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June 1, 2018

Takes some time to get used to but overall good tool with huge potential.

1. Preview tool doesn't always work. I suggest embedding the form on your website and refreshing frequently to see your more recent changes.
2. Font selection is lacking.
3. Need more documentation on writing conditional statements. If you had more examples on your knowledge base more people would be able to just quickly copy/paste examples and change the values to whatever they want.
For example Line 1 below is saying if the answer to question #1 is 1, and the answer to question #2 is 10, then show the value 10.18. Line 2 says if the answer to question #1 is 1, and the answer to question #2 is 20, then show 9.33.
Line 3 says otherwise show zero.


Quick examples like this would help more people know how to use the tool

Rocky Mountain Barber Wholesale
Almost 5 years using the app
August 10, 2018

very helpful developer

- Matt, SGR Ltd

United Kingdom
About 3 years using the app
September 27, 2017

Has a couple of quirks (not able to duplicate calculators and strange saving delays) but it's unlike any other app and incredibly useful.

United States
Almost 3 years using the app
September 18, 2018

Amazing! Absolutely amazing.
I sell guitar strings - there is some relatively advanced math involved in figuring out what strings to choose if somebody wants to alter their guitar tuning. Not only was I excited to find a calculator for shopify , I was beyond surprised to find that it could do all the required math, but that it could be customized to fit my website aesthetically. Incredible! see it at www.stringgauge.com

Winspear Instrumental Company
United Kingdom
Almost 3 years using the app
August 9, 2018

Awesome app! Works great. Wish I would have found it earlier.

Over 2 years using the app
August 22, 2018

Very useful app for our website. Lots of options to create the calculator you need and customize to fit into your website.

Support is excellent from the team as well)))

Thank you for creating this app! We love it.

Doggiecatessen Homestyle Pet Kitchen
Over 2 years using the app
December 4, 2017

I used this to build a calculator that customers can use to calculate deck square footage and how many lineal feet of our product is needed for their deck. This app is very customizable and worked out great.

United States
About 2 years using the app
January 7, 2019

The calculator apps works perfectly and Iooks great on my store. Customer service is excellent and timely as well. Recommended.

Bluestreak Crystals US
United Kingdom
Almost 2 years using the app
October 20, 2017

Thank You Calconic - Calculator Builder, I been looking for a Centimeter calculator conversion app for a long time. I can across your app in Wix and was wondering if you were in Shopify, I started looking and there you were.

Calconic - Calculator Builder did not have a calculator for centimeter to inches conversion, I contacted them and they offered to build it for me, Thank You
Calconic - Calculator Builder

On Trends Avenue
United States
Over 1 year using the app
October 7, 2021

We have added Calculator Builder 6 months ago. We are very happy to have many options with this app. This app lets our customers build a custom product. Our consumers can choose the size, colour and price is calculated automatically. https://www.donis-matts.eu/products/copy-of-cushion-dog-bed-malmo-94-test

Donis Matts
About 1 year using the app