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Dropshipping, Product Sourcing and Order Fulfillment by Dropwow

Dropshipping, Product Sourcing and Order Fulfillment by Dropwow

Developed by Dropwow

37 reviews
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  • Import products from best dropshipping suppliers in 1-click
  • Access automatic order fulfillment and tracking
  • Get 24/7 service support

Dropwow is your all-in-one dropshipping app

Save your time and focus on your target customers. Start dropshipping for FREE today.

Dropwow features:

  • 1-click products import

  • Automatic order fulfillment

  • Order tracking

  • Tracking number available in Shopify

  • 24/7 support

  • Products inventory autoupdate

  • Multiple stores in one account

  • Bulk payments

How to start dropshipping with Dropwow?

With dropshipping you don’t need much time and money.
Choose the products you want to sell and import them to your store.

  • Choose products for your store and click IMPORT

  • Products you have chosen are imported to your Shopify store automatically

  • Once the customer places an order in your Shopify store, Dropwow automatically transfers order information to the supplier.

  • Supplier ships the parcel directly to end-customer


Visit Help Center to get started

Support team managers available online 24/7

Drop us a line at mail@dropwow.com

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Dropshipping, Product Sourcing and Order Fulfillment by Dropwow reviews

37 reviews
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  4. 2 stars (0 reviews)
  5. 1 star (7 reviews)

Great app lots of good product, my only issue is as soon as you import you loose your item in your products. And a lot of the prices are too high and impossible to be able to resell. My suggestion is lower cost and make it so when you import it goes to a folder for editing then once your done edits then you import to your page


I hope DropWow pays close attention to what I got to say. For the most part, this is a good service. However, they have a lot of things to fix.
Number 1, if customer decides to order a large bulk order on one of their products, they will charge you $2 epacket for each item. So if a customer orders 50 of something, they will charge $100 for shipping.
Number 2, I have noticed a lot of their products have empty product descriptions, this is a huge burden as we have to take the extra time to find the product and add a description.
Number 3, when a product is added to shopify store, they should also change the product vendor to say DropWow. I use various applications to my store. So, it would be easier for me to know where each product comes from.
Number 4 , there were a few times after someone placed an order on my website, when checking DropWow, it would show error for processing.
Due to this, I had to cancel with them and fulfill the order myself.
Number 5, their support will not respond right away when messaging them.
Number 6, on one of their products, it took over 5 days to process , instead of the promised 72 hours.
Please fix these things!


I would use it more but I find the product descriptions lacking to the extreme. To the point that I have to track down other sources of the product I want, just to find a description of said product. This can take a substantial amount of time.
Other than that, it is good. Price are decent and shipping time is reasonable.


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