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December 17, 2023

As a team committed to meticulous inventory management using Shopify, we recently integrated the Cohub cycle count plugin with high expectations. Our goal was to streamline our inventory processes and enhance accuracy. However, our initial experience has been less than satisfactory, prompting us to seek immediate assistance to resolve pressing concerns.

Our team of three dedicated members invested three days in a comprehensive cycle count operation. Unfortunately, we are encountering critical issues in the aftermath of this extensive effort. Firstly, the upload process, which is a vital step in syncing the counted inventory with the system, is vexingly slow. We have been waiting for over 24 hours and the upload is still not complete. This lag severely disrupts our workflow and raises concerns about potential data loss and subsequent inaccuracies.

Furthermore, while we are currently conducting a cycle count in another branch, we have discovered that only a fraction of the counted variants are visible on the system. Out of the 740 variants meticulously counted, merely 114 are being displayed. This discrepancy is alarming as it raises doubts about the reliability of the plugin and compromises the integrity of our inventory records.

The aim of implementing Cohub was to achieve precise and reliable inventory tracking. However, these issues have resulted in a standstill of our operations and question the plugin's capability to handle large-scale data efficiently. We urgently require support from Cohub's technical team to address these problems. Our priorities are to speed up the remaining upload, ensure all counted variants are correctly reflected, and to understand why these impediments arose in the first place to avoid future recurrences.

We are hopeful that Cohub's customer service will respond promptly and provide the necessary assistance to rectify these issues. A swift and effective resolution would not only enable us to proceed with our inventory operations but would also restore our confidence in the plugin's functionality.

We plan to revise or remove this review once we receive the support needed and our inventory counts are accurately updated and stabilized within the system. We look forward to a timely and helpful response from the Cohub team.

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