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Covet.pics - Lookbook & Instagram Galleries

Covet.pics - Lookbook & Instagram Galleries

Developed by Space Squirrel

182 reviews
Price: From $0.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • :NEW: Direct Buy [Beta] - Stunning, responsive and highly customizable Instagram galleries that effectively funnel your visits.
  • Automate Instagram, upload Custom Photos & moderate your feed. Pin posts to Top. Tag & Hotspot products to make them shoppable.
  • Choose a Slider, Gallery or Collage layout, customize the design, embed anywhere. Track your Gallery Analytics.

Drive Desire. Drive Sales.

All interaction on your Shopify store should drive towards a single goal: conversion. This fine art of funneling visits towards the Checkout page never stops evolving, just as our app continues to grow to help you get there. Power-up the Product and Lifestyle photography you've invested in. Automate your Instagram feed or upload your Lookbook and see your numbers grow. Covet.pics galleries sell.

3 Steps to Gorgeous Galleries

1. Collect - automate your Instagram feed by using #hashtags or @usernames. Upload custom photos without an Instagram account.

2. Curate - moderate your Gallery feed. Show/hide posts. Tag any amount of products in your photos to make it shoppable. Pin important posts to top of the feed.

3. Publish - choose your layout: Slider, Grid or Collage gallery. Customize the design to fit your brand. Create multiple Galleries from one feed and embed them anywhere.

:NEW FEATURE: Direct Buy [Beta]

The newest power-feature makes your conversions even faster. In your Gallery pop-up, you can now allow visitors to instantly Add to Cart while browsing your feed, cutting out the Product Page redirect completely.

Why this is a power-up for your Gallery?

  • It is a smooth transition compared to the classic redirect to Product Page

  • It allows customers to browse your Gallery further after buying a tagged product

  • It essentially serves as a product popup to your Gallery

  • It cuts time from Want to Buy, making the sale INSTANT.

:Bonus NEW FEATURE: Gallery Presets Wizard!

In the Gallery Layout panel click on the 'Gallery Presets' button. This will activate the wizard dialogue that lets you setup or revamp your Gallery quickly and effortlessly. This feature opens for all new users automatically.

☺︎ Our Happy Clients:

These are just some of the stores that are using Covet.pics in beautiful, creative and smart ways to drive their sales:

What they are saying about Covet.pics

★★★★★ "Customisable; My fave Shopify app"

★★★★★ "Easy to set up and manage"

★★★★★ "Clean minimal design: Support is amazing"

★★★★★ "I tried a lot of Instagram apps ... and this is by far the best."

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Gallery Layouts:

☞ Most Feature-Packed Instagram App on Shopify

Covet.pics is a highly customizable, yet simple and intuitive app that will satisfy both the advanced user as well as an eCom novice. Its sleek design will fit your site instantly, but you will be able to coordinate it with your brand identity and marketing campaigns seamlessly.

Automate Your Feed

✔ Multiple Instagram Feeds - Use Instagram #hashtags and @usernames to fill your gallery in seconds. Feature multiple feeds in a single gallery.

✔ Upload Custom Photos - Add your own images directly to the app. No need for Instagram account. Simply drag an image into the 'custom post' box.

Moderate Your Feed

✔ Drag and Drop - Easily drag and drop posts to reorder. Arrange the posts to complement each other. You are in control of how it is displayed.

✔ Pin to Top - Pin important or popular posts to the top of your gallery. When the app fetches new images, your pinned posts will still be the first to be seen. Promote sales and new products.

✔ Tag Products - Click on an image to tag corresponding products. Funnel all interaction to the product page.

✔ 'Hotspot' Products - Display a pulsating tag 'hotspot' by dragging the point to the product. Use this for images with a lot of products.

✔ Show / Hide Posts - Moderate your feed from within the app. Hide photos that don't display products.

✔ :NEW: Direct Buy [Beta] - You can now allow visitors to instantly Add to Cart while browsing your feed, cutting out the Product Page redirect completely. It's easy to set up, simply click ✔ Allow the Direct Buy function in Gallery Embed > Popup Settings.

Customize Your Gallery

✔ Various Gallery Layouts - Choose between a Grid, Slider and Collage layout. Highlight every x photo in a Grid layout to make it bigger.

✔ Customize Design - Reflect your brand identity by setting the colors, gradients and fonts to fit your visual guidelines. A Covet.pics Gallery can look custom-made for your site.

