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Best Custom Product Options by Relentless

Best Custom Product Options by Relentless

Developed by Relentless Apps

26 reviews
Price: $8.99 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Display buttons, color swatches, images, checkboxes, radio buttons, input text, and more
  • Visually display to customers what is in and out of stock.
  • Infinite options & zero coding required with a FREE 14 Day Trial

The #1 Rated options app for customer service!


Why You Should Use Our App Over Our Competitors:

  • Best Custom Product Options is the only app that visually shows what is in and out of stock by having a dashed border on out of stock products (see example)

  • We look better - One of our main goals is to make your product options stand out with well-designed options. We use your font and style sheet to make everything fit in with the design of your site.

  • Unlike others, our app doesn't require any coding. The code gets automatically added to your active theme.

  • Easy setup - Automatically connect image swatches with the product images you've setup for variants in shopifys backend

  • Universal settings - Create universal settings to change the look of all your options exactly how you want them.
  • #1 Options App for customer service. If you have a problem we'll help you out. Look at our reviews.


Custom Product Options:

Choose the best way to display your products with buttons, color swatches, image swatches, checkboxes, radio buttons, input text, and dropdowns.

  • ALL OPTIONS - Click to view all options
  • BUTTONS - With buttons, users see all the options immediately instead of having to click a dropdown.
  • COLOR SWATCHES - Show options as color swatches instead of an ugly dropdown.
  • IMAGE SWATCHES - Show options as images instead. Automatically connect image swatches with the product images you've setup for variants in shopifys backend
  • DROPDOWNS - Replace default dropdowns with our enhanced dropdowns that show what products are in stock.
  • INPUT TEXT - Your customers want to customize a product with text? Input text allows users to do this
  • CHECKBOXES - WIth checkboxes you users can select more than one option
  • RADIO BUTTONS - Display classic radio buttons for your options

App Features:

Easy Duplication Tool - Set up one product then copy those settings to other products with our easy to use duplication tool.

No coding required - The code gets automatically added to your active theme.

Supports Dark & Light Themes - Choose from either a light or dark styling to match your store's theme.

Default Global Settings - Choose what type of custom product option you want as the default setting. Saved options for specific products will override the default setting.

Required Options - Do you have some options that are required and others that aren't? We have you covered. Just choose which options you want to be required and which ones you don't.

Choose Custom Styles

  • Choose round, square, or invisible borders

  • Image & color swatches can be small, medium, or large sized

  • Show or hide inventory tooltips

  • Swatches can be square or circular

  • Button border can be rounded, square, or invisable

  • Choose what currency you want your products to be in

Best Custom Product Options by Relentless reviews

26 reviews
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  5. 1 star (1 review)

App does what i want, support helps fast! Great app!
We would recommend it.


I had a few issues with this app at first - it wasn't functioning properly with a wholesale app that I was using. I uninstalled it, thinking that like many devs it would be impossible to reach these folks, and to my surprise and pleasure I was contacted almost immediately asking if they could help. I explained the problem and the dev fixed it almost immediately. Needless to say, I'm using this app now and wouldn't look anywhere else. Great app, great service!


Great support and very helpful app! You can choose many options according with your aesthetics!


Excellent service and a great App which I don't want to stop use.

I had a problem to select options in my shop, but this App fixed the issue. I also had another issue but contacted the support, but you guys took care of it directly and fixed the problem.

Also, a low monthly fee which is a big + when you start small and try to avoid BIG expenses.



Great App! Works very well on my store (using the Debut theme) and the support team is amazing. Fast to respond and they always have a fix for your problems.


Wow ! Thank you so much Martin. The best support I ever from everywhere and everything . He fix everything and more, did some custom change extremely quickly. Very dedicated team. I was surprise how good and fast they worked. Moreover, this apps is so simple and easy to use compared to the other I have used and paid for. I love it. Really love how user friendly it is. Thank you again !!!

I totally recommend this apps!

Natalie Cayer
Zone Nature


Makes the shop look much better. Had a few problems and requests that were all fixed promptly.

Can't go wrong with this app!


Super simple to use. Great way to feature sizes in buttons rather than in drop down boxes (we had too many customers that ordered the default size with dropdowns). The text input boxes are a wonderful feature for customizing products as well.


Love this app! The options look amazing and the customer service is top notch!


I must admit, it was a touch and go there for a moment. The app wasn't fitting into my theme. But the support team got on top of it and now it fits in seamlessly and works perfectly with my theme. Love it!

$8.99 / month

Get the Premium version of Best Custom Product Options free for 14 days!

  • buttons
  • color swatches
  • image swatches
  • input text
  • radio buttons
  • checkboxes
  • infinite virtual options

FREE While you are developing your store
This app is FREE for partners and merchants to install in your dev shop while you’re building your store, or just to see if it’s a good fit. Regular charges apply only once the store goes live.

14 days

Support & Sales

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