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December 22, 2023

It looks like the app is not being maintained. No updates since 2022.
The app would not install on a new Samsung Galaxy S23, our standard phone for the business. So it was a waste of time even trying to test the app.
There is NO clear documentation on compatibility, and surprised you have to use a small mobile app, and have no option to use the app through the browser.

I am happy to update the review if there are acceptable responses by the developer.

Local Route Disc Golf
United States
20 minutes using the app
Cohub LLC replied December 23, 2023

Sorry to hear about the problems you’ve experienced.

Your review here is the first we’ve heard about them. Support by product review isn’t the route most users choose for handling issues. We usually learn about problems through our in-app chat function or when users email us at or

Let’s start first with documentation — there’s an excellent 8 minute Quick Start video that demonstrates exactly how the app works. See the link below. Video and self-explanatory UI (user interface design) are by far the best form of documentation for an app like ours. It’s why we put links to the video in many locations throughout the app.

I will say the video is a bit long in the tooth as we’ve added some functionality since it was published -- the very powerful mid-count adjustment, for example. But, the UI makes these updates pretty obvious, so a video update hasn’t been urgent.

As for maintenance, we most definitely maintain the app! In fact, a developer is writing this response to you. We release improved code many times a month and as recently as two days ago for enhancing back-end performance.

These continuous improvements don’t show up as major feature releases because, for the most part, our updates don’t require users to do anything additional on their end — uninstalling, reinstalling, rebooting, etc.

Unfortunately, as I’ve just learned from you, making things less bothersome for our users is having the paradoxical effect of making it appear that we've abandoned the app. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Browser support — Easy answer for that. Yes, there is. You can start counts, adjust inventory, download reports, invite users to counts, and more. You’ll find it right there in your Shopify Admin on the left-hand side of the Shopify Home Screen from the “Apps” link. Also, Browser functions are covered extensively in the Quick Start video linked below.

Regarding Android support and the Galaxy S23: Our app definitely works on Android devices. It’s not the easiest OS us to support as there several different forks (varieties) in the wild. Being a small company, it can be difficult to code for all the variants. Samsung has a particularly unique version of Android that requires even more attention. That being said, we have tested the app on their Galaxy S20 5G and it works flawlessly. We’ll do some research into the S23.

Hope that answers everything for you. We’d love for you to give us another try. Happy to work through the S23 problems with you -- if you’re having trouble, it’s likely others are, too.

And, know that when you’re contacting our support you’re talking directly to the creators and developers who write the code. There are no non-technical types put between you and those who make cogs and sprockets.

In fact, let’s make this even easier — send an email to with your phone number and I’ll call you. I know it's a holiday, but I also know that accurate inventory is critical for folks, especially during this time of year.



* Quick Start Video Link:

January 6, 2023

Deleted the app after I repeatedly was unable to download a spreadsheet of our inventory. Wanted this app to use for our manual inventory count that we do annually. Right at the start the download information appeared rather quickly however when I needed to download everything so I could view the report and compare this information to the information in Shopify, I could not. I needed this to start and again later after we completed the scanning. I wasn’t able to do this as the system was only providing me with a download of a statement regarding their auto pay charge for the app. Time is of the essence and not having support available to assist on the weekends and/or after “banking office” hours is not beneficial for us as a small business. We work many hours behind the scenes and counting inventory after business hours when there is no customer traffic. Unfortunately not having support available to help when we are actually trying to use their software was problematic. It is unfortunate because I really wanted it to work and had high hopes for the possibility of what this software could do.

Goodman's Interiors & Antiques
United States
5 days using the app
Cohub LLC replied January 7, 2023

Our apologies for taking 32 minutes to respond to the support request. 

A complicating factor in this particular case was that the app was uninstalled 3 minutes after the support request was sent. While I’d love to be able to respond in under 3 minutes, I doubt such a standard is possible given the time it takes to read a request, gather information about the situation, consider a solution, and then write a response. 

For the report requested, I’m not sure why a statement about app fees would have been substituted. That’s the first time I’ve ever heard of such a thing happening. One possibility that comes to mind — we display a message auto-pay being disabled when the app is uninstalled. 

I’m thinking you may have been looking for a report regarding a count session, which is what most of our users need. To see this information, there first needs to be a finished count session on which to report. In this case, there was only one open count session, with only one counted item, and the count was never finished.

You mentioned having to count after-hours when there is no customer traffic. With Cohub inventory’s “mid-count adjustment” feature, you can perform a count at any time. There is no need to bring in after-hours staff or close the business.

All of us at Cohub have years of inventory experience, including retail, and it was unacceptable to us that a business should close or incur unnecessary expense just to know what’s actually sitting on the shelves.

The mid-count adjustment system tracks outside transactions that will affect items you are counting, sales transactions being the most common. When the count is finished, we present you with a list of these mid-count adjustments for you to accept or reject. It’s a powerful feature that allows you to count with minimal impact on your operations. 

I’d love for you to give the app another go. If you do, please take a few moments to watch our Quick Start video on Youtube:


It’s a short 8-minute overview of how our app works, the philosophy behind it, tips for making counting more productive, and how to use data from the app to investigate counts that aren’t what you expected.

I wish you the best with your inventory counting, however you choose to proceed.