✔ Multiple Embeds - Create multiple embeds of a single Gallery. Use different layout embeds on each page. Do what works best for your website, or refresh to keep your site dynamic.

✔ Customize Buy Now Buttons - Edit the Call to Action copy and design in a way that best fits your brand.

✔ Infinite Scrolling - Load More button allows infinite scrolling of large galleries and user appetites.

Embed Your Gallery

✔ Product Gallery - Any product that you've tagged in a gallery is automatically put into its specific Product Gallery. You only embed once into Product Page template and corresponding galleries are generated automatically for each product.

✔ Responsive Design - Covet.pics galleries work perfectly on all devices. Supporting all major browsers, including IE.

✔ Multiple Galleries - Create multiple Galleries (with multiple embed layouts and multiple feeds!) and embed them anywhere on and off-site. There is no end to possibilities of Covet.pics

Track and Relax

✔ Track Conversions Analytics - Access important data such as number of clicks, sales and the conversion rate for your tagged products. Covet.pics creates unique trackable links for all tagged products in your galleries that will register in your Google Analytics. It does this automatically, you don't have to configure anything. Just go to your Google Analytics account where you can find the reports under Acquisition -> Campaigns.

Source will be "covet-pics", Medium "popup" and Campaign will be the name of your gallery.

✔ Relax, we got you - choose the price plan that fits your business. Enjoy the FREE plan indefinitely. And yes, our support is outstanding. Contact us at support@spacesquirrel.net with any questions.

☰ Recent Updates (See details)

  • 10. Apr 2017 - New Product Picker for tagging products

  • 6. Apr 2017 - Gallery Presets Wizard

  • 5. Apr 2017 - Direct Buy

  • 6. Mar 2017 - Custom Links

  • 9. Feb 2017 - Slideshow Autoplay

  • 24. Jan 2017 - Search Instagram

  • 20. Jan 2017 - Bulk actions

  • 29. Nov 2016 - Added support for Instagram videos

  • 14. Oct 2016 - Add Custom CSS

  • 12. Sep 2016 - New Gallery Embed Style - COLLAGE

✁ Choose a Price Plan Tailored for Your Business

FREE - $0.00 - create 1 gallery and track 1 #hashtag or @username. Tag 1 product within photos and make it shoppable. Customize the Gallery Layout.

Basic - $12.49 - create 2 galleries and track multiple #hashtags or @usernames. Tag any amount of products within photos and make them shoppable. Customize the Gallery Layout & upload Custom Photos.

Pro - $24.99 - create 5 galleries and track multiple #hashtags or @usernames. Embed a unique product specific gallery to all product pages. Tag any amount of products within photos and make them shoppable. Customize the gallery layout & upload Custom Photos.

Business - $39.99 - drag & drop posts, Pin posts to the top and upload Custom Photos. Embed a unique product-specific gallery to all Product Pages. Create unlimited number of galleries with unlimited feeds and layouts. Tag 'hotspots' to highlight products on the image. Choose the newest additional Collage Gallery layout. Embed anywhere!



Checkout Share - Turn every conversion into a conversation

Crush.pics - Compress images and keep quality

Price Beater - Price match / price beat your competitors


We are here to help:

Visit our Help Center and feel free to contact us at support@spacesquirrel.net in case you need help.

Covet.pics - Lookbook & Instagram Galleries reviews

182 reviews
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  2. 4 stars (11 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (2 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (1 review)
  5. 1 star (1 review)

Absolutely love this ap. Easy to install, easy to use, and makes it so much easier to use Instagram to display our products. Thanks so much. - Alexandria Cordaie, Blowout Boutique.ca


Very useful app! A must-have if you want to auto-post shopify products to various social media.


Real easy to setup and use. Definitely adds value and the customization features are a plus.


Really great app, such sleek design and really think it will promote sales and encourage more Instagram followers. See it in action at www.sosoy.co.uk


complete set up! very happy with it


Very quick and helpful support to get ourselves up and running with the app.


Love, Love,Love Covet! It gives us the creative flexibility we needed and has the most amazing customer service to back that up...especially when we needed help as to how to accomplish our "out of the box" thinking! You will not be disappointed if you choose to work with this app and its fantastic developers!


Excellent app. Using it with pleasure to share my Instagram feed on xquissive.com.


great app
the better part compare to the other apps is the collages.
Not available on the free trial plan


One of my favorite apps!! The customer service is great, too. I would highly recommend!

From $0.00 / month

Most feature-packed Instagram app on Shopify. Enjoy our FREE plan indefinitely!

14 days


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