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Developed by Lizuna G.K

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  • Mobile Phone Verification
  • Reduce Fraudulent orders and Future Chargebacks.
  • Deep Data Analysis

What problem does the app solve?

Beacon is simple, yet powerful app built for Shopify store owners who want to prevent fraudulent orders and future chargebacks. The app is powered by big data to help merchants make better decisions on possible orders that look risky.

How does it solve the problem?

The app utilizes the power of data aggregation and Big Data to extract additional information from the customer's basic order profile. Each row of data is presented in a simple, and easy to understand manner that shows whether or not the customer information is valid.

How does your app work with Shopify?

Beacon takes the customer's basic information and extracts additional details to make better informed decisions.

Depending on the carrier type identified, Beacon will send the appropriate SMS or email message, which can be edited to suit each merchant business. We have provided a default message template to suit most merchant shops.

Most orders made using a mobile phone number is safe, while VOIP numbers are riskier. If the merchant wants to make sure the number is reachable, Beacon can send out an SMS with a special verification link that will lead the customer back to the merchant website with a verification link for the customer to click. The verification page is automatically generated on the merchant's website when Beacon is installed.

Once verified, the status will show a green checkmark icon to show that the customer was indeed reachable by phone. Beacon will tag each customer profile to show "Verified-Sys" when a customer has been successfully verified. However, if an SMS was not able to be sent or if the customer fails to verify their account, Beacon will automatically send out a follow-up email to either remind the customer to verify their account or update their phone number.

A word of caution:

** phone number that has been verified does not necessarily mean the transaction is safe to process. If you feel the transaction is risky, we do not recommend you continue processing the order. **

The app will only scan each customer account once. Merchants can go into the setting's tab and choose to either automate the process or manually send out an SMS message.

How will this change the look of my store?

A special verification page is generated when Beacon is installed. This verification page can be found under the template menu with the file name of, "pages.verify.liquid".

How do I get started?

After installing the app, you will be greeted with a simple setup wizard to get your app setup the way you want.


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