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  • Save time - Fully automate your multi-supplier order flow so that you can spend more time growing (and enjoying) your business.
  • Scale your business faster - Easily manage more orders with fewer resources.
  • Serve your customers better - Streamline order fulfillment and have clearer visibility into operational performance.

Why are you spending all of that time managing orders?

If you’re like most ecommerce store owners, you love merchandising, marketing, and growing your business.

But, you work with multiple suppliers, and now you find yourself and your team dealing with all of that "back office stuff" instead - order processing, bookkeeping, inventory updates, etc.

Let us do that for you.

Duoplane is enterprise-level ecommerce automation for everyone

Duoplane frees you up so that you can focus on building your business and bringing in more orders. And you can rest easy knowing that - when more orders start coming in - you can easily handle them.

  • Helps you spend more time growing your business, not managing orders.

  • Gives you control and peace of mind, knowing that your operations are running smoothly.

  • Saves you time and money, increasing your profitability and allowing you to do more with fewer resources.

So what is it exactly?

Fully automated multi-supplier order routing

  • No-touch order processing: Send orders to your suppliers with zero effort. Duoplane connects to Shopify and automatically splits each order into vendor purchase orders, routing them to the right supplier or warehouse. Tracking information flows back to Shopify and to your customer.

  • Works with your suppliers and your warehouse: You can easily connect your store to as many manufacturers, distributors, or warehouses as you want.

  • Customized for you: You specify when purchase orders are processed (as orders come in or batched periodically), how they are sent to vendors (email, FTP, or SFTP), and in what format (PDF, CSV, or XML).

  • Branded packing slips: Keep control of the customer experience using custom packing slips with your branding and your policies.

  • Advanced order routing rules: Duoplane supports having multiple suppliers for each product. You can even customize the rules that determine how orders are allocated to those suppliers in order to minimize things like distance to customer, wholesale cost, time to ship, and more.

Vendor portal and collaboration tools

  • Vendor portal: Give your suppliers access to their individualized vendor portal to get everyone on the same page and to reduce miscommunications.

  • Vendor-managed orders: Using the portal, vendors can fully manage their orders, including confirming POs, entering tracking, and even invoicing you. That’s less manual data entry on your part.

  • Messaging right on the order page: Send and manage notes to vendors right from the order record so that everyone knows what is going on.

  • Late order alerts: Request order status from vendors with a click of a button.

Complete order management system

  • Clear and concise dashboard: Our dashboard shows you key order stats, and highlights the items that need your immediate attention.

  • Advanced order management: Edit orders, keep internal notes, re-assign purchase orders, and more.

  • Shipment tracking: Manage shipments right in Duoplane, and tracking flows back to your Shopify store automatically.

  • Returns management: Issue return authorizations (RMAs) and track returns. Duoplane manages the entire process, whether the return is headed to your inventory or to your vendor's.

  • Issue tracker: Track order exceptions so that you can keep your customers happy and your business running smoothly.

Insightful reporting and vendor scorecards

  • Actionable metrics: See detailed profitability and operational metrics that tell you how to improve your business over time.

  • Product profitability: View profitability down to the order and product level, factoring in important details like shipping costs and return rates.

  • Vendor scorecarding: Provide feedback to vendors using objective performance reports.

Product onboarding and inventory sync

  • Inventory management: Keep track of inventory levels to reduce backorders and out-of-stock situations. Sync inventory across all of your connected selling channels.

  • Vendor inventory feeds: Make sure your inventory is accurate by updating it directly from your vendor or warehouse data feeds.

  • Product onboarding: Easily onboard very large numbers of products and images to your Shopify store through Duoplane's powerful but intuitive catalog onboarding tools. (Premium or Enterprise plans)

Accounting automation

Integrate seamlessly with your accounting system to transfer vendor invoice data automatically. No more manual entry or lengthy reconciliation processes. (Professional, Premium, or Enterprise plans)

Multi-channel synchronization

If you have multiple Shopify stores or sell through multiple channels, use Duoplane to centralize your order and inventory management in a single, intuitive system.

Seamless Shopify integration

Set it up once and it just works. Order and product information flows to and from your store automatically.

Why work with us?

We live and breath "ops". Automation, logistics, accounting, efficiency… These are the words that make us tingle. Over the years, we’ve developed best practices and systems for managing and scaling ecommerce operations.

We are also obsessed with customer happiness. We want to see you grow, and we want you, your customers, and your vendors to have best experience possible. So, we are here to help every step of the way.

