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Best Sellers ‑ Insights & more

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Product insights, analytics, recommendations and reports

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Dynamic Product Ads

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Dynamic Product Ads for Facebook, Instagram, Google Shopping

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Pushnami: SMS & Web Push

Free to install

Abandoned Cart, Retargeting, Flash Sales, Shipping + More

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Civil Pixels: Easy Tag Manager

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Pixels for Twitter, Google, Snapchat, TikTok, Reddit & More

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Get your message across with a scrolling Marquee

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Ads for Google Ads & Shopping

From $88/month

Drive new traffic, use code TRAFFIC for 50% off for 3 months

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Givz Donation Driven Marketing

Free plan available

Create Donation Incentives to Drive Sales without Discounts

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SavvyCube Analytics & Reports

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Sales & profit analytics, custom reports, forecasting

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Products A/B Test

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Choose the Best Name, Price and Description for Your Product

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Kno Surveys & Attribution

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Powerful surveys in minutes. Deploy post-purchase or by email.

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Social shopping starts here

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Dynamic Yield Personalization

Free to install

Deep Learning Recommendations, Personalization, & A/B Testing

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RAPP ‑ Retention & Churn App


Analyze users growth, retention, churn and lifetime value.

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Quiero ‑ Remarketing Pixel


Add advanced engagement events to Facebook and Google Pixels.

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Sensai Metrics

14-day free trial

Tailor-made AI analytics, grow your ecommerce the right way

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WhatsApp + SMS Notifications

From $2.99/month

[Automated] WhatsApp, SMS, Cart Recovery, Customized Templates

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Cohort analytics tools for repeat purchase velocity and LTV

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Attribution Connector

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Multi-touch attribution and affiliate tracking for your store

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Retention Rocket: SMS & MMS

Free plan available

Text marketing. Send & Receive SMS/MMS. Automate. Segment.

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Petlytics: Pet Store Marketing


Collect email subscriptions, pet names, birthdays, & photos

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Track influencer marketing campaigns.

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Ombré – A.I. Fashion Stylist

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Sell more clothes with our digital fashion stylist

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From $19.99/month

Dynamic SMS Marketing and Sales for Brands and Retailers

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Personal Print

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Gift notes, thank-you notes, invoices & packaging inserts

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