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Drop a Hint Premium

Drop a Hint Premium

Developed by Drop a Hint

Price: Free – $15.00 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Enable your visitors to Capture and Send their wishes in stylish "Hint Cards" via e-mail to a person of their choice!
  • Create branded "HINT CARDS" and messages for all and any occasions your store needs! Double your sales by enabling "browsing" visitors to send your product to prospect buyers.
  • One click installation with unlimited customization options to seamlessly integrate with your unique store. Responsive integration across all devices. Double your email list by capturing two e-mails with every card sent from your store.

The only "Drop a Hint" app on the market. "Drop A Hint" - Receive The Present You Really Want!

How many visitors came to your website and didn't buy? Probably a lot. Have you ever consider the idea that most of them are not looking to buy, but wishing to receive your products as a present?

"Drop a Hint" is the best tool for your e-commerce store that will convert those passive "browsers" into actual sales.

"Drop a Hint" is designed to increase your sales and marketing might dramatically by using the oldest form of marketing - The Word of Mouth!

Watch "Drop a Hint" app in action here:

• www.bashertjewelry.com

• www.jenshansen.com

• www.friendsofirony.com


How does "Drop a Hint" app work in your store?

"Drop a Hint" is an option displayed under your "ADD TO CARD" button, that allows your customers to sent an e-Hint Card to the person that most likely will purchase this item for them. The Hint receiver, via personal e-mail, gets a beautifully styled Hint Card, that is a live-link to the exact product the browsing visitor "hinted".

How does "Drop a Hint" app work for you as a store owner?

• You as a store owner will be able to capture and store both emails (sender and receiver) in a neat data spreadsheet. Growing your e-mail list is a must when operating e-commerce business.

• Having valuable email addresses, linked to specific items can be successfully used for further re-targeting or marketing communications and very specifically tailored offers. This is an excellent opportunity to direct your future marketing efforts toward items that are "hot" based on specific data, not just guesses.

• Knowing the data behind your products will help you to tailor and optimize your mail-out marketing and re-targeting campaigns and offer specific discounts that will result in actual sales.


"Drop a Hint" app will take the guesswork out of your marketing!

Having an inside peek into your visitor's "wishes" will give you the opportunity to understand and better direct your marketing and production efforts.


You have total control of what your "Drop a Hint" Hint Cards will look like. You can customize your messages as many times as you need, you can change colors, icons, even the language your APP will speak.

Install Now for a 100% Risk-Free Trial

"Drop a Hint" app unlocks the hidden profit behind "passive visitors" who are interested in your products, but can't afford them or prefer someone else to buy it for them. Our app is a powerful, yet noninvasive marketing tool, for successful conversions from WISHES to SALES.

How does "Drop a Hint" app help me make more money?

  • Our app captures customers who are genuinely interested in YOUR products but end up leaving your store without making a purchase for few probable reasons.

    • One, they would like to RECEIVE your items, rather than buy them.

    Solution: - Your customers can now "hint" their wishes directly to the person who is most likely to place a purchase. Acquiring one customer using social media channels can be an expensive and frustrating process and often you end up with yet another "browsing visitor"! Simply by using the DROP A HINT app in your store, your visitors will channel your efforts to find "real buyers".

    • Second, your visitors find your items out of their price range!

    Solution: - Our app will give you the flexibility to quickly adjust your pricing for "hot items" and offer personal discounts directly to the "prospect buyer" on a very timely manner. What is a coupon good for - if it comes a day later? If it pleases you, you can display discount codes right on your outgoing Hint Cards!

    How does "Drop a Hint" app improve the customer experience on your store?

    • Installing our app will allow your visitors to directly send their exact wishes to the RIGHT PERSON in the privacy of an e-mail. Your visitors no longer need to "shout out" their wish lists of Social Media and hope someone, the right one, will get the message in their daily feed.
      Connecting the right present with the right buyer, it is now in your hands.

    Do I have to configure my store's theme for this app?

    • Unlike other Wishlists apps, you don't have to edit your store's theme. Our App is a one click installation that integrates seamlessly with your store.

    When a customer "hints" an item, would there an account created for them on my site?

    • No! This is a non-invasive and very friendly app for the visitor. However, when a user decides to use "Drop a Hint" app they will have to provide their name and email, as well as the name and email of the recipient. That will enable you to collect detailed data regarding your

      • Most popular products

      • Most active seasons, events and holidays.

      • Will allow you to better plan and tailor you production and distribution!

    Can I control the content of the "Drop a Hint" app and how does it display the cards on my store?

    • Yes, you will be in full control of the content, artwork and message, displayed for your customers.

    Can you customize the look and feel of the "Drop a Hint" app?

    • Yes, you will be able to control the colors, placement, and feel of the "Drop a Hint" app. You will be in control of all Hint Cards and Hint messages, so both best reflect your store.


    Try the App in Action! Install Now For A 100% Risk Free Trial


Drop a Hint Premium reviews (17)


This is a fantastic app! We are so thankful for Stan and Bella's help in customizing this app to allow us to input our own custom CSS. They were super responsive and the app was easy to set up and use. Highly recommend!


This is a GREAT app, within 20 minutes of installing we already had customers using the feature. The Customer Service with Stan and Bella was OUTSTANDING. They were quick to respond to my questions and implemented changes right away. I recommend this app to anyone selling!


This is a wonderful app, particularly useful for when gift-giving occasions come up such as Christmas. The app is easy to install and integrate into your site, and Stan and Bella (the support team) are incredibly helpful and responsive. If you are not tech-savvy and can't follow the installation guide, Stan can help you put embed the installation code for free.


The team at Drop A Hint were terrific and hugely responsive to several questions that I had. A great team of real people who put Customer Service first!


Love this app, and my customers seem to love it too!

Easy to configure and customize with your own branded cards. I'm looking forward to add Christmas and Valentine's Day themed cards to the options of what people can send.

Great value app.

The customer service has been excellent so far. Stan has been super helpful and always responds very fast.

I would love to see this app further developed in the future, to include:
- more newsletter integrations (now only Mailchimp)
- possibility to adjust the footer of the message


Fantastic app!
Really easy to use and powerful customer service tool! We have used the app for over a year and are super thrilled with the new additions. Now the app captures the exact item hinted if you decide to go with that option. You can carry four different cards and send automated follow up coupon discounts ... We LOVE this app.
Highly recommended.


Fantastic idea for an app and GREAT customer care!

We just activated this app and Stan has been exceptionally helpful with getting us started, very quickly adjusting a text alignment issue and an activation issue we had.

We purchased the premium and believe this app will more than pay for itself.

Stan even customized a graphic for us, picking up our site's signature pink color for the envelope and uploading that graphic for us. He went the extra mile, and we appreciate it very much!

Can't wait to see the results, thanks Stan!


Stan is always available to help! And the latest app upgrade has been wonderful! I truly recommend it! :)


Great app! One of a kind, there's nothing liking it!! Outstanding customer service. Keep up the good work ******


Excellent support! I just started using this and so far it works great.

Free – $15.00 / month
7 days

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