dcode ‑ Discount in Cart

dcode ‑ Discount in Cart

by flomllr

Allow customers to add their discount code on the cart page

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Increase your conversion rate

Let customers see how much they will save with their discount code, and this, even before checking out.

Simplify the checkout process

Hide additional checkout buttons like PayPal on the cart page to offer a simple and consistent checkout experience. (Optional)

It just works

Hassle-free installation - the app automatically adapts the style of your theme, without any manual adjustments.

About dcode ‑ Discount in Cart

Let customers add their discount code on the cart page

Every day, every hour, maybe right now, potential customers are searching for the field to input their discount codes. But there is no input field on the cart page, where customers would expect it, so they get confused and leave your store.

This app helps you to help those people. It creates an input field for discount codes on the cart page. Customers can add their discount code and see immediately how much they will save. This simple adjustment to the cart page of your store will strongly increase the customer satisfaction and, finally, result in more revenue for your store.

Hassle-free installation

There is no need for you to edit any theme files or configure the app. After installation you're redirected to a simple settings page, where you can disable / enable the app and hide additional payment buttons like the PayPal one to offer a consistent checkout experience. The design of the discount code input field on your shop's cart page will automatically adapt the design of your shop and fit in seamlessly.

Installation / Setup

No manual setup needed. After installation, the app will be activated and additional checkout buttons (e.g. PayPal) will be hidden. You can temporary deactivate the discount field or show the additional checkout buttons by clicking on the corresponding toggle on the apps settings page.


No manual cleanup needed. No template files are manipulated by the app. When you uninstall the app, everything will be just like it was before installing it.

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