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Rewind - Backups for Shopify

Rewind - Backups for Shopify

Developed by Rewind

413 reviews
Price: From $0.00 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Peace of mind with the ability to restore deleted items, one at a time or multiple items, instantly
  • Save hours or days of work with Rewind if something goes wrong importing CSV files or syncing inventory levels
  • Rest easy while Rewind saves products & product images, inventory, customers, orders, themes & theme files, collections and more

With one click you get a complete, automated backup system that keeps your Shopify store safe.

Rewind gives store owners peace of mind by automatically backing up their most important store data. Rewind is saving billions of items for stores of all sizes - from small Shopify stores that are just starting out to the largest Shopify Plus stores.

Rewind saves products and product images, customers, orders, blogs, blog posts, comments, collections, themes and all the theme files in our secure Rewind Vault.

Why you need this app

  • Rewind will save you hours or days of work if you import a CSV file and something goes wrong.

  • Many people think that because Shopify is in the cloud, their store is safe. However, when items (products, themes, customers for example) are deleted in Shopify, they're gone forever.

  • If you give write permission to the apps you install, they can delete items. It can take an app mere seconds to delete an entire store.

  • When you delete a product from Shopify, the images are deleted as well. If you've exported a CSV file from Shopify, your images won't restore since they've been deleted. Rewind restores your product images the same way they were.

  • Rewind saves you time by automatically saving your blogs and blog posts, pages and collections. No need to do it manually - Rewind does it automatically!

  • Rewind is the only GDPR compliant backup solution for Shopify store owners. Data for European customers is processed and stored in Europe.
  • Why Rewind?

    We are as obsessed with our customer service as we are with our product. If you have any problems with your store data or with Rewind, you can call us at 1-855-5-REWIND and speak to a real live person. We will help you get your store back up and running as quickly as possible.

    How it works

    1. Click "Get" to install the app.
    2. Once the app is installed, select a plan. Each plan comes with a 7 day free trial.
    3. Sit back and relax. Rewind will backup your store, and send you an email when it's done. We will also send you weekly emails telling you what's changed.


    Stay Protected

    Rewind backs up your customers, orders, products and product images, themes and theme assets, collections, pages, blogs, menus (we're the only backup app that saves your menus), and more.

    Stay Compliant

    Stay compliant with legal requirements in your country. Save copies of your data to ensure you have access to invoices and customer data for tax purposes. Rewind is compliant with GDPR legislation - all the data for European stores is processed and stored in Europe.

    Stay Free

    Ensure you maintain control of your online data and get complete data freedom. With Rewind you always have a copy of your store data outside of Shopify's network, completely available to you at any time. You can even download a copy of it to save locally (just email our support team to request an export of your data.)

    Up to 20X Faster Than Other Backup Tools

    When disaster strikes, your main concern is getting your shop back online as fast as possible. Rewind is the fastest way to get your store up after a data disaster. We can rewind a store with hundreds of products in a few minutes. For Shopify Plus stores, Rewind can go even faster when you subscribe to our Rewind Enterprise plan and install Rewind as a private app.

    New - Export Your Data

    Promote products from drop shippers and Oberlo customers easily by exporting your products and product images.

    Rewind Vault

    Your data is stored safely and securely in the Rewind Vault, and available to you at any time through the Rewind app in your Shopify store.

    Rewind Versions

    When an item is changed, Rewind saves a new version of your Shopify data during the backup. That way you can "rewind" to any previous version, ensuring that you can restore to the exact date and time that you need.

    Completely Secure

    Rewind was designed from the ground up to be completely secure. Connections to Shopify are always made securely, and your most important store data is stored encrypted in our secure Rewind Vault™.

    Flexible Restores

    Rewind an individual item, a group of items, or your entire store - it's up to you. You can instantly search for any saved item in the Rewind Vault. Find the item you're looking for instantly, and rewind it to a previous version in seconds.

    Easy Setup

    Install Rewind from the Shopify app store, select a plan and backups start right away. Ongoing backups happen automatically for your most important data.


    For support, contact help@rewind.io. If you have questions before purchasing, contact us at team@rewind.io.

    Rewind - Backups for Shopify reviews

    413 reviews
    1. 5 stars (391 reviews)
    2. 4 stars (16 reviews)
    3. 3 stars (4 reviews)
    4. 2 stars (1 review)
    5. 1 star (1 review)

    Great app, I did so much work on my store and I don't have to worry that one day I'll loose it all!


    Great app, the free package is perfect for us - install is super easy and works perfectly!


    Great apps and great team support.
    Thanx so much for your help


    Great app. I was looking for an app to backup not only my theme but my products and pages too. Luckily I have not had to use it yet but it really gives peace of mind to know that I can revert my site back to a given date and time if I ever need to. I would recommend the app to other Shopify users.


    Saved my bacon! Lost my entire theme, had it restored in minutes.


    Great App. Very easy to use!! Highly recommended


    This is a great app. It automatically makes backups of all our content every 24 hours. We have never needed to restore any of our content so far, but just knowing that everything is backed up and up to date, makes us sleep at night. This also seems to be a professional developer, and gave us proactive information about their preparations for GDPR. Highly recommended!


    Great easy App. Must have in case you loose any info or work on the theme and make a huge mistake.


    Its a must have app, no worries, automatic backups & when needed, awesome!


    One word to describe this app: AMAZING.
    Think of it as an insurance policy, you hope you will never need it but, if something happens you will flawlessly be able to "rewind" to the day before the data loss happened. We installed this app after losing around 1500+ professionally taken photos (caused by a mysterious Shopify glitch during a price change upload). Needless to say that replacing the photos one item at the time cost us several $K.



    From $0.00 / month

    On all plans you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at anytime.

    Free Forever
    For stores with less than 100 orders / month. Free for up to 2,000 items*. Additional items are only $2 for 1,000 items. Access 7 days of backups.

    $15 / month for stores with up to 500 orders / month. Access 30 days of backups. Adds tracking of every change to products, orders and customers in real time.

    $39 / month for stores with up to 1,000 orders / month. Access 60 days of backups.

    $99 / month for stores with up to 2,000 orders / month. Access 180 days of backups. Can backup up to 3 different stores.

    Contact us if your store gets over 2,000 orders / month or you need to backup more than 3 stores.

    Get complete pricing details on our Rewind for Shopify Backups website.

    * - An item is anything that Rewind backs up. Products, orders, customers, collections, themes, theme assets all count as individual items. Products can have unlimited variants and images - they still only count as one item.

    7 days

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