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by Rewind

Automated, secure backups for stores of all sizes

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Daily, Automated Backups

Your store is automatically backed up every day. Never deal with another time-consuming, manual CSV export.

Get Peace Of Mind

Selling online depends on your store's uptime. Rewind makes sure that a small mistake doesn’t derail your store’s success.

The Support You Need

Our customer support team will help your store get back to normal. We're available by chat, email, and phone.

About Rewind Backups

The Top-Rated Backup App

Rewind is the easiest way to backup your Shopify store and undo unwanted changes. Get peace of mind knowing that your most important store data is automatically backed up by Shopify's top-rated backup app.

Every day, Rewind backs up millions of items for merchants of all sizes. From small shops to Shopify Plus stores - including Endy, MVMT Watches, and Fashion Nova.

Why Do You Need an Automatic Backup?

  • Even though Shopify backs up all its data, you don’t have access to those backups. When items are deleted in your store, they’re gone forever.
  • Doing a manual backup by exporting CSV files is a complicated, time-consuming process.
  • Some apps can delete items in your store. We’ve seen customer cases where an app integration deleted all their prices, inventory count, and more in seconds.
  • People make mistakes. Whether you’re editing code yourself or you hired a freelancer to work on your store, you’ll want to undo mistakes instead of losing hours of work.

The Cost of Downtime

When your store is not functioning properly, you are turning customers away at the door. Human error, malicious attacks, or software glitches can all cause ecommerce downtime. Consequences of downtime include:

  • Countless dollars in lost sales
  • First-time visitors may never return
  • Hours of lost productivity and effort

How Rewind Works

Click "Add app" to install Rewind and start your 7-day free trial. Select a plan, then sit back and relax. Rewind will backup your store every day and send you a weekly summary email.

What Rewind Backs Up

Rewind backs up more item types than any other solution. This includes:

  • Products and Product Images
  • Inventory, Customers
  • Orders, Collections
  • Blogs and Blog Posts
  • Pages
  • Themes and Theme Files
  • Menu Navigation
  • Store Policies
  • Locations
  • Shipping Zones
  • Gift Cards
  • Customer Saved Searches
  • Metadata (for Enterprise plans).

Restore Data in Minutes

When disaster strikes, you can rewind a store with dozens, hundreds, or thousands of products in just a few minutes. Rewind an individual item, a group of items, or your entire store - it's up to you.

Completely Secure + GDPR Compliant

Rewind is completely secure and is compliant with GDPR legislation. Connections to Shopify are always made securely. Your data is stored encrypted in our secure Rewind Vault.

Why Choose Rewind?

We’re a team of 15 (and growing) dedicated to getting your store back up and running as quickly as possible after a data loss. If you have any problems with your store data or Rewind, you can call us at 1-855-5-REWIND to speak with a real person.


Starting at $299/month

  • All PLUS features
  • Over 2,000 orders/month
  • Backup up to 5 stores
  • Deleted items saved for 365 days
  • Contact

Integrates with

  • QuickBooks Online

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Pricing 7-day free trial

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Free Forever

Free to install

Free for 2,000 items, additional items are $2/1,000

  • Daily, automatic backups

  • Deleted items saved for 7 days

  • Up to 100 orders/month



  • All FREE features

  • Instant backups of products, customers, orders, and themes

  • Deleted items saved for 30 days

  • Up to 500 orders/month



  • All PREMIUM features

  • Deleted items saved for 60 days

  • Up to 1,000 orders/month



  • All PRO features

  • Deleted items saved for 180 days

  • Up to 2,000 orders/month

  • 2,000+ orders/mo? ENTERPRISE starts at $299/mo. See above for more.

* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

Overall rating
4.9 of 5 stars
Based on 512 reviews

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Most recent reviews

Likable Nation

I like the variety of options that RB offers that can adjust to each business level. The backup process also runs seamlessly and accurately every day.

Cool Gadgets Galore

I'm in the process of building a small Shopify store. A couple of weeks ago I saw a Facebook post that caused me to pause. "Is there a way to run [a] backup on a Shopify store? If you have a lot of products and the site crashes, it would be [a] mess to restore it product-by-product." The post is from another member of J.R. Fisher's "The Art Of Ecommerce Success" closed Facebook group. I'd assumed that Shopify backed up my store! I mean, I don't back up my Google or Dropbox cloud storage. Nor do I back up my online bank accounts. A quick check confirmed that Shopify does not backup users' stores. Wow! It could take me days to restore all the products in my store -- causing a lot of lost sales and revenue! I then set about researching backing up my Shopify store. Shopify provides instructions on manually backing up one's store to CSV files. A time consuming and laborious task, which would get even more time consuming and laborious if one had to restore one's store from the CSV files. But it gets worse! Images are not backed up by the CSV process. Yikes! I'd have to keep separate backup copies of all the images, then integrate them back into the store after a crash! What a nightmare! Fortunately, there is a very simple and easy to use solution. Which, for small stores like mine, is free! Namely, Rewind Backups by Rewind. I installed Rewind Backups a couple of weeks ago and the app has been running automatically in the background without the need for any intervention from me. What peace of mind! And best of all, I can now devote all the time I would have spent, dickering around on CSV and image backups, to revenue-generating activities. At the moment my store is small (less than 2,000 items & 100 orders per month) enough to qualify for the free version of the Rewind App. Note, items are data items, not products. Each product has multiple data items associated with it, and the store itself has additional data items that are backed up. As my store grows I can sequentially upgrade plans to the Premium ($15/month, up to 500 orders/month), Pro ($39.00/month, up to 1,000 orders/month), and Plus ($99/month, up to 2,000 orders/month). Once the store has 2,000+ orders/month, the Enterprise plan starts at $299/month. As far as I know, there are no limits on the number of items with the paid plans. What I particularly like about the pricing structure is that I can start for free and grow my store. By the time I need to upgrade to a paid plan, the store should be generating more than enough revenue to cover the cost. Now back to revenue generating activities!

Bling By Bates

Great app. Super easy to use and does exactly what we needed. I can't believe you offer an app this great for free. Thanks, Rewind!