Rewind Backups

Rewind Backups

by Rewind

Automated, secure backups for stores of all sizes

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Likable Nation

I like the variety of options that RB offers that can adjust to each business level. The backup process also runs seamlessly and accurately every day.

Cool Gadgets Galore

I'm in the process of building a small Shopify store. A couple of weeks ago I saw a Facebook post that caused me to pause. "Is there a way to run [a] backup on a Shopify store? If you have a lot of products and the site crashes, it would be [a] mess to restore it product-by-product." The post is from another member of J.R. Fisher's "The Art Of Ecommerce Success" closed Facebook group. I'd assumed that Shopify backed up my store! I mean, I don't back up my Google or Dropbox cloud storage. Nor do I back up my online bank accounts. A quick check confirmed that Shopify does not backup users' stores. Wow! It could take me days to restore all the products in my store -- causing a lot of lost sales and revenue! I then set about researching backing up my Shopify store. Shopify provides instructions on manually backing up one's store to CSV files. A time consuming and laborious task, which would get even more time consuming and laborious if one had to restore one's store from the CSV files. But it gets worse! Images are not backed up by the CSV process. Yikes! I'd have to keep separate backup copies of all the images, then integrate them back into the store after a crash! What a nightmare! Fortunately, there is a very simple and easy to use solution. Which, for small stores like mine, is free! Namely, Rewind Backups by Rewind. I installed Rewind Backups a couple of weeks ago and the app has been running automatically in the background without the need for any intervention from me. What peace of mind! And best of all, I can now devote all the time I would have spent, dickering around on CSV and image backups, to revenue-generating activities. At the moment my store is small (less than 2,000 items & 100 orders per month) enough to qualify for the free version of the Rewind App. Note, items are data items, not products. Each product has multiple data items associated with it, and the store itself has additional data items that are backed up. As my store grows I can sequentially upgrade plans to the Premium ($15/month, up to 500 orders/month), Pro ($39.00/month, up to 1,000 orders/month), and Plus ($99/month, up to 2,000 orders/month). Once the store has 2,000+ orders/month, the Enterprise plan starts at $299/month. As far as I know, there are no limits on the number of items with the paid plans. What I particularly like about the pricing structure is that I can start for free and grow my store. By the time I need to upgrade to a paid plan, the store should be generating more than enough revenue to cover the cost. Now back to revenue generating activities!

Bling By Bates

Great app. Super easy to use and does exactly what we needed. I can't believe you offer an app this great for free. Thanks, Rewind!


Be aware of this app. I have subscribed with the Growth plan $5/month for a while. However it didn't notify me and just silently increased the fee to $49. Check your apps constantly to avoid extra changes.

So far so good. I have been using the app for several weeks, but fortunitly have not had to use a back up yet, but I feel good knowing its there.


Unbelievable that this app is free. I feel much more secure now that I now my store have a backup. Thank you!


As a beginner to ecommerce this app has seriously put my mind at ease. Knowing that all my efforts and work in my store will be there in the morning or if they are not they will back by a push of a button is more then enough reasons to install this app. What are you waiting for its free.

Maria Silver Butterfly

I had this app only for few days as I am migrating my website off shopify so I cannot give a complete 5 stars.

Tokyo Direct

Very generous Free mode of this app. Easy to set up and extremely intuitive. Recommend this one if you consider to backup your Shopify store.

Froth Monsters

It does what it promises with a simple set-up. The pricing is very reasonable considering the angst of potentially losing your work. Support has also been responsive.
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