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Developed by Byward Labs

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  • Unleash the power of unlimited shipping rules and rates
  • Set shipping rules and rates by product, geography, weight, and more
  • Never get stuck losing money or not being able to fulfill an order

NOTE: If this app is perfect for your business and you don't have Carrier Calculated Shipping Rates activated, you can reach out to the Shopify support team to add that to your plan.

CustomShip is an international app built specifically for global merchants working in various currencies and languages!

We support English, French, Japanese, German, and Spanish with plans to add support for more.

Finally, you can customize shipping rates based on the specific product, weight, shipping destination, or price with unlimited possibilities.

Whether you charge an extra handling fee to ship to Hokkaido or you provide free local delivery in Fukuoka, we’ve got you covered! Don’t ship lithium batteries by air? You can set that option as well with CustomShip. The possibilities are endless so you don’t have to lose money on shipping or get stuck not being able to deliver an item to a customer.

CustomShip can help you do many things:

  • Set shipping rates for individual products

  • Restrict shipping to specific zip codes or prefectures

  • Customize shipping pricing by product, weight, price, location

  • Different shipping rules for small and heavy items

And much more…


  • 配送ルールおよび配送料金において無制限のパワーを発揮

  • 商品、地域、重量他ごとに配送ルールおよび配送料金を設定

  • 無駄な費用がかからず、注文を確実に履行



北海道に配送するために追加の手数料を課す場合でも、あるいは、地元の福岡に無料で配達する場合でも、お任せください! 航空便でリチウム電池を送らないでください、といった場合も、 CustomShip ではそうしたオプションを設定できます。可能性は尽きません。ですから、配送に無駄な費用をかけることなく、お客様へ確実に商品をお届けします。


  • 個々の商品ごとに配送料金を設定

  • 特定の郵便番号または都道府県への配送を制限

  • 商品、重量、価格、地域ごとに配送料金をカスタマイズ

  • 小さな商品および重い商品に対し別々の配送ルールを適用


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Only works on Advance Plans. No use to anyone else.


Only stores on the Advanced plan that have CCSR (Carrier Calculated Shipping Rates) activated will be able to use the app


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