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August 8, 2019

The app takes time to load, You wont be able to import variants on products such as shoes sizes. They claim with they videos that reviews can be imported from marketplaces but this is absolutely not the case: false advertising.
I wrote to the support and they keep saying everytime the same thing: "our technical team will take an action regarding the late fix f the issue"
A "technical team" which from my opinion doesn't exist.
I think you can better invest your 15$.

7 days using the app
April 23, 2018


Starting out this might seem like a good option.
I installed it, used it for 15 days and got billed the full amount!
After complaining to the developer about this they just replied:
"The charge seems appropriate"

Worst customer service & they don't care about customer satisfaction at all!

Save time, money and trouble by NOT BUYING THIS APP!

United Arab Emirates
15 days using the app
May 25, 2018


United States
10 days using the app
July 9, 2019

Awful app! Support is also poor.
Very slow down the whole interface. 2 giant buttons cover all Amazon / aliexpress / ebay photos - uncomfortable! Photo variations are imported every other time. After a while, the import stopped working. Poor quality app! I do not recommend!
Interface from 2000s

Natalex Auto
3 days using the app
April 4, 2018

very poor service there is no reply/response from support ..

Trend Furniture Com
4 days using the app
May 23, 2019

Same shit app as "Aliexpress Dropshipping" only 15 usd instead of 20 usd. Please safe your time it does not do what is say's. Looks like a scam.

Huis en TuinMarkt | Meubels
10 minutes using the app
April 16, 2018

very poor app, does't synchronize inventory, even manually it will not work, support team response well, very respective but they can't solve any issue. they will promise a lot but they will do nothing.

United States
About 22 hours using the app
August 29, 2018

Poor app. Does not allow to set correct currency as shown on images. Price percentage margin does not work for ISK.

Jg Synir
About 1 hour using the app
April 6, 2018

I downloaded this app seeing that it had listed etsy as one of the companies you could dropship from but when I click on choose your supplier and clicked etsy, it just brought me to the etsy homepage so I asked through chat how I went about this. This is the chat conversation, I believe it speaks for itself.
Copied conversation directly from chat window:

thumb_up thumb_down
This is Razi from Appfreaker Support team.
How can I assist you.

Me: I'm seeing etsy as one of your listed drop shipping companies but I don't see where you have listed else where as one of the integrations. is etsy products one of the dropshipping?

account_boxrazi: https://dsmatepro.com/dsapp/public/mysuppliers
you can find all the suppliers in the above link\

Me: when I click on etsy, it just brings me to etsy homepage. how do I know which products can be drop shipped?
example, I have an etsy store but I do not offer drop shipping

account_boxraziyou: can dropship any product from etsy.com website

Me: ??? I don't understand that, I don't offer drop shipping from my store. so how can any etsy store be listed as drop shipper?

account_boxrazi: Dropshipping means placing an order behalf of a customer
our app is only used to list those products into your shopify store

me: you have to have permission from a store that agrees to willingly offer drop shipping. You can not just take store products from some elses store and sell them at a mark up price listing them in your own store, it's illegal.

account_boxrazi: you can contact to the etsy sellers for more info
and you can make dealings with them

me: enough said...thanks

Embroidery Marketplace
United States
42 minutes using the app
Edited January 17, 2018

Poor App, I try to use price rules nothing change, I ask live support he goes into vacation and keep me waiting, 15 USD per month can do all and 30 USD per month can do all too we don't understand the trick, I don't recommend this app at all , they bill me triple times 15*3=45 USD by mistake and during the trial cause I uninstalled it at the same time I fixed and they still don't refund me and they were unhappy with my feedback and they ask me to withdraw it
-the all 5 stars posters are fake you can track one by one and we do a dispute on their act since 20 days and they didn't answer us that make them fraud and must take out from Shopify app store

United States
About 3 hours using the app