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Calculator Builder by Calconic

Calculator Builder by Calconic

Developed by Lumifish Labs.

12 reviews
Price: From $6.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Engage your site visitors: let them calculate prices, savings, delivery prices, needed amounts of products, and so on.
  • Increase sales conversions: persuade your hesitant visitors that they get the best value.
  • Start now: build your calculator in minutes with our easy to use drag and drop editor.

Engage your site visitors with an attractive and interactive calculator. Price, discount, loan, mortgage, body mass index - Calculator Builder lets you build any custom calculator and add it to your Shopify store.

You won't need any programming experience to build your own calculator. Calculator Builder drag and drop editor was designed to be as easy to use as possible. Although creating an attractive calculator from scratch takes only few clicks, we prepared a bunch of templates for you that you could build desirable calculator even faster.

Engage your site visitors.

Good website content helps increase sales. Engaging content makes it even better. Show the value of your products through interactive and engaging calculator. Let your store visitors to count the value they get. Since they do it themselves, they trust it.

Increase sales conversions.

Persuade your hesitant visitors that they get the best value, and turn them into loyal customers. One interactive calculator may be more compelling than long product descriptions and hundreds of other customers testimonials.

Start now!

Adding a calculator to your website is very simple. Add it to your product descriptions, embed it to your store template or show it to your visitors as a pop-up.

Need help? Contact us via shopify@lumifish.com for any assistance.

Calculator Builder by Calconic reviews

12 reviews
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very helpful developer

- Matt, SGR Ltd


Awesome app! Works great. Wish I would have found it earlier.


I've only been using Calconic for a few days but I am very impressed with the app. Domas has been beyond helpful. I asked that three different complex calculators with conditional formulas be created and he was able to execute within hours. All of the calculators work perfectly and are now operational on our website. I could not have done it. I just don't have the programming aptitude. What a pleasure to find a company that can deliver what they promise. I highly recommend this app.
--Russ Murray, Delaware Business Incorporators, Inc.


Takes some time to get used to but overall good tool with huge potential.

1. Preview tool doesn't always work. I suggest embedding the form on your website and refreshing frequently to see your more recent changes.
2. Font selection is lacking.
3. Need more documentation on writing conditional statements. If you had more examples on your knowledge base more people would be able to just quickly copy/paste examples and change the values to whatever they want.
For example Line 1 below is saying if the answer to question #1 is 1, and the answer to question #2 is 10, then show the value 10.18. Line 2 says if the answer to question #1 is 1, and the answer to question #2 is 20, then show 9.33.
Line 3 says otherwise show zero.


Quick examples like this would help more people know how to use the tool


Finally an online calculator for Shopify! Added this as a trial and ended up buying because I can't imagine my site without it. Great work!


after a bumpy start things ended up working well, nice little tool and very customisation for the locations it can be placed into. we found a way that we can also put a background image over the generic design, it was quite nice we replicated the page color and put our company logo on it and using page fly we set this up as a op up , so had a small calculator icon that when is pressed delvers what appears to be a branded calculator. nice going, upgraded my rating


I used this to build a calculator that customers can use to calculate deck square footage and how many lineal feet of our product is needed for their deck. This app is very customizable and worked out great.


Thank You Calconic - Calculator Builder, I been looking for a Centimeter calculator conversion app for a long time. I can across your app in Wix and was wondering if you were in Shopify, I started looking and there you were.

Calconic - Calculator Builder did not have a calculator for centimeter to inches conversion, I contacted them and they offered to build it for me, Thank You
Calconic - Calculator Builder


This app is ok if you use a custom template. I spend more that 2 hours trying to get a simple calculation and never worked.

Too bad, i had great expectations. The sad part is that is the only Calculator in the Shopify App store that I was able to find.I wasted 2 hours for nothing.


Has a couple of quirks (not able to duplicate calculators and strange saving delays) but it's unlike any other app and incredibly useful.

From $6.00 / month

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14 days

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