Let us help you so that you can do what you love, grow your business, and be more successful.

Duoplane reviews

19 reviews
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Absolutely love this app! Extremely powerful dropshipping for Shopify. Sina's a great guy and offers A+ support.


nice app to deal with our vendors for www.westcoastvapesupply.com


Are you drop shipping? I researched the top 9 drop shipping apps in this category and only one met our robust needs. Get Duoplane.

When I took a chance with Duoplane, I didn't know the following:
- They take customer service seriously. Their team is responsive and results oriented. Duoplane has helped us address several special business needs through additional training on Duoplane and releasing new features.
- Our vendors like using Duoplane. This is key to managing our vendor relationships because we can't expect them to use our systems unless they also derive value from it. Each of our vendors has appreciated the simplicity of the Duoplane interface and the ease of use to carrying out critical supply chain functions, like sending POs to the right vendors, knowing the status of every single item/unit on every PO and Order, and being able to manager service level agreements with transparency.
- Duoplane integrates with ShipStation

I could go on but I'll offer you something better. If you want a reference as to why I picked Duoplane and how we implemented Duoplane, ask them to share my contact info with you and we can correspond.



I had been thinking of hiring a VA to deal with all of the orders coming in every day. It wasn't that many orders but I still had to receive the order, forward it to my vendor and not forget to add the cost of each of my products.

My vendor had to then check each order that came in throughout the day and send me confirmations after each order received. I then had to check each PO details to make sure the vendor didn't make any mistake.

Even on slow days with 2-3 orders, it took at least 20 minutes of my time.
Add this over a week, a month and a year it adds a lot of valuable wasted time for an entrepreneur like me.

Duoplane to the rescue!

Now, all orders that come in before a defined each day are automatically gathered together as on email and sent to my vendor. My vendor only received one email with all POs, prepares those POs and send me back one email with all confirmations. I do check those for mistakes manually but then entire process that used to take me 20-30 minutes now takes me literally 2 minutes!

I would believe a company with a lot more orders would save so much time.
My vendor also loves how this is all processed at once and easy to scan.

So, now, instead of managing a Virtual Assistant that I would probably have to payaround 100$ a week, I use Duoplane to save me tons of time, errors and a lot of money!

Oh! And the support is also top notch!
I've been asking a couple of questions while learning to use the system and I've always been answered quickly and with great details.


We have been using DuoPlane for about a month now and it has drastically decreased the time we had to spend on drop shipped orders. Our vendors were able to quickly learn how to use the portal and have had no complaints since we launched. We were walked through all the features of the software, answered all our questions and helped us get the software set up with our store. It has been, so far, the one app that we have installed for Shopify that has had the biggest impact on our team; as it has freed up hours of work that was being done manually.


One of the biggest challenges in using Shopify when you are no longer a small business is its limitation with integration and automation. Duoplane is the answer for our situation to connect the store to our warehouse(s). Setting it up will take a bit of time, but it has everything you need.

Support is top notch, Sina answered every question and concern we had throughout the setup process. Over 100 orders later, no problem has been detected.


Simply put, this app and the team are amazing. We evaluated 3+ apps to help us manage inventory before coming across Duoplane. They understand how drop-shippers function, and the app is designed very specifically to help drop-shippers better manage their business. In addition to great functionality, the team works hand-in-hand with us to resolve any issues that arise. Whenever we are dealing with a problem, they are extremely quick to respond, and have even written custom code on their app to help resolve a problem that we are facing. We rarely give app reviews, but Duoplane absolutely deserves a 5-star rating.


Easy to install and get started, excellent support and great communication. You get everything you ask for and more with their support team, and they go above and beyond.

Highly recommended for anyone needing an easy and flexible dropshipping solution for shops both large and small.


Easy to set up.

5-star support from a great team.

But above all an app that will provide your store with MASSIVE efficiency.

For me, this app was a game changer.


We simply cannot run our business without this app! It saves us tons of tedious headache and hours of work in which we would have to constantly update inventory number of over 300 products!

Their service is phenomenal, and they will take the time with you to make sure you are set up properly. Highly recommended.


Duoplane for Shopify is a free connector that seamlessly integrates your Shopify store with your Duoplane account. Duoplane plans start at $249/month for 1,000 orders. All plans include unlimited vendor connections, unlimited users, and unlimited ecommerce channels. See https://duoplane.com/plans for more details.

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