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Covet.pics - Custom & Instagram Galleries

Covet.pics - Custom & Instagram Galleries

Developed by Space Squirrel

Price: Free – $39.99 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Shoppable galleries - tag your products & sell directly from your photos
  • Upload custom photos, use Instagram, curate the feed and even pin popular posts!
  • Customize for desktop & mobile - embed the galleries anywhere on your site

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★★★★★ "Customisable; My fave Shopify app"

★★★★★ "Easy to set up and manage"

★★★★★ "Clean minimal design: Support is amazing"

★★★★★ "I tried a lot of instagram apps ... and this is by far the best."

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✔ Pulling in Instagram feeds - Use Instagram #hashtags and @usernames to populate your galleries in a matter of seconds. You can have multiple feeds for a single gallery.

✔ Multiple gallery layouts - display the gallery the way you want it. Choose between a grid, slider or collage layout in a matter of seconds. Create multiple embeds for a single gallery. Use the grid layout on your homepage, the slider layout on your product page and the collage layout on your press page. Do what works best for your website.

✔ Pin to top Pin the posts you wish to appear at the top of your gallery. When our app fetches new images, your pinned posts will be the first to be seen. Go ahead and show off those important posts.

✔ Drag and drop Reordering your posts is simple. Just drag the post to where you want it to appear in the gallery and drop it there. It is very useful if you want to arrange the posts to complement each other or to move more important posts to the top of the gallery. We put you in control of how it is displayed.

✔ Upload custom photos You can add your own images directly to the app. There is no need to have an Instagram account. You can simply create a new post by dragging a file into the 'custom post' box.

In a matter of seconds, you are ready to populate the post with your own text, hyperlink and more. This is a feature we are sure you will find useful.

✔ Tag & 'Hotspot' Products Our app seamlessly syncs with the products in your store. Simply click on an image and get tagging. Search through the products in your store and tag them to the corresponding images. Your gallery is now shoppable!

You can choose whether to display a 'tagging hotspot' by dragging the point to the product. Customize this from within the app.

✔ Track Conversions In Google Analytics Covet.pics creates unique trackable links for all tagged products in your galleries that will register in your Google Analytics. It does this automatically, you don't have to configure anything. Just go to your Google Analytics account where you can find the reports under Acquisition -> Campaigns.

Source will be "covet-pics", Medium "popup" and Campaign will be the name of your gallery.

Access important data such as number of clicks, sales and what's the conversion rate for your tagged products.

✔ Show / hide photos Moderate the gallery from within the app. Hide those unnecessary posts so that they do not show anywhere on your website. When setting up your gallery, you can choose to moderate all new posts before they show on your site.

Access important data such as number of clicks, sales and what's the conversion rate for your tagged products.

✔ Buy Now buttons - make each photo shoppable by tagging products related to photo. Drive users directly to your product page.

✔ Product Gallery - for each product you can define hashtags and auto moderation. Products that you tag manually are automatically put into product gallery.

✔ Multiple galleries - create multiple galleries and embed them anywhere on your site.

✔ Infinite - Load More button allows for infinite scrolling of large galleries.

✔ Responsive - It’ll work (and look good!) on all computers and phones. Supporting all major browsers, including IE.

Collect, Curate and Publish Instagram photos

Collect - fetch Instagram photos by using #hashtags or @usernames. Or upload custom photos without the need for an Instagram account.

Curate - from within the app you can moderate images that you want to show in the gallery. Tag any amount of products in your photos to make it shoppable.

Publish - choose your layout: Slider, Grid or Collage style. Customise the design to fit your brand. Create multiple beautiful shoppable galleries and embed them anywhere.


FREE - $0.00 - create 1 gallery and track 1 #hashtag or @username. Tag 1 product within photos and make it shoppable. Customize the look.

Basic - $12.49 - create 2 galleries and track multiple #hashtags or @usernames. Tag any amount of products within photos and make them shoppable. Customize the look & Upload custom photos.

Pro - $24.99 - create 5 galleries and track multiple #hashtags or @usernames. Embed a unique product specific gallery to all product pages. Tag any amount of products within photos and make them shoppable. Customize the look & upload custom photos.

Business - $39.99 - drag and drop items, pin items, embed a unique product specific gallery to all product pages, unlimited number of galleries. Use custom photos. Tagging hotspots to highlight tagged products and an additional collage layout. Embed anywhere.



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Price Beater - Price match / price beat your competitors


We are here to help:

Visit our Help Center and feel free to contact us at support@spacesquirrel.net in case you need help.

Covet.pics - Custom & Instagram Galleries reviews (72)


great experience! highly recommend to others.


Loving it so far. Customer service is amazing.


nice work


Great app and easy to customise. Best of all the support is amazing every time I had a question or feature request they got back to me straight away. Their update cycle is super short and since first purchasing have released tons of more feature.


Love everything about it!


Quick and easy to get up and running.


this is a great app. I was using four sixty and paying $100 a month and the customer service was not helpful at all when it suddenly stopped working and made my site glitchy.

This is intuitive and easy to manage and a great value. I highly recommend.


We are using this app and loving it. Shows off our watersports shop photos from Instagram really well. Thanks :)


UPDATE (10/5/16): This app has changed the game for me. I now use my main IG gallery on my main landing page. Dom and crew have been awesome to work with. Fast responses to customer emails, and quick fixes as well. Thank you Covet!

Wonderful app. Fast, great customer service! Still relatively new, but can't wait to see where it goes. I've been looking for something like this for a while, but didn't see one I liked until this one. Highly recommended!


Great plugin - an ideal way for us to showcase our artificial snow and related products in use.

Free – $39.99 / month

Tag products from your store. Available even on our FREE plan!

14 days


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