Store design

Add features and customize your store design with eye-catching and functional elements to make your store stand out.

Store design
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Find missing product images and replace image placeholders

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Product Slider W Add to Cart

7-day free trial

Add items to your cart directly from your slider.

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Facebook Album

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The simplest & nicest image gallery & slideshow for your store

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Discount Labelz

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Show savings directly on the product images!

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Easy Image Mapper

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Easily pin products to your banner image

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ShopProtect: Protect Your Shop

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Disable right click, hide your best sellers. 100% Secure Shop

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Text Video Maker by Typito

Free plan available

Boost CTRs with product videos, Facebook video ads and Stories

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Photo Editor + Stock Images

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FREE stock images and SEO photo editor to optimize your photos

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ImageRecycle Image Compression

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Compress Images, Preserve quality, Speedup your shop

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Manage your product images from your Dropbox!

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Shoppable Fashion Galleries

Free plan available

Create stunning lookbooks and let a customers create their own

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Spiff 3D Product Customiser


Personalise products in 3D or AR. Customization that works

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Awesome Image Optimizer

From $9.99/month

Optimize & watermark images for better SEO and increase sales

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FREE Responsive web


Responsive web. Ensure all your maps and videos are responsive

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GIF Maker

Free plan available

Focus on beautifying your storefront and catch customer eyes

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Ultimate Image Zoom

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Add image zoom functionality quickly to any image on your site

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On Demand Photo Editing

Free to install

Your own professional photo editor on demand

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Video Gallery ‑ Youtube Videos

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Create Video Galleries & Show Youtube, Vimeo Videos on Store

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Store Images Management


Save time - Manage images in bulk

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360 Product Spinner

7-day free trial

Add 360-degree product spinners to your Shopify store!

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Widgetic (Accordion Gallery)

Free plan available

Create an interactive navigation menu using product images.

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Shopideo ‑ Product video

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Boost your sales using videos from YouTube

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Image Manager

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Upload multiple images to products on one easy app!

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Product photo editing by professionals for your online store

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