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AOD: Order Limits (Min‑Max)

7-day free trial

Easy minimum & maximum limits on your cart, products and more.

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Bulk Manage Product

7-day free trial

Manage all products in three steps

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Killer Sales Messages


Boost sales by displaying dynamic actionable messages

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Free plan available

Translate and publish your Shopify store in multiple languages

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Vizard Automatic Post Designer

7-day free trial

Beautifully designed posts for social media. Inboxed daily.

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Darwin Pricing Geo

7-day free trial

Leverage geo-pricing to increase profits with machine learning

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Bringing Your Links To Life

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Hello Announcements

4-day free trial

Welcome your customers, Give them offers and Get more sales.

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HTML Popup

3-day free trial

Add a simple HTML Popup and see the customers coming :)

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Compare It!


Compare your products!

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Free plan available

eGift your surprise before the actual gift arrives!

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Upsells Cross‑Sells

14-day free trial

Upsell and Cross-sell popup after add to cart or exit intent.

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In‑cart Incentivizer

7-day free trial

Upsell with customizable progress bar for customer incentives

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CanisHub Personalization Suite

45-day free trial

Product Recommendations + Announcements + Web Notifications

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Free plan available

Show your size with layout and arrow

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SEFL LTL Freight Quotes

14-day free trial

Get accurate LTL freight quotes at checkout

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QuickBooks AutomatoR

7-day free trial

Export orders to QuickBooks Online -save time and money

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Autoresponders Bridge

30-day free trial

Now Easily Build Your Buyers List

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Fulfillment Doctor

3-day free trial

Get notified on unfulfilled pending orders

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Redirect Bulk

$39.99 one-time charge

Allow you to upload all redirects one by one or in bulk

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Personalized Banner Bar $5/mo

1-day free trial

Personalize Your Store for Each Visitor

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Free to install

Conversational voice search

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Checkout Supercharger

7-day free trial

Simplest Way To Boost Checkout and Reduce Abandoned Carts

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Amaz Chat Messenger


Live chat via Facebook Messenger & give support to customers

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