Customer service

Take care of the people that matter most to your business: your customers.

Customer service
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Sidr Zendesk Macros


Use SHOP variables in your Zendesk help desk messages

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Product FAQ With Accordion

7-day free trial

Product FAQs and Accordion with Google FAQ Schema for Rich SEO

4.3 of 5 stars(5reviews)

DataQ Customer Insights

Free plan available

Boost performance with customer intelligence & smart audiences

5.0 of 5 stars(3reviews)

Loyalty Points Manager

4-day free trial

Launch Loyalty and Referral Program for Your Store Easily

4.4 of 5 stars(51reviews)

TrendSeam Sales Reporting

Free plan available

Reports on your sales, customers, products and more

3.5 of 5 stars(6reviews)

SMS, WhatsApp, Email Marketing

Free to install

SMS, WhatsApp, Email Order recovery and Marketing Automations

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5-day free trial

Increase sales with hands-off reoccurring raffle of customers.

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Customer Profile Editor


Customer fields self-edit made possible for all stores

4.2 of 5 stars(16reviews)

Shipment Tracking & Notify

7-day free trial

Live Tracking Email Notifications & Tracking Lookup Page

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Social Gift Wishlist and Registry with Crowdfunding

4.2 of 5 stars(20reviews)

Smarter Contact Us Form

Free plan available

FAQ Contact Us, Data Analysis, Design, Email Classification

5.0 of 5 stars(2reviews)

Geo AI ‑ Collections Generator

Free plan available

Geo-Targeted Best Sellers Collections

4.9 of 5 stars(33reviews)

Callexa NPS Feedback


Get valuable customer feedback with automated NPS surveys.

5.0 of 5 stars(4reviews)

Sender ‑ Auto Account Invite

5-day free trial

Send account invites to your customers automatically!

2.3 of 5 stars(3reviews)

Texting and Live Chat Support

Free plan available

Real-time customer support with texting and web chat

3.5 of 5 stars(11reviews)

Hitsteps Analytics

Free plan available

Analytics. Engage. Control.

4.3 of 5 stars(19reviews)

RewardReach:Social Coupon

Free plan available

Smart Referral,Social Coupon Solution & Influencer Marketing

5.0 of 5 stars(9reviews)

ProWebSms SMS Notifications

7-day free trial

SMS solution for small to medium shops: affordable & reliable

3.8 of 5 stars(11reviews)

WhatsApp + SMS Notifications

From $2.99/month

[Automated] WhatsApp, SMS, Cart Recovery, Customized Templates

4.2 of 5 stars(12reviews)

Messenger:Pro ‑ Cart Recovery+

Free plan available

FB Messenger for Live Chat, Cart Recovery & Coupon Marketing

4.7 of 5 stars(82reviews)

Rider Courier Pakistan


Bulk Orders, Single Orders, Tracking from within your store.

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Custom Contact Forms by ESC

7-day free trial

Smart Contact Form Builder

4.4 of 5 stars(5reviews)

Social Login Pro

Free plan available

Login or register with 30+ social networks & payment gateways

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Login with KakaoTalk

30-day free trial

Let shoppers use KakaoTalk to login for your store

5.0 of 5 stars(1review)
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