dcode ‑ Discount in Cart

dcode ‑ Discount in Cart

by flomllr

Allow customers to add their discount code on the cart page

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Built Bar

This app is completely amazing! This fixes one of the major flaws in Shopify and has already given us a boost in conversions - very undervalued, would be happy spending 10x what Florian is charging for this app, its worth it!


Perfect app for what you're looking for. Any little tweak you need you can ask the support team and you will be helped INSANELY fast. 10/10 recommend.

SHOP | Orijin Boutique

Great app so far. Amazing customer support experience. — Requested for a customization to fit our theme, and it was done less than 24hr.

Moonlight Bundles

Great app idea and well executed. Florian was incredibly helpful, hoping this really improves the UX on my store.


Finally, an app that makes the Shopify cart work like the rest of the world! We tried other solutions and this has been the perfect solution.

We reached out to ask the developer to make a few adjustments and they were done within a day. Exceptional customer service. Exceptional app.


The app works great, and the customer service is excellent! The developer was even able to add compatibility with another app that we use on our store. We'd definitely recommend this app -- thank you so much!

Luukaa Outlet Store

App works perfect. Addition to app working perfect, perfect customer service. Very fast respond time and very helpful. i definitely recommend this app

Bike Flare

Update: ( After review developer respond very fast and fix it for more, great customer service and great app. Thank You ) I recommend
App works like in 80%
Your customers can put discount code in cart and it will show price after but your orginal price will still be there so in final it looks like this:
Subtotal $14.99
Discount sub15 - $2.24
Total $12.75

You have two tottal price very bad and confusing for customer

Developer reply

March 12, 2019

Thank you for your feedback. I am glad to let you know that I just solved your problem. Your app configuration is now adjusted to your theme. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.


The app doesn't work very well but the customer service is excellent. They did a lot of modification for me.


This app is definitely cost it's price.

I know many Shopify stores uses quantity breaks discounts. But if you run regular niche store (not one-super-hot-product-ecom-elite-superstore) there is a lot of reasons to remove automatic discounts and go to coupons:

- Your store will look less agressive, customers may look around and buy more different products, increasing your AOV.
- You may use coupons for email maketing and retargeting where coupons IS A MUST
- You may also offer gift cards for your customers, persuading them to return.

Coupon fields in Shopify located especially to HIDE it from customer, to minimize a risk of coupon use. BAD IDEA! This app moves coupons to cart, making it visible and attractive to customers.

There is some tips about this app

1. Ask author to remove express checkout buttons from a cart when coupon is acitve. Because if user goes to express checkout, especially Paypal, he will not get discount and you will have a lot of angry uses who think that you are scammer! Hope this will be implemented as app setting in future.

2. You may ask author to hardcode form to your cart. Sometimes app's javascript loads slowly and form just disappears from cart, which, again, results angry users. Any shopify app have these issues, always use hardcoding, less apps, less JS. Your store will work MUCH faster :)

3. You may use Free Shipping Bar app to display your current coupon promotions. App supports HTML tags, you may show free shipping conditions at line 1 and coupons at line 2. Looks very professional and completely free.

Autor is VERY responsive person, he can help you to integrate app to your store smoothly and tune your setup for your needs.

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