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Ultimate Recently Viewed

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The last recently viewed feature you'll ever need!

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Specify ‑ Product Features

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Display your products' benefits to generate more sales

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Newsletter2Go Email Marketing

Free to install

Built for SMEs, powerful enough for the big leagues.

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Sales Notifications pop up

10-day free trial

Recent Sales Notifications popup for urgency and social proof

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Bold Brain ‑ AI for your store

Free plan available

Product Recommendation through AI and Machine Learning

3.7 of 5 stars(38reviews)

ICONX ‑ Too Many Widgets?

Free plan available

Condense all your annoying widgets into "1" powerful icon!

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Price Drop FREE


Free and easy price drop email alerts for your users.

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Bayonet Anti‑Fraud


Detect fraud orders, prevent chargebacks and increase revenue

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sessionly Produktbewertungen

Free plan available

DSGVO konforme Produktbewertungen

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Urgency 3‑In‑1


Sticky Add-To-Cart, Announcement bar, countdown timer, 3-in-1

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Free to install

Call Tracking & Automation Platform for Merchants

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Click Entregas Delivery

Free to install

Same-day delivery service for SMEs in Brazil

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Simile | Smart Bundles

Free plan available

Automated 'Frequently Bought Together' Bundles and Discounts.

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Protect our oceans with every product you sell.

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Movo ‑ Discounts & Coupons

Free plan available

Black Friday Cyber Monday | BFCM, Sales, Coupons & Offers

5.0 of 5 stars(2reviews)

Exico Easy Catalog Builder

3-day free trial

Create Inventory Catalog In Minutes

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InstaShop: Shoppable Instagram

Free plan available

Create Stunning Shoppable Galleries of Instagram Pictures

4.0 of 5 stars(50reviews)

Easy Free Shipping Bar


Offer free shipping to increase your average revenue and boost

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Vast Discount Combine

7-day free trial

Combine automatic code, multiple discount codes in one order

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Frisbo E‑Fulfillment Services


We take it from here

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Odoo Connector

7-day free trial

Real time Sync to Odoo for Products, Orders, Qty

3.3 of 5 stars(10reviews)

Fresh Relevance

Free to install

A fresh take on personalization for Shopify

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Store Locator & Map

15-day free trial

Multiple map themes, custom and predefined pins, street views

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One Stop Shipping Solution for all Ecommerce Needs

3.3 of 5 stars(21reviews)