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Dynamic Banner Suite by Seguno

Dynamic Banner Suite by Seguno

Developed by Seguno Software

21 reviews
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  • All-in-one banner suite that's FREE with no app branding
  • Encourage spending more with real-time updates based on minimums
  • Fully customizable design and behavior, automatically responsive

*** NEW FEATURE: Announcement Loop! Because sometimes you just have more to say... Now you can setup multiple Announcement messages and the banner will loop through them at a set interval. Maybe you have two shipping policies or maybe you want to promote all your social channels separately. Less isn't always more :)

The suite offers more

This app combines the power of three or more different apps, has advanced functionality and customizability, requires no theme changes or technical knowledge to setup, and showcases an intuitive design. Plus, it's completely free! No, really.

Use cases

  • Offer free shipping after a minimum purchase threshold

  • Advertise your best available discount

  • Run a 'spend more save more' campaign

  • Drive a sense of urgency with a countdown timer

  • Promote following your brand on social media

  • Share holiday hours and shipping deadlines

  • Link to your privacy policy

  • And many more...

Experience matters

When dealing with discounts, you need a seamless, worry-free experience for shoppers:

  • Automatically apply the discount code at checkout

  • See which products or collections are actually eligible

  • Know how much time is left before a promotion expires

Getting started and support

Right when you first open the app, a detailed walkthrough will help ensure you understand everything. If you forget, later on, you can always replay the walkthrough. Plus, there are some FAQs available in the Help Center. For any extra support needs, we are here to help! You can email us or quickly start a chat right within the app.


  • Real-time Updates for Minimums: Based on the cart value, update banner content with the amount remaining to reach a minimum purchase price.

  • Discount Tiers: Run 'spend more save more' campaigns to encourage shoppers to increase their cart value.

  • Announcement Loop: Configure multiple Announcement messages and loop through them at a set interval.

  • Countdown Timer: Drive a sense of urgency by kindly displaying how much time is left before a code expires.

  • Product Carousel: Proactively display which products or collections are actually eligible to avoid potential frustration at checkout. The carousel also serves as a helpful guide, reminding shoppers of deals to take advantage of.

  • Scheduled: Whether you want the banner to go live immediately or in two weeks, you have control over start and end dates. Plus, it will automatically hide the banner if the discount being promoted expires and you forgot to change it.

  • Customizable: Easily tweak the design, behavior, and content to match your brand.

  • Responsive Design: The banner scales to the size of the device so it always looks great on both desktop and mobile.

  • Live Preview: See a live preview as you make changes to know what the banner will look like on your shop, in different scenarios, and even on mobile devices.

  • Built to Scale: Whether you get 100 visitors per week or per second, this app is built to scale and will not affect your storefront's performance.

Other apps to boost your marketing and save time

Bulk Discount Generator by Seguno allows you to import large amounts of codes into Shopify discounts to save time/effort and provide a more personalized experience for your shoppers.

Dynamic Banner Suite by Seguno reviews

21 reviews
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Great app. Very intuitive UI. Extremely flexible. Looks great. Questions answered quickly. Love that the banners can be dismissed.


Great app and even better support team, highly recommend!


Just started this app, Dunno where to begin. But i think it has lots of potential. Marc from support helped me to put the discount banner on specific position on my page using CSS selector. Nice support. thanks


This is awesome. I love it totally.. Thank you very much


I can not complete changes banner! And no have more information in help center


New Dynamic Banner Suite by Seguno users - but so far we really like it. Many options and customizations. Easy to use. Can change color, font, and size to make it look good - which isn't always the case and if not offered, would be a deal breaker for us. Also white label - no seguno branding. We had a question based on the app working with some custom code we use and sent a chat to the company for help. We got a reply and fix within minutes. We are impressed and would recommend this app to users looking to message discount codes and free shipping using dynamic parameters in a professional, nicely designed way.


Impressed. It has all the tools the other also offer but for FREE!
The support-team is very very fast (15 minutes to fix my issue on a sundaynight)
It works as promised, it's neat and the perfect amount of options to adjust it as you wish. Love it!


Práctica y fácil. Perfecta. Gracias !


Rien à redire,


This is exactly what I needed for a quick-and-dirty free shipping banner. I didn't have time for something fancy, and this worked perfectly.


- 100% free
- No app branding
- Unlimited impressions

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