health and household
  • Beauty and personal care
  • Home and kitchen
  • Patio and garden
  • Sewing, arts and crafts
  • Sports and outdoors
  • Toys and games
  • UPDATE: You can now create listings for jewelry, shoes, handbags and sunglasses. You will find these options under the "Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry" category, which was previously named "Clothing & Accessories".

    We also support brand registered sellers who do not require UPC or EAN codes for listing creation.

    Amazon reviews

    65 reviews
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    5. 1 star (34 reviews)

    Need to add FBA order importing to Shopify for more whole analytics through the site. There is no way to link it currently. I feel like for one of the smartest companies on the planet your Shopify app is pretty dumb.


    They need to make an integration for Handmade Amazon. Currently it's useless for us


    I'm so disappointed in this app!
    The sync makes no logical sense. For example, if you have products as "continue to sell" on Shopify, then the Amazon listing automatically defaults to 100.
    So for example... if a Shopify product has 72 in stock, but is "continue to sell once sold out", Amazon will display 100 in stock.
    OR, if Shopify oversold a product and is in the negative, it will STILL show 100 in stock on Amazon! It should be set to 0, since you don't want to oversell a product out of stock on Amazon!!?


    If this could receive less than 1, I would choose a 0. This has been the worst app I have ever dealt with on Shopify. It feels like it is in beta mode and shouldn't have been released at all. Shopify, I'm usually impressed... definitely not this time. And I tried to contact you before I wrote this review, and sat on hold for 30 minutes before I hung up.


    App does not work. If products are deleted from Shopify they don't get removed from Amazon.


    only avaiable for US
    I need to sell with Eur


    Update 08-30-17

    I've now downgraded my rating to one star. Shopify continues to send marketing emails about new functionality in the Amazon sales channel, but none of the "improvements" have made the app any more useable for my purposes. It's been nearly a year since release, and I still can't search my 2700+ Amazon listings to link them to my Shopify products. The developers seem only to focus on the ability to create new Amazon listings in Shopify, and that's the least important functionality for me as an Amazon Pro seller. I can do that with much greater granularity in Amazon. Creating an Amazon product in Shopify will still require substantial editing on Amazon due to the level of detail that's necessary for a successful Amazon product detail page. I already have thousands of product listings on Amazon which have been imported to Shopify, and I need to be able to link and edit them in Shopify. Currently, the only way to do that is to scroll through all 2700+ listings until I find the one I need. There's no way to search or sort my Amazon listings. The Amazon sales channel is useless to me. Shopify is a great platform, but the Amazon integration is a massive disappointment.

    Update 05-12-17

    The Shopify-Amazon sales channel has shown few meaningful improvements since the release. The app is now showing that I have approximately 2700 linkable products on Amazon, but there's still no search functionality to find a specific product. If I want to link one of my Amazon products to the matching Shopify product, I have to scroll through page after page after page to get to it, and with 2700 products, that's simply not an option. The Shopify-Amazon connection continues to be a disappointment.

    Revision 2-5-17

    Unfortunately, I've decided my initial review (below) was too optimistic, and I've revised it down to two stars. The app has been out over a month, and you still can't link all your Amazon listings because the linking page only displays 5 listings. When you link one, it will be replaced with another one, but once you get to 5 listings that you don't want to link, you can't view any more than those 5, so the app becomes useless. The support team has stated that have no idea when this will be resolved. Based on past experience, I expected better from Shopify. The app is not ready for prime time, even in beta.

    Initial Review

    I like what I see so far. The feature I'm most excited about is the ability to link listings for seller-fulfilled products on Amazon and Shopify so that you can keep your inventory in sync based on sales on both sites. I'm slowly establishing those links so that I can monitor and learn the process and avoid any surprises.

    Inventory syncing is huge for me, and if that feature functions well, I'll be happy. The app lets you create new products on Shopify then send them to Amazon, but I haven't tried that because I prefer to create my listings on Amazon first since they require much more detail. Duplicating a listing on Shopify is a simple cut-and-paste process that takes less than a minute.

    To keep inventory in sync, you have to switch from processing orders on Amazon Seller Central to processing them on Shopify. That's changed my workflow, but I'm getting used to it, and in some ways, I prefer it. Seller-fulfilled Amazon orders now show up in Shopify orders. I use Stamps.com to batch import all those orders, print packing slips and USPS labels, and then the tracking numbers post back to both Shopify and Amazon. The postback seems to occur faster than when I was batch importing from Amazon.

    I use repricing software on Amazon, not on Shopify, and I'm not certain yet how that will work. You can set a price in the Amazon app on Shopify, and it will appear on Amazon. I'm waiting to see what happens when that price is adjusted on Amazon by the repricer. Will the Amazon app on Shopify set it back to the original price on the next sync or will it leave it alone until I make a revision on Shopify?

    Overall, I think this is a great start, and given that it's still in beta, I'm excited about future updates. Most of the multi-channel solutions are too expensive for the size of my business, and I'd be paying for features I don't need. Ever since I opened the Shopify store after Amazon WebStore shut down, I've been searching for a simple solution to keep my seller-fulfilled inventory in sync between the two sites, and I think Shopify's Amazon app will be just what I need.


    Very confusing, but worked good for a few weeks syncing orders and inventory....however Amazon orders no longer transmit to Shopify and inventory no longer is deducted out of Shopify inventory when an item is sold on Amazon which is going to cause issues for sure.....Support on both sides is useless as no one understands the issue at hand


    Absolutely useless for sellers outside the USA. We're UK based, there's no solution for us?!


    Useless unless you are based in the. Apparently there is no international release date.


    Amazon fees apply - 8-20% commission depending on order

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