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Crowdfunder: DIY Pre-Order Crowdfunding

Crowdfunder: DIY Pre-Order Crowdfunding

Developed by Ethercycle

36 reviews
Price: $19.00 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Run Your Own Crowdfunded Pre-Order Sale
  • Automatic Installation + Fast US-based Support
  • Free 7-Day Trial, Then Just $19/mo, No Hidden Fees

Crowdfund From Your Own Website

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Crowdfunder has helped...

  1. KeySmart raise $509,556 USD

  2. FCTRY raise $187,515 USD

  3. hundreds of Shopify store owners run thousands of pre-order campaigns

Have A Successful Website? You Don’t Need Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Etc.

With over $3 billion pledged to crowdfunded projects, there's no doubt that crowdfunding has exploded and changed the nature of pre-orders for entrepreneurs and consumers. But you don’t need to use a service like Kickstarter if you’re already running your own popular website.

In fact, you may be better off crowdfunding on your website.

Why pay fees to Kickstarter if you already have your own following? By running crowdfunded pre-order campaigns on your website, you control the entire process from beginning to end. You'll save time, fees, and gain flexibility.

Enter Crowdfunder App

In 2016, we were approached by Brooklyn design studio FCTRY to build a crowdfunding page for their Shopify site. We did it, showed it to some folks, and immediately began getting inquiries to do it again for other stores. Meanwhile, the original campaign for FCTRY did over six figures in sales. Crowdfunded pre-orders make money. We built Crowdfunder App so that everyone can have access to the same marketing strategy used by some of the most successful Shopify stores.

Having a custom crowd-funding platform, hosted on your Shopify site, puts you in the driver's seat of your pre-order campaigns.

Suggested Uses

  • Offer pre-orders as a way to gauge demand for products

  • Raise funds for a cause or charity

  • Launch limited special edition of your best-selling products

Recent Updates

Crowdfunder is continually improved based on your feedback.

Our most recent update dramatically improves load times while making every text field editable and adding advanced customization options for theme developers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Does it support my currency?

Yes, we use your store's currency automatically.

Q - Can I have multiple campaigns?


Q - Can I change my goal amount after starting?

Yes! You can change the goal amount at any time.

Q - Can I customize Crowdfunder?

Yes, Crowdfunder uses three Liquid snippets that can be modified with only basic knowledge of HTML and Liquid. If you do not feel confident with coding, we recommend that you use a service like HeyCarson.

Q - Can my goal be total orders instead of a dollar amount?

Yes! You can choose from either a financial or quantity goal for your campaign.

Q - Can I set Crowdfunder up to receive donations instead of pre-orders?

Yes! You can accept pledges by adding them as variant options in your product. For example, you'd create a product option called "Support Level" and then include $5,$10,$25 as the options with the price set to match.

Q - Does this app change how orders, charges, or customers work?

No, it does not alter how orders, customers, or charges are handled. it only alters the product page. It's meant to add social proof and urgency to product launches to maximize revenue.

Q - When are customers charged?

Customers are charged when they purchase your pre-order. You can capture funds immediately for your pre-order product as long as you communicate to your customers that you are charging them in advance for an item that will ship at a later date.

Q - Can I change the progress manually?

Yes! If you want to "prime" your campaign by showing progress, you can set the inventory quantity to some negative value.

Click 'GET' now to install it in your store and enjoy a 7-day free trial.

Crowdfunder: DIY Pre-Order Crowdfunding reviews

36 reviews
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The team is responding and resolving issues very fast and being very helpful.
The app works good for my website.
Happy with it.


Kurt & Julie at Ethercycle have been great in helping us setup our first Crowdfunding campaign with the Crowdfunder app. It was a very straight forward process. I would recommend. Now, time to get some pre-orders!


So far so good.. Need some support to get it looking food, i will submit a request now and see how good support is. Thanks for the app!


A really great app that allows us to fund new furniture designs so that we only make what we know will sell. It allows us to reduce waste in our industry. Very easy to implement!


Does exactly what it claims to and the service is great.


Best app I've used on shopify! Great service and communication. They resolve issues quickly - can't thank them enough for their promptness. I highly recommend this app for anyone looking to install crowdfunding platforms to their page. Thanks Kurt!


thank you for quick fix!!!
its very cool! I like this app!!


Kurt is Great. Extremely responsive. This is one very cool app. This is our 3rd Shopify store we use it in. Again, great app.


Such a fantastic App for creating Crowd funding campaigns


This app has been FANTASTIC for our business -- it's exactly what we needed in order to build successful pre-order campaigns!! Very easy to use, looks great visually on the customers' end as well. I would suggest this app to anyone needing this feature. Their support team is excellent too! Could not be happier!! Thank you, Crowdfunder team!!

$19.00 / month

★ ★ ★ FREE FOR 7 DAYS ★ ★ ★
Free 7-Day Trial, Then Just $19/mo
No Hidden Fees or Transaction Fees of any kind!


Crowdfunder is free to test in development stores. Regular charges will apply only after the store is switched over to a paying plan.

7 days

Support & Sales

(877) 384-3740
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