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Discount URL

Discount URL

Developed by Limoni Apps

9 reviews
Price: Free – $14.95 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Increase Conversion Rates - Allow your customers to apply discount codes automatically with a one-click-URL you can include in your email and social ads campaigns.
  • Reduce Abandoned Carts - Help your customers complete the checkout process smoothly, by instantly applying the discount code on the cart from our magic link.
  • Make it Yours - Our fully customizable popup allows you to match your brand style, your image and communicate the right message.

Our differentiators

  • Changes the price on product page and cart: don't wait for your customers to reach the checkout to present the discounted price!

  • Enhanced shareable links: perfect for email marketing and social campaigns

  • Share your link with affiliates and influencers and track the revenue

One-click coupon codes

Did you know? According to Shopify almost one in five sales completed online last year, were completed using a discount code. Furthermore, merchants with an active discount code were eight times more likely to make a sale.

We believe that redeeming discount codes received via email or social media should be hassle free.

By helping your customers apply discounts in one click you decrease customer frustration and cart abandonment. Our app helps you do this by showing customers a customizable popup that helps them apply the discount code instantly.

Try it now

Want to experience first hand what a discount url does for your visitors? Test it by following one of the following links:

Black Friday promotion: click here

Free + Shipping promotion: click here

Secret sale: click here

Site wide promotion with notification only: click here

Collection at 10€ off: click here

Bundle buy-now link: click here

Or access our demo store if you want to play around with the admin module yourself. Click here to access the store. The user name is demostore@limoniapps.com and the password is limoni.

Key Features

One-click Discount URLs - Create links that drive traffic to your product pages or create “buy now” links that direct your customers directly to the checkout, with the discount applied, automagically.

Automatic discounts - Create promotions that are triggered automatically when customers visit your store.

Secret price update - Instantly apply discounts to the product page. Show the right price, to the right customer at the right time.

Countdown timer - Increase urgency and the sense of scarcity for a higher conversion rate.

Track your success – The dashboard tells you which promotions are working and which are not so you can optimize and improve.

Opt-in Pop Ups - give the visitor the sense of a win by letting them say yes to their discount code.

Customizable Pop Ups - that help you to easily match it to your brand and communicate the right message.

Instant notifications on the product page- so your visitor knows the coupon is applied and active.

Custom notifications on the cart page to guide prospects to the checkout, pain free.

Flexible - Create unlimited discount URLs for as many products as you need

Mobile friendly - Yes, works great on mobile too.

Use built-in discount codes - Leverages the discount codes you already created in Shopify’s Discount module.

We update your Liquid – We set up the Dynamic Pricing feature for you if you're not a Liquid guru.

Why Choose Discount URL?

✩ Effortless for your customers

✩ A must have for email marketing

✩ Boost your social media and paid advertising campaigns

✩ Great tech support. We care about your success.

Create your Discount URL in 3 easy steps

✩ Open your discount code and select 'Create Discount URL'.

✩ Select a product and customize your pop up.

✩ Copy the link and share with your customers by email, social media or paid advertising.

We want to help you increase your rate of success with discounts and get more sales with a simple, yet powerful solution.

Start your trial now and create your first discount URL!

Discount URL reviews

9 reviews
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Very useful app, very good support


If you're looking for a great app with the most incredible level of customer service that I have ever experienced in my life - LOOK NO FURTHER!
I have tried many apps that I was never really able to use because the support was not there. Questions went unanswered and help never arrived.
That will not happen here.
You're in GREAT HANDS with Discount URL. This company should teach other developers how to treat there customers.


An incredible piece of software by a team with insanely good customer service. Super impressed and moved to a paid subscription. Thanks, Limoni!


Love this app. Great support too!
Using these links in dynamic ads in Facebook at the moment.
Saw a bump in conversion as soon as I started using it.


Wow... a way to avoid asking customers to "Enter XXXX" on checkout? Sweet! I really appreciate this app... it definitely solves a need for being able to share discounts. Thanks for making this app!


First time using and already got sales from it. I like it a lot.


The app works great and customer service is brilliant! After asking for resolving my small issue, everything was running smooth within minutes. Great app!


Super powerful app.

Finally I can run multiple campaigns at the time BUT showing the right discount to the right customer profile.

Targeted segmentation per country, client type (i.e past customer, new customer, prospect, etc) is super easy AND so is tracking which campaigns were more successful with nice looking charts.

The personalized coupon generator is quite an amazing feature too.

The support is A++. Try it, you will not regret it.


Excellent app. I use it to run secret sales to my VIP customers and do A/B tests on pricing. It works great. Finally i can give a unique discount code to each client THAT expires after x time, so i don't need to worry about coupons being distributed everywhere on the web. Brilliant.

The developer continues to add really great features. Really great support. I cannot wait for the reports to become available.

Free – $14.95 / month

Choose from 2 plans: FREE or Premium

All shops get a 14 DAY RISK FREE trial of Premium which is only $14.95/mo after the trial.

Features include:

✔ Create hidden promotions that do not affect your retail price
✔ Generate one-time-only, per customer coupon codes
✔ Create coupons for entire collections
✔ Price update on product page, collection page and cart
✔ Create *real* scarcity with timers linked to expiration dates

How Discount URL is creating value on shops:

✔ Flash sales for holiday season
✔ Links for affiliates and influencers
✔ Price testing
✔ Free + Shipping deals
✔ Reward loyalty
✔ Support (dynamic) retargeting

Even one additional sale pays for the app for a month. Our price is fixed no matter how big or small. We can't guarantee such low prices in the future, but you can lock it in for your store forever by signing up now.

Note: Switch from Free to Premium at any time by clicking the Settings button on the top right.

Start your 14 day Free trial today

14 days

Support & Sales

Limoni Apps
+32 495 91 64 05
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