COD Verification by IVR call

COD Verification by IVR call

by Shipway

Avoid fake online Cash On Delivery orders

4.5 of 5 stars(15 reviews)

COD Verification through IVR

Automate your IVR Call to verify the COD Orders which helps in reducing the RTO expenses and the operational cost.

Follow-up calling feature

Trigger Follow-up calls by selecting time intervals if your buyer doesn't answer the first call.

Tags for COD verified orders

Order verification tag(COD Verified, COD Cancelled, etc) will be automatically updated on your Shopify store.

About COD Verification by IVR call

Cash on delivery Verification using IVR

Verify customer's contact number and take their confirmation regarding the order while using cash on delivery payment.

You can customize the​ settings​ easily through the app admin area.

  • COD Verification by IVR call allows you to automate the process of verification for the Cash on Delivery payment orders.
  • Reduce the number of Cancellations. Identify fake orders before shipping from your warehouse.
  • Optimize operational cost. Reduce cost on attempted deliveries by verifying whether the customer has legitimately placed the order or not.

Smart Features, Simple to use:

  • Enable COD IVR Feature: One-click enable & disable the option to automate the IVR call verification.
  • Manage your IVR call-template: Set your welcome note, order confirmation and cancellation message for call.
  • Enable Follow-up calling option: Trigger follow-up calls if your customer doesn't answer the first call.
  • Do Not Disturb feature: Set the preferred time when no IVR call will be placed.
  • IVR Call for a minimum order amount: Enable IVR Call by setting a minimum or maximum order amount limit for your COD orders.
  • Tag for COD Verified Orders: Create various tags like Order confirmed, Order canceled, which will be added to the orders on Shopify after the IVR Call confirmation.

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Free to install

First 10 calls free, $30 for 1024 calls, $500 for 853 calls + $25 Extra, $1000 for 3413 calls + $100, where $1=71 INR

Overall rating
4.5 of 5 stars
Based on 15 reviews

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Most recent reviews


very useful,no problem in installing and using it, a must have app for all the Indian ecomm websites to confirm COD orders. its help me to reduce my RTO, Its help me to verify the orders before i dispatch. Highly Recommended


This is really helpful for people in India doing COD to verify orders! Highly recommended for all online stores very helpful to avoid fake cod orders


I have been using the app for the last 4 months but after analyzing the record I found there are a high number of failed calls due to the technical fault in the app system.

1- Customers are getting calls immediately after placing the order (within 2/3 seconds) many customers are busy reading the THANK YOU page at that time so they disconnect the call deliberately...
It is better that customers get a call at least after 20/30 seconds of placing the orders and not immediately after the order...

2- There is an unnecessary too much pause after the customers press the "1" on mobile for confirmation... there is around 7/8 seconds pause and then system reads the next message like "thank you for confirmation etc"
due to this many customers think that the call has been finished and they disconnect it and the system considers it as a failed call.

I already approached the support staff with this issue but there is no satisfactory reply..highly disappointed...better to use any other app.