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Bespoke Shipping

Bespoke Shipping

Developed by MZL Solutions

Price: $15.00 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Offer shipping based promotions - i.e. Free shipping when product X,Y, Z is purchased
  • Fully customizable - Unlimited possibilities!
  • Advanced scripting capabilities

Now supporting Direct API integration with FedEx (inc SmartPost), UPS, USPS, Canada Post, Purolator, Postmates, Temando, Australia Post (inc eParcel), Hunter Express (AU), Startrack (AU), Fastway (AU), TOLL (AU)!

Coming Soon: STAMPS - Not listed here? send us an email!

Bespoke Shipping gives you full control over your shipping rates by allowing you to customized it using a macro.

You will have full control your shipping rates based on destination, and your customers cart.Create policies such as:

  • Fine tune rates down to the suburb using postcode

  • Free/Fixed shipping if customer has products X, Y, Z in their cart

  • Free/Fixed priced shipping for specific products such as drop-shipped items

  • Vendor based rates

  • Discounted shipping on subsequent items

  • Tailored shipping rules

  • Show your rates in a specific order*

With full control over how your rates are calculated, you will be able to implement almost any business logic.

Do you have FedEx or UPS Negotiated rates? Bespoke can help!

Please see our user guide for more information

NB: Basic to intermediate programming experience in PHP is required.
Don't know PHP? We offer assisted installations from $100. Send us a email for a quote.

* reordering rates is only available for rates generated by Bespoke

Bespoke Shipping reviews (55)


Awesome App and even better service. The app does exactly what it says it will do. Min went above and beyond for me. Best $15 per month you will spend. Check it out: https://www.earphoneguy.com


One of the best customer supports I have experienced. They were able to do everything I needed, would definitely recommend!!


This review really needs to be broken down into two sections - the app and the developer.

The app is quite adept at overcoming one of Shopify’s most glaring limitations… complex shipping settings. I sell several items that have complicated configuration / shipping options (some via USPS to all 50 states, some Priority only to Alaska / Hawaii, some only to the lower 48 states and no PO Boxes, etc), and Bespoke Shipping handles them all easily, and in an attractive and easily configured manner - I just emailed my shipping needs to the app developer, and the code was installed. Trying to set up my shipping settings was frustrating originally, and it almost caused me to leave Shopify. Bespoke shipping was my saving grace, and the only app that could do what I needed. The ability to adjust these settings / prices on the fly will also allow me make sure I don’t lose $$ as shipping rates change every year.

The developer, Min, at MZL solutions, is 2nd to none. I get responses from him morning, noon, and night. The initial setup took a few emails back and forth, not to mention a number of tweaks and adjustments to make sure it was right. Min was patient, explained everything, and got it done so fast I wondered how it was humanly possible to adjust coding like that. He appears highly motivated to find a solution to any challenge I throw his way, and luckily, I haven’t been able to stump him yet. I have seen him start working on my support requests within 1 hours of submitting a ticket, and if more complex solutions are required, it is usually fixed by the time I wake up. I wish everyone was as responsive as he is.

You will be able to see it in full effect at www.massagestore.com in November.


Software is perfect to interface with Fedex.com SmartPost negotiated rates and allows for the display of these rates during customer checkout! Min was very quick to get this important functionality up and running for us!!


We've only been using the app for a few days, but the service and support from Min really is first class.

Can highly recommend.


Bespoke Shipping helped us resolve a shipping challenge on our Shopify website. Notably, we have one product that requires 2-day shipping (UPS) during the summer months due to heat challenges.

Not only does Bespoke Shipping integrate with UPS, but it allowed us to create custom shipping rules on a product basis.

And, by request, Min helped us get this up and running quickly...in less than one day, freeing up our team to focus on other aspects of the website.

Give Bespoke Shipping a try...you won't regret it.


Amazing app! For the past several years we have been trying to find a solution to meet our requirement to make shipping simpler and hassle-free for our customers. We spent a considerable amount of time researching to arrive to the answer: Bespoke Shipping

This is by far one of the most flexible and powerful shipping rate apps for Shopify merchants. We love this application and the support from Min is EXCELLENT!

Thank you again for all your help! 100% Recommended. MZL took the time to customize the script for us based on our requirements and specifications. Their attention to detail is unmatched.


All I can say is that if I could give more stars I would!

This app is just perfect if you need to find a cost effective way of getting customer shipping rates into Shopify.

I offer two main delivery options, a local delivery service if you live near the store or a courier service for every where else in the UK. I then have different rate tables for different collections as well as offering free delivery.

It took me about a day of tinkering with the PHP code (I am familar with some coding but never done PHP before) to get it to work how I wanted to.

It looks scary at the start but once you get used to it and do some googling around you can easily work it out.

I also have to give massive kudos to Min who checked all my code for me and made some tweaks and suggestions - he is a super star.

There are some other apps out there charging a ridiculous amount for this so don't be put off a little bit of coding. Be brave and jump in - you'll never look back!


With most customer service these days being a forgotten part of business, it's great to find a company that responds above and beyond your expectations. We needed a multi-layered shipping configuration. With each option we requested, Bespoke (MZL Solutions) responded with, "Yes." Within hours... click. Exactly what we needed. As far as we're concerned (and happy to admit it), there's no need to look for any other shipping solution. It's all right here! Thank you MZL Solutions.


Needed customized shipping rates based on product specifications. Everything was set up within 1 day and works great. The service + product are both top notch.


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