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Discount Ninja - Smart discount offers

Discount Ninja - Smart discount offers

Developed by Limoni Apps

35 reviews
Price: Free – $14.95 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Increase Conversion Rates - Allow your customers to apply discount codes automatically with a one-click-URL you can include in your email and social ads campaigns.
  • Reduce Abandoned Carts - Help your customers complete the checkout process smoothly, by instantly applying the discount code on the cart from our magic link.
  • Make it Yours - Our fully customizable popup allows you to match your brand style, your image and communicate the right message.

Increase your conversion rate, grow your revenue

The only app that automatically and dynamically changes prices on your product pages, collection pages and the cart

Stop confusing customers today with hard to use discount codes

Stop diluting your brand with 'compare at' prices. Use your retail prices as an anchor. Then offer discounts that feel special and urgent.

Start increasing your conversion rates today!. Many of our customers see a significant boost in conversion after implementing Discount Ninja. Not sure? Our analytics will show you exactly how well you convert.

Trusted by many

This app was featured by Shopify and generates hundreds of thousands of dollars every month for Shopify merchants worldwide.

Try It Now...

Talk is cheap. Let us show you how Discount Ninja makes your discounts and sales super-easy, mega-obvious and ultra-attractive to your customers.

Xmas promotion: click here for a walk-through

Spend 50€, get 10% off: click here for a walk-through

Free + Shipping promotion: click here

Secret sale: click here

Site wide promotion with notification only: click here

Collection at 10€ off: click here

Bundle buy-now link: click here

As you can see, it doesn’t get any easier for your customer.

Want to see how simple Discount Ninja makes it to set up sales like these?

Log into our demo store and try it out yourself.

User: demostore@limoniapps.com

Password: limoni

What does it do?

Create smart discount promotions for customers, affiliates and influencers. Applies discounts automatically on your collection pages, product pages, cart and checkout! Shows optional pop-ups and notifications to let your customers know they are getting a discount and help you convert better!

"An incredible piece of software by a team with insanely good customer service. Super impressed and moved to a paid subscription. Thanks, Limoni!" - Wolfandtimber, November 7

How the Ninja Turns Your Store Into An E-commerce Warrior

Boost Your Bottom Line: Give your customers bigger reasons to spend more money at your store. Discount Ninja fly-kicks your customers in the face (metaphorically) with deals so obvious they won’t be missed.

Keep Your Customers: Protect yourself from losing the sale by protecting your customers from “coupon rage”. Guide them effortlessly to and through the checkout with our instant “magic link” discounts.

Click. Boom. Discount: Quick discounts = happy customers. Slice through the click-click-type your customers normally do to add discounts with our secret weapon: one-click-URLs. One click and your customer gets an instant discount, and instant joy. Winning.

A Couple Of Reasons Why Your Store Needs Discounts

Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but…

Almost 1 in 5 sales made online last year used a discount code.

That’s right - almost 20% of online sales are going to discounters.

Oh, and get this: merchants with active discounts are 8 times more likely to get the sale.

Customers are tuned in and switched on for those bargains.

They want to spend money with you… if you give them a good reason to.

That’s why you need discounts. Discounts that scream “discount” loud and clear. Discounts that capture more customers and snag more sales.

And that’s exactly what Discount Ninja was designed for.

How Discount Ninja is Different

Give your customers what they want NOW: you’ll hear squeals of delight when your customers see their discounts applied on your collection page, your product page and the cart (and not just at the checkout… if they ever get that far).

Be “as one” with Social Media and Email: Our media-friendly, enhanced links - perfect for email marketing and social media ads - make it so easy for your customers to buy with a discount, you’ll be high-fiveing strangers in the street.

Help your partners in crime help you: Give your affiliates and influencers unique links, then track the revenue (and the love) all the way to the bank.

...It Takes 3 Simple Steps

Yep, 3 steps and you’ll have a good-to-go, ready-to-knock-socks-off discount created that your customers can start using straight away.

      Open Discount Ninja and select 'Create Promotion'.

      Step through the wizard to select your discount code and the product to apply it to.

      Copy the link and share with your customers by email, social media or paid advertising.

    Don’t believe how easy it is?

    Jump onto our demo store and amaze yourself.

    User: demostore@limoniapps.com

    Password: limoni

    "Wow... a way to avoid asking customers to "Enter XXXX" on checkout? Sweet! I really appreciate this app... it definitely solves a need for being able to share discounts. Thanks for making this app!" - Iwannabeasaint, October 7

    5 Secrets of the Discount Ninja

    Trust us, narrowing it down to 5 was hard!

    Makes it easier for you to have promotions and campaigns
    It takes less than a second for a customer to apply a Discount Ninja discount to their order.

    It won’t take you much longer to create that discount. Our easy-to-follow admin interface will let you set up a promotion with just a handful of clicks and a minute or two of work.

    It doesn’t get any simpler for your customer

    Really. It literally doesn’t.

    All your customer does is click once and the discount’s applied on the product page they’re currently on.

