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Rewind - Backups for Shopify

Rewind - Backups for Shopify

Developed by Rewind

355 reviews
Price: From $5.00 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Peace of mind with the ability to restore any deleted item or items, or your entire store, instantly
  • Importing CSV files or syncing inventory levels? Save hours or days of work with Rewind when something goes wrong
  • Rest easy while Rewind saves products & product images, inventory, customers, orders, themes & theme files, collections and more

With one click you get a complete, automated backup system that keeps your Shopify store safe.

Rewind gives store owners peace of mind by automatically backing up their most important store data. Rewind is saving billions of items for stores of all sizes - from small Shopify stores that are just starting out to the largest Shopify Plus stores.

Rewind saves products and product images, customers, orders, blogs, blog posts, comments, collections, themes and all the theme files in our secure Rewind Vault.

Why you need this app

  • Rewind will save you hours or days of work if you import a CSV file and something goes wrong.

  • Many people think that because Shopify is in the cloud, their store is safe. However, when items (products, themes, customers for example) are deleted in Shopify, they're gone forever.

  • If you give write permission to the apps you install, they can delete items. It can take an app mere seconds to delete an entire store.

  • When you delete a product from Shopify, the images are deleted as well. If you've exported a CSV file from Shopify, your images won't restore since they've been deleted. Rewind restores your product images the same way they were.

  • Rewind saves you time by automatically saving your blogs and blog posts, pages and collections. No need to do it manually - Rewind does it automatically!
  • Why Rewind?

    We are as obsessed with our customer service as we are with our product. If you have any problems with your store data or with Rewind, you can call us at 1-855-REWIND-IT and speak to a real live person. We will help you get your store back up and running as quickly as possible.

    How it works

    1. Click "Get" to install the app.
    2. Once the app is installed, select a plan. Each plan comes with a 7 day free trial.
    3. Sit back and relax. Rewind will backup your store, and send you an email when it's done. We will also send you weekly emails telling you what's changed.


    Up to 20X Faster Than Other Backup Tools

    When disaster strikes, your main concern is getting your shop back online as fast as possible. Rewind is the fastest way to get your store up after a data disaster. We can rewind a store with hundreds of products in a few minutes. For Shopify Plus stores, Rewind can go even faster when you subscribe to our Rewind Enterprise plan and install Rewind as a private app.

    New - Export Your Data

    Promote products from drop shippers and Oberlo customers easily by exporting your products and product images. Customers can email help@rewind.io to request an export of their data - we're working on allowing customers to do this on their own, but for now you need to email our support team to request the ZIP file.

    New - Complete Data Freedom

    Take control of your online store data and get complete data freedom. Export a ZIP file containing a copy of your current Shopify data that Rewind has saved, including products, product images, customers, orders, collections, themes and more.

    Full Backups

    Rewind backs up your customers, orders, products and product images, themes and theme assets, collections, pages, blogs, discount codes ( coming soon for Shopify Plus customers only) and gift cards (coming soon for Shopify Plus customers only).

    Rewind Vault

    Your data is stored safely and securely in the Rewind Vault, and available to you at any time through the Rewind app in your Shopify store.

    Rewind Versions

    When an item is changed, Rewind saves a new version of your Shopify data during the backup. That way you can "rewind" to any previous version, ensuring that you can restore to the exact date and time that you need.

    Completely Secure

    Rewind was designed from the ground up to be completely secure. Connections to Shopify are always made securely, and your most important store data is stored encrypted in our secure Rewind Vault™.

    Flexible Restores

    Rewind an individual item, a group of items, or your entire store - it's up to you. You can instantly search for any saved item in the Rewind Vault. Find the item you're looking for instantly, and rewind it to a previous version in seconds.

    Easy Setup

    Install Rewind from the Shopify app store, select a plan and backups start right away. Ongoing backups happen automatically for your most important data.


    For support, contact help@rewind.io. If you have questions before purchasing, contact us at team@rewind.io.

    Rewind - Backups for Shopify reviews

    355 reviews
    1. 5 stars (335 reviews)
    2. 4 stars (14 reviews)
    3. 3 stars (4 reviews)
    4. 2 stars (1 review)
    5. 1 star (1 review)

    Love this app. We regularly add, pause, delete and edit products and Rewind makes the process seamless when we need to go back. Highly recommend for any Shopify store!


    We have to thank your company for the Rewind App. We installed your app a couple of months ago... never expecting to use it. Today an app support team broke our website and left a jumbled mess. It would have cost us 1000's of $$$ in lost sales until it was repaired. We hit the rewind button and within minutes our site was up an back to normal. It works!!!

    I grabbed a before and after picture of part of the page. Copy paste into your browser to see.


    We have the rewind app installed on all of our websites and so worth the cost.

    Debbi - https://invigor8diet.com


    Excellent App! I recommend it and for me it works perfectly


    Great app. Does what it says, great support, easy to use, and essential for any store. Highly recommended.


    Fortunately I haven't had to use the "rewind" feature yet but the install was smooth and effortless. The app UI is simple and intuitive. With no access to FTP or databases with Shopify this backup app is crucial if you want to sleep sound at night. It's the best reviewed backup app on the app store so the obvious choice. Along with keeping your data safe it's nice to know since you don't have much of a test development choice for Shopify, that you can easily reverse changes you've made to your shop if they just didn't work out, especially if you're modifying your theme.


    Good App. No Configurations to bother about


    Great App! Reasonable price, features and service! Everything is straightforward and no hidden things! Good performance, backup is fast and robust!
    App has also the possibility to restore elements of the shop separately. Don't have to restore all!

    Great customer support! Answer quick, competent and up-to-date. I do appriciate much that they communicate not only positive things, but the limitations of their app! That's fantastic and please take all my respect! No fake bla-bla, just truth! I have the feeling of freedom to choose!

    Thanks Rewind!


    Great app! Simple to install and no problems, good to have peace of mind that my data is safe.


    Awesome App! Rewind App free you from any unnecessary worries, so you can focus on building your business.


    Found Rewind in the Shopify App store. Read many of the reviews ... even that lamea$$ 2-star review from the guys whose company name say's it all -- (cheap). Concluded we're better off with than w/o Rewind for our project. (even just the basic plan)

    As any experienced Shopify store owner knows ... it's a real inconvenience to regularly export Shopify data manually. AND -- restoring a Shopify store from these 'off-line' files is no simple task.

    Rewind solves that pain for $60/year (basic plan) and additionally gives you the option to restore specific elements of your site -- functionality that will easily pay for itself with just a single 'oops' moment, rogue developer, or site failure.

    Thanks to the Rewind dev team for solving this with such an easy to use and elegant app. (bow)

    Frank @ MFJLabs

    From $5.00 / month

    Rewind is free for development stores. For others, pricing varies based on how long you want to save your backups for and other factors. See complete pricing details on our website. Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at anytime.

    7 days

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