    So when your customer’s checking your price against 100 competitors? Uh huh, your already discounted price is looking pretty darned good vs full retail prices that have a vague “12.5% off” tacked on.

    The ONLY way to do email and social ad marketing
    Are you going to all the effort of email and social ad marketing without making it ridiculously easy for your customers?

    Our one-click-URLs are THE way to get your customers from your emails and ads onto your site and snapping up deals in no time.

    Tech support when you need it, how you need it
    Sometimes it’s hard to get good help… but not with Discount Ninja.

    When you sign up to a basic (or beyond) plan, our skilful ninjas* will install and integrate the app with your store within 48 hours.

    And if you need help at any time, you can call, email or even live chat us from inside the app.

    * Note: sorry, we meant to say “technicians”

    “Set and forget” scheduling that runs like clock-work
    For those people who have trouble remembering (or who’d simply rather not).

    Set your promotions to start and end at a particular time, then walk away. You’re done.

    You can also repeat your sales on a weekly or monthly basis with a couple of clicks. No more setting your calendar or fumbling around every Monday morning.

    The Ninja’s Arsenal (i.e. Key Features)

    One-click Discount URLs - Create magical links that send customers to your product pages or collection pages, with discounts instantly applied.

    Automatic Discounts - Set up sales that trigger automatically when specific customers come knocking at your store.

    Product Price Update - Add the discount as soon as your customer clicks on it. Not at checkout, not at the cart, but right after the click.

    Countdown Timer - Send your customers into a buying frenzy with a timer that says just how little time they’ve got left to snatch a bargain.

    Track Your Success - Discount Ninja’s dashboard tells you which promotions are flying and which ones are tanking with a single glance.

    Opt-in Pop Ups - Give it up for your customers. No, not applause - give them a sense of control and let them say “yes” to their discount (though who’s going to say “No, I want to pay full price!”?).

    Customizable Pop Ups - Make your discounts look like another part of the furniture when it comes to your site’s style and branding.

    Instant Notifications - That demand your customer’s attention and highlight the fact that a sweet discount’s been applied and saving them moolah.

    Custom Notifications - Gently guide your customers past the “hurdles of hesitation” that lie on your Cart page and through to the Checkout.

    Unlimited Links - Yes, you can create an infinite number of discount links for all your products (though we’re not sure why you’d want that many).

    Make it Mobile Friendly - Today, users spend more time on mobile than desktop. Lucky Discount Ninja works perfectly on mobile!

    Use Shopify’s discount codes - Yes, you can use the discount codes you’ve already created with Shopify’s Discount module.

    Don’t worry, we’ll handle Liquid - Want a dynamic pricing feature but not sure how to set it up? Our techs will do that for you.

    Start your trial now and create your first discount URL!

Discount Ninja - Smart discount offers reviews

35 reviews
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Amazing app. We use this app for three of our stores and can confidently say that conversion has doubled. Thanks Limoni! Support is quick too.


Definitely 5/5. Big shout out to Bart (&the other support members). This app will bring your sales to another level!! It makes it much more painful for customers to not buy once they land once they land on your page while the app is doing its thing. AMAZING A++ APP!


An application does what it says. It is user-friendly and not so hard to set up. Love the functionality, if you want to give it a free review on how it works feel free to visit our website at escapewatches.com


Had some trouble getting dynamic pricing working correctly on desktop version of our theme, but a quick email to the developer and it was fixed in 2 days. Very satisfied customer with this app's function, which is dynamic price update. You have control over where this dynamic price update is shown, such as home page or collection page or product page. It keeps your Compare At price intact so there are no confusions about what the final price should be.


One of the few apps that deliver's on its promises! I am pretty sure it will become a huge success soon. The app itself is phenomenal, very innovative and the dynamic pricing feature is indeed unique in its form. I totally recommend it to everyone! Furthermore, the support is awesome and does a great job.

Thank you!



Nice app ! The one i was looking for since a lor of weeks.
The best features of this app is the support : Reactiv, flexible and efficient.
Some fine tune to do but this is a really good app !
I recommend it !
But not for competitor....


Been on shopify 5 years - this is BY FAR the best app I have ever seen. It has made hundreds of dollars of new revenue in barely 2 weeks! Customer service is unparalleled. Thanks so much Bart!!



Awesome app!! works every time not just sometimes... the support team was amazing – went out of their way to ensure we were connected properly. Highly recommend it to all : )


This is the ONLY discount app that you need. They covered all bases! Also, Bart and his team go above and beyond to make sure that your store code works properly with their app. Best customer service ever.


Absolutely love this app! With the help of their support team, this was very easy to set up and begin using in our store. The dynamic pricing feature is the best! I searched for a while to find an app that could show my customers their deal upfront, and I finally found it with discount ninja! Their support team goes above and beyond to help you optimize the app for your store's needs. Really great choice!

Free – $14.95 / month
14 days

Support & Sales

Limoni Apps
+32 495 91 64 